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Promis & Gesellschaft
Real People

Real People Issue 31 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

United Kingdom
Hearst Magazines UK
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1 Min.
this week in your fab value

Being a mum fills lots of roles – carer, nourisher, protector... but one often overlooked is circus performer! It’s a constant effort to keep a smile on a little one’s face. If you’re not pulling comic expressions you’re singsonging your way through mini magic tricks. Sometimes this performance can go a bit too far. One person in Real People Towers – who shan’t be named – pretended to ‘gobble’ his newborn goddaughter’s tiny fist. Her bemused face scrunched into wails as said person had got overexcited. He then had an awkward admission to make to the mum, explaining why he’d just bitten her baby! Poor Demi on p38 might sympathise. She took ‘getting down with the kids’ literally, and crouched into a swimming pool locker. While her two cherubs could freely…

3 Min.
our mad world!

TAKE IT EASY, GUYS Our dog, George, enjoys a lazy breakfast in bed with my children, Lewis and Heidi. Rebecca Simmons, Darley Dale, Derbyshire UK Digging in her garden in Modbury, Devon, Emily Sullivan found a pot with five pairs of old false teeth she thinks were buried as a tribute to a past resident. ‘That’s the only explanation I can think of, either that or there’s a whole dead body there,’ she quipped. YOU GO, GIRL! It’s summer, the sun is shining and it’s the school holidays. My daughter, Zara, 15, is celebrating in style! Selina Dolman, by email LADIES’ MEN Julio Iglesias has another love child from one of 3,000 past lovers. He’s not the only chap who’s been busy… • Bearded Communist leader Fidel Castro – 35,000 lovers • Actor Warren Beatty – 12,775 • Bad boy actor Charlie…

3 Min.
soap on a rope

East Enders The aftershock from Phil’s attack ripples around the Square and tensions are running high. Some are panicking, worried the truth will come out, while others are pointing accusatory fingers. As one person is arrested, another goes to dangerous lengths to cover their tracks. At the hospital, where the Mitchells are rallying round Phil’s bedside, one family member learns a shocking secret that knocks them for six. All the while, the police are closing in on their prime suspect. Elsewhere… Mick is feeling the pressure with Ollie and Linda, Mick is feeling the pressure on the football pitch, Mick is feeling the pressure of the Vic’s financial woes. S’pose it was only a matter of time before Mick would be feeling pains in his chest, too! Oh! And Callum’s writing his vows…

8 Min.
party animal

Disco lights spun over the crowd, flashing up sweaty faces in greens and reds. ‘It’s too hot in here,’ I shouted to my pal, Hannah, 19, right next to me. We were in Dreem Bar, a club in St Helens, Merseyside, on a Saturday night in October 2018. It was dark, packed and I was tottering on my high heels – there was a serious danger of spilling my vodka Red Bull! I’d met Hannah when I’d moved back to St Helens to be with my family in July last year. She lived next door to my sister, Jodie, 24, and she’d shown me round the best night spots in the town. We made for the smoking area outside to cool down. But, in a bit of blur, I’d missed the step and toppled over… I…

3 Min.
flop the question

Over the moo-n When a farmer wants to propose to his girlfriend, don’t be surprised if he enlists the help of a co-worker – his cow! In August 2018, livestock farmer Chris Gospel, 30, decided to ask his girlfriend of three years, Eilidh Fraser, to marry him, but he needed some help. And Chris knew the only one for the job was Eilidh’s favourite cow, Curlytop. While she may have dreamed of a romantic proposal over a candlelit dinner, Chris, from Strichen, Aberdeenshire, had other ideas. He spray-painted the words WILL YOU MARRY ME on Curlytop’s side and walked his bride to a field, where the cow was waiting. Eilidh, 30, was surprised but ultimately said, ‘I moo,’ and Chris hopes Curlytop will be part of the big day. Udder madness! Son of a gun! In a…

8 Min.
love’s eternal flame

It wasn’t just the soon-to-be-mine pair of Ugg rip-offs on my feet making me sweat. Reaching the front of the Shoe Zone queue, a stunning pair of brown eyes stared at me from behind the till. ‘That’ll be a tenner,’ he smiled. That’ll be a date, more like! It was July 2010 and I was in Worthing town centre and due at my shift in a nearby hairdresser’s in a few minutes. Just time enough for a swell of teenage bravado to come over me. ‘Could you help?’ I asked, swishing my leg up and onto the counter beside this hot till boy. He laughed, then duly plucked the price label off the sole of my new boots. ‘So you like him then?’ my mum Ruth, 36, laughed as we left the shop. The next day, another shot…