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Real People Issue 37 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

I’d have keeled over in shame. Peeking out of her window, Laura (p14) was given a baptism of fire when she saw all her bras strewn about the front garden! Why? Because her two little mischief-making daughters had decided she had far too many boulder-holders, and as part of a yard sale was offering them to every peeping Tom, leering Dick and horny Harry! Kids?! When they’re not charging the neighbourhood to rifle through your drawers, they’re causing merry mayhem with something as innocent as a sippy cup. All Riley did was poke his tongue through the spout of his cup (p38) and he ends up being wheeled into surgery with doctors worried he wouldn’t make it... In other news, a special mention has to go to Miss J Hazell from Milton…

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our mad world!

Comedy TOT BIRDS OF FEATHER I love this picture of my three: Harry, four, Jack, six, and Piper, seven, with their pet chicken, Rose. Don’t they look like the three amigos? Alison Tucker Edenbridge, Kent UK Terry Brazier, 70, went to hospital to have Botox injected in his bladder and came out circumcised. Leicester Royal infirmary paid £20,000 compensation for the medical note mix-up. Medics ‘didn’t know what to say to me when they found out they’d done it,’ said the OAP. FACE REALITY 1 00,000 followers of a ‘cute goddess’ video blogger were stunned when a live-stream glitch revealed she was using a filter. Instead of a glam girl, she was a middle-aged woman. Many male followers, sending cash, withdrew their support. KERCHING! There are some big payouts for slip-ups at train stations • £40,000 slipping on an unidentified…

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soap on a rope

East Enders When Phil spots some suss withdrawals from the E20’s accounts, he know it’s Mel taking the money and immediately cuts her off. Mel is distraught, as she needs the cash to pay for her son’s funeral. A furious Phil’s taking no prisoners, though, and, in a classic Mitchell move, orders Jay to find someone else to bury Hunter. Mel is stunned when Jay breaks the news. It’s Lisa who helps Mel find the strength to keep it together and, on the day of the funeral, it’s with Lisa’s support that Mel finds the composure she needs to attend. But with Phil declaring the service a Mitchell-free zone, tensions are high and you just know that no good will come of this. Elsewhere… When Jack overhears Bobby ask Max if his…

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playing god

Making a little picnic paradise, me, Mum and Dad had smoothed out a blanket on the grass, down our local park in the grounds of a castle. And out of Mum’s treasure chest of a picnic box came her prized yoghurt cake. To my eight-year-old eyes, the yellow sponge shone as bright as the sunshine! ‘Easy now,’ she smiled, seeing me drool. ‘Eat your cheese and ham sandwiches first.’ But more than the cake, it was the warm sense of security, of belonging, that made my heart sigh. Happiness was a new thing for me. Between the ages of two and six, I’d been placed with 30 different foster families. I’d been taken away from my real parents as a baby, due to alcohol and neglect. But it was different with Tom and Margaret. ‘We want…

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divine retribution

I left the church one Friday evening in October 2016. My health visitor, who was a member of our church and who knew all my personal history, was parked outside. I went to say hello. I was 18 by then. At that moment, Alan left the church too, and she said, ‘I really don’t like him – he’s a creep.’ ‘I know what you mean,’ I said, without thinking. She peered at me, concerned. ‘What do you mean?’ Trying to think quickly, I said, ‘He touched my leg.’ He had touched my leg, of course, and a whole lot more. She must’ve contacted the church and a few weeks later, the elders invited me to a meeting. Shaking, I sat in front of them all. They wanted to hear what I had to say, but didn’t…

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gas & despair

A packet of spearmint gum and two bags of sweeties landed on the counter. ‘Just these, please,’ a familiar voice said. It was early 2011 and this Glyn fella was always in the Spar where I worked in Penmaenmawr, North Wales. Today he had a little boy and girl with him. ‘Daddy’s taking us to the beach,’ the girl grinned. ‘Well, isn’t that nice?’ I smiled back, ringing up the bits. As Glyn left, his eyes lingered on me. I was 21. He wasn’t really my type. I preferred tall, dark and handsome, and this guy had a going-bald buzz cut. But it was nice to see a good dad in action. A few weeks on, Glyn, 27, was in the shop for the fourth time in one day. ‘Forgot the pasta!’ he laughed, grabbing some spaghetti off the shelf. ‘Could…