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Real People

Real People

Issue 44 2020

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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our mad world!

Comedy TOT LITTLE PUMPKIN Amari, three, loved trick or treating last year. With a face like that how could he not come home with a bucket full of sweets?! Sian Salsbury, Cradley Heath, West Mids UK When fire crews rushed to a house they didn’t expect to see an exorcism! Burning sage had set the smoke alarm off at the property in Long Eaton, Derbyshire, but the guy they found in religious robes said it was a false alarm. Maybe they dialled 666 instead! LOVE THE BONES We go all out for Halloween in our house as it’s when me and my wife, Emma, got engaged. And now we’ve got our little ghoul, Lola, four months, in on the action. Mark McKay, Colchester, Essex VIDEO NASTIES! Peep through your fingers at the 10 scariest horror movies ever… • The Shining (1980)•…

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no friend of shrine

Scrubbing burnt-on grub off a pan, I caught sight of something moving through my kitchen window. Looking at the flat across the courtyard, I peered into their kitchen. But it was empty. Forty-six and you’re imagining things, Margaret! Or was I? A few days on in 1999 my mystery peeper revealed himself as Rick Ilkovics, 35. He was my neighbour but, having only just moved in, I met him by chance only around a friend’s house. ‘I’ve been trying to catch a look at you through my kitchen window,’ Rick blushed. I didn’t mind one bit – he was a kind, courteous, handsome gent. Even though I was 11 years older, we clicked instantly and soon fell in love. The only thing dampening the happiness over the next few years were my dodgy lungs developing COPD. In 2007, we moved…

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what lies beneath

Wrapping a towel around myself, I rushed for my ringing phone. ‘Hey Carl,’ I said, catching it just before it rang off. I plonked myself down on the bed and had a good old chat with my friend, Carl Thompson. We’d actually known each other as kids, as my mum, Louis Clark, had taught Carl in pre-school and got friendly with his family. They were good people. In our twenties we’d met up again by chance. And now we were best of friends. Though he wanted more… ‘You know we’re gonna be together,’ Carl was always saying. ‘Never,’ I’d laugh. Not only were we both taken, but he just wasn’t my type. An estate agent, I prided myself on being a professional businesswoman. I’d always gone for the suited and booted type. Clean-cut. Firefighter Carl, meanwhile, was all muscle. But maybe Carl could…

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real people roulette

Here’s one to get you in a spin! All of the answers to the questions can be found on Real People’s Roulette wheel. For your chance to bag £250, have a go at the quiz, eliminating the black or red section containing the answer, or answers, to each question as you go. When completed correctly, you’ll be left with just one section, which contains your prize answer. Write this on the entry coupon on page 43. 1 Catalonia is a region in what European country? 2 CRYPTIC: What type of fish is quite a site? 3 Find five Canadian singers. 4 Complete the joke: What do insects learn at school? 5 CRYPTIC: What type of fish used to own a harbour? 6 In Coronation Street, what is the name of the local café? 7 What gas is…

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child’s play

Hanging up the phone, I grinned to my partner, Thomas Brown, 26. ‘We got the new house!’ I cheered. Thomas grabbed me into a hug and raised our giggling son, Louie, two, up above his head in triumph. It was April this year and finally we were on the move. After two-and-a-half years in our two-bed flat in Ilchester, Somerset, I’d still never felt quite at home. I couldn’t put my finger on why. Something just wasn’t right. It didn’t help that Louie’s musical toys would just suddenly roar to life without being touched. One night, the telly had suddenly switched itself on. Little things. But I couldn’t settle. And Louie seemed to feel it, too. When we’d gone to move him into his own room, decorated beautifully in blue, he’d screamed bloody murder. Every single night was the same. So Thomas and…

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real crime devil woman

Dressed, as she often was, in clumpy combat boots and sheer tights, people viewed Rachael Hilyard as rather eccentric. She ran a secondhand shop called HotMess in Wichita, Kansas, that sold everything from old clothes to knick-knacks. By 2016, when Rachael was 34, she was venting her new passions across social media. That September she set up a GoFundMe account to raise £38,500 for an art project. She wrote, I’d like to paint bright, upbeat murals on run-down walls & fences in high traffic areas of Wichita. This is a great opportunity for our section of Wichita to come together & spruce up a ‘bad part’ of town! A few months later she had turned her attention to something else. This time, she described a new GoFundMe proposal to further my eternal dreams of book writing. She said…