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Rachael Ray Every Day March 2019

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2 Min.
here’s to the bosses

Welcome to our 2019 Like a Boss issue. We decided to make this an annual event because it feels like our country is finally giving women their due. We’re excited that everybody’s buzzing about equity and fairness, that they’ve become a major part of our national conversation. This year we’re specifically showcasing women of color in food, since, for all the challenges any woman faces in making it to the top of this (or any) industry, a woman of color has it that much harder. So we gathered a bunch who inspire us and invited them to tell us what they think we need to do to fill the gap. We also talk to chefs and restaurateurs about their experiences as women in the field. We celebrate a number of…

1 Min.
hard coffee

Two of the world’s biggest liquid lifesavers—coffee and wine—have officially joined forces. When beverage brand Cafe Agave (cafeagave.com) launched Spiked Cold Brew last fall, it wasn’t the first boozy java on the market. But what sets it apart is what it gets mixed with. “It’s the only coffee cocktail that is wine-based and 12.5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), as opposed to beverages made with spirits or malt,” says Ami-Lynn Bakshi, the brand’s cofounder. That’s about the same punch as a standard glass of vino. The cans also feature a Colombian dark roast (equal to a half cup of coffee), dairy cream, and agave and are available in flavors like Salted Caramel and Vanilla Cinnamon. “We always start a night out with a cup of coffee,” says Bakshi about the…

1 Min.
brine of the times

Forget pineapple—pickles are officially pizza’s most divisive topping. Rhino’s Pizzeria and Deli in Webster, New York (rhinospizzany.com), went viral last year when word hit that it was topping a pie with pickles and dill weed. Needless to say, pizza purists went berserk. Even Gordon Ramsay weighed in, commenting on Rhino’s Facebook page with a simple “No.” But there are plenty of believers. “People either love pickles or hate them,” says Cindy Arena, Rhino’s manager. “We have a map in the restaurant, and folks who have traveled from all over the country stick in a pin where they come from. We had a couple fly in from New York City to pick up two pickle pizzas and then went straight to the airport to fly back.” The pickle has risen to…

1 Min.
wonder woman

In 2008, as blackouts plagued her native South Africa, Sarah Collins had a eureka moment. “My grandmother would take a boiling pot out of the oven, wrap it in cushions, and put it in a box to keep cooking the food without additional power,” she says. Collins realized that this low-tech slow cooker could help solve a major economic problem for women in her country and around the globe. “Eighty-nine percent of women in Africa are still cooking over open fires for up to eight hours,” she says. “This leaves them with less time for working, farming, and starting businesses.” So Collins created the Wonderbag, a poly-cotton bag that’s insulated with chipped foam and snugly fits a pot to keep food cooking for up to 12 hours after it leaves…

2 Min.
worth the drive

VAUDEVILLE BISTRO AND SUPPER CLUB Fredericksburg, Texas Closest big city: San Antonio (71 miles) “Texans are well traveled, so we kept upping our culinary game,” chef-owner Jordan Muraglia says of the boundary-pushing supper club held three times a week at Vaudeville Bistro, which he opened in 2012 with his partner, artist Richard Boprae, in the Texas Hill Country. “We didn’t dumb it down at all.” Diners from near and far descend on the supper club for seasonal fusion plates like flash-smoked toro tartare. vaudeville-living.com THE BARN AT BLACKBERRY FARM Walland, Tennessee Closest big city: Knoxville (21 miles) Blackberry Farm (near right) has charmed guests with its Smoky Mountains setting since 1976, but it didn’t have a food-and-drink program to match its picturesque estate until the late proprietor, Sam Beall, built a massive wine cellar and used his…

1 Min.
carolina kitchen

For Kiki Cyrus, the chef and co-owner of Kiki’s Chicken and Waffles in Columbia, South Carolina, 2018 was a year for the books. She was selected by South Carolina governor Henry McMaster as one of four chefs to serve the state as a chef ambassador; the program had Cyrus traveling around the country to promote South Carolina’s food culture with cooking demonstrations, guest appearances, and panels, including one with our own Rachael Ray. Cyrus has been a Columbia star for years: Her soul food spot has been a favorite of not only locals but also bigwigs like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, who enjoyed the fried chicken and red-velvet waffles there in 2017. But now she’s branching out: A second location is set to debut in Columbia in April, and future…