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Real People Issue 5 2020

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

Who hasn’t had a bad bod day? When you look in that mirror and it suddenly occurs to you that your love handles are holding hands and your back boobs are rushing to join them. At such times we need to take a leaf out of curvy Abyie’s book. When she landed herself a hottie on Tinder, trolls scoffed, you’ll crush him! Instead of shrivelling, she decided they liked gawping so much, she’d give them a lot more to see (p15). Atta girl! But sometimes, the shaming is just, well, mortifying. Just ask Dannielle whose mum tum got so out of control a paramedic was called to get her out of her jeans! But it is Sarah who truly needed a dose of Abyie’s confidence (p6). Her boobs wouldn’t stop…

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our mad world!

Comedy TOT LIP SERVICE What do you do on a rainy day at home? Well, apparently I get a makeover thanks to my two-year-old daughter, Ava! Caroline Davies, Newton Abbot, Devon UK Bin botherer Andy Jennings, 27, has pimped up a wheelie bin with a go-kart engine and it can now do 36mph. He’s not a complete saddo, though, as he’s fundraising for a disabled friend. Still, your wheels are rubbish, mate. WINGING IT My daughter, Nia, four, loves birds and animals and had a span-tastic time down at The Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall. Mari Drury, Ewloe, Flintshire PULL THE OTHER ONE! Draw up the duvet and enjoy these shameless sickies... • ‘My bed was too nice to get out of.’ • ‘Goats got into my garden.’ • ‘I dreamed I had come to work, so thought I was there and stayed asleep.’ •…

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soap on a rope

EastEnders Oh, Linda. You used to be all fun and feisty; now you’re all done and nasty! In an eventful week for the boozed up landlady, she takes Ollie to school with a raging hangover, only to have a run-in with Shelley, prompting her to ask Chantelle to pick him up. Next, her card is declined because it’s been stopped by Mick. Humiliated, she lashes out at Sharon, who was trying to calm her down. Chantelle then cops it when she tries to take control after bringing Ollie home to a drunken Linda. And the drinking puts Ollie in serious danger later, when L falls asleep while watching him. Shirley tries shock tactics and Mick tries to be supportive, but Linda’s paranoid – will she make the right moves? Elsewhere… Whitney is…

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twist of the knife

The playground was warm, too warm for jumpers, as I stood scuffing my shoes and watching some boys playing with a ball. Suddenly I heard a shout. ‘I can see your boobs through your top!’ My cheeks flared red. I was only nine and I’d noticed my chest sprouting for a while now. But, bewildered, I’d just tried to ignore the burgeoning mounds of flesh. But now I knew everyone could see! I wished I could go back to having a boy chest. But the problem just got worse. By 10, Mum had me wearing my sister’s hand-me-down bra, a double D. I was only little and that big bust was all wrong on a child. The other kids knew it, and so the taunting started. ‘It’s Big Boobs,’ they sneered at me. My older sisters were heavy-chested, too,…

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cleaver to cleavage

Head pounding, I got out of bed and staggered to the bathroom. I steadied myself in front of the mirror, my fingers finding the thick gauze covering my right breast. I peeled it back, sucked in air. I’d near lopped the boob off ! I’d sliced so far into myself that I’d peeled away layers of skin, revealing pink blubber below. It was spurting out of me, like a ghoulish pink rice pudding… The breasts were still there. But now one of them was freakish, mutilated. The world spun crazily. Then hands were helping me back to bed. I was put on 24-hour watch so I didn’t mutilate myself again… It took surgeons three hours to stitch me back up but, because I’d lost fat from my right breast, it was now smaller than the…

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coast is dear!

Penzance may be one of Cornwall’s most sought-after summer destinations but, while you won’t be splashing about in the sea this January, the coastal town still has plenty to offer. There’s lots to feast on – you can’t move for pasties, and there’s not a Greggs in sight – and there’s art and even a nearby castle. You can keep warm in the Savoy Cinema, too. It first opened its doors in 1912 and is so posh that it serves food and drinks to your seat! merlincinemas.co.uk Or take a breezy stroll down to the beach. If you head there in the warmer months, you might spot a whale or two feeding in the harbour! INSIDER’S GUIDE If you’re looking for a handmade Cornish pasty, then head to Ian Lentern, the butchers in Chapel Street. All…