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Real People Issue 7 2020

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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Remember when love was a big, padded card on 14 February, and it took a heck of a lot of verses to fill it? Remember the anxious wait for the postman, then the stomach-dropping realisation that there was no stamp or postmark on the envelope that had mysteriously appeared on the hall mat when your back was turned. Yup, it had been written by your mum! Oh, the shame of the pity card. Oh, Valentine’s Days past… It’s got to be easier now, right? Tell that to Stoyan who bared not just his heart but the tender skin of his chest to express his devotion… submitting himself to a world of pain (p14). Ashley, though, she had to sign up to a bit of passionate pillaging. Well, she was bedding…

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our mad world!

Comedy TOT I’M SWEET ENOUGH My five-month-old Lenny Valentine – yes, that’s his real name – is just my cup of tea, the King of our Hearts and we’re Jammy Dodgers to have him! Gemma Davies, Gloucester UK When Oli Pickles, a mobile phone repair man in Sheffield, opened the back of a device he found two £20 notes and a message, Bro – keep the money and the phone. Just call my missus and tell her you can’t fix it. Hmmm… we wonder what’s on that mobile?! PROPOSING ON ICE On a trip to Finland last Valentine’s Day, it was minus 32 degrees, but my fella, Glenn, melted my heart… he asked me to be his wife! Tiffany Crawford, Scarborough, North Yorkshire CRINGIEST FIRST DATES Twitter dredges up the most perplexing fellas... • ‘His ex girlfriend drove up…

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soap on a rope

EastEnders A bunch of Cockneys ’aving a Russell on a nanny sailing down the Thames – it’s bound to get bit naughty! Pass the mic… a So I’d like to know where you get the notion, Said I’d like to know about all the commotion, Rock the boat, Don’t rock the boat Keanu, Rock the boat, Don’t tip the boat Linda, Rock the boat, Who you looking for Ian? Rock the bo-oh-oh-oh-oh-oat! I mean, it ain’t quite Titanic but things get pretty serious. Well, it is the show’s 35th anniversary after all! So, as a grave situation grows worse, multiple lives are left hanging in the balance and one person is set to meet a tragic end. Three eps, all set over the same 24 hours but from different perspectives. Friday’s…

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he loves me not!

Lifting the two carrier bags on to the counter in my boyfriend’s little kitchen, I unpacked our food bank booty. Out came a tin of corned beef, white bread, cereal, sugar... I didn’t know what we’d do without it. I was 16 and Sam Marriott-Lovett was three years older. We’d met on Facebook Messenger. But I’d already caught Sam’s eye... I’ve seen you walking to college, he’d messaged. You’re lovely. I’ve seen you too, I sent back. He was tall and slender, with blond hair, blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. A few days later, he’d asked me out. Sitting across from him in a Harvester restaurant, he ordered a Diet Coke for me, himself a pint. ‘I’m studying sociology and psychology at college,’ I chattered. Sam didn’t take his eyes off me. In his cool Superdry hoodie, he made me…

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forget me not

The Response Refuge Centre in Birkenhead was up ahead, where the food bank was. Sam knowing , CCTV surrounded the building, stopped dead. I ran inside, I saw Tracy, one of the support workers. ‘He raped me,’ I sobbed, falling into her arms. ‘I’ll keep you safe,’ she promised. ‘You need to tell the police.’ She got me into a mother and baby unit that afternoon. The walls were bare and cracked, but I was safe. There, I scrubbed myself in the shower, slewing Sam off my body. I couldn’t stop myself. My baby needed me clean. The next day, two policemen came to take my statement. ‘You’ve washed any evidence away,’ one said softly. ‘I didn’t think,’ I wept. I showed them my wrists which were still red but when they left, I lay on…

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heart will go on

Eagerly I leaned forward and plucked a hot pastry puff from the plate. Me and my dad, Michael Stepien, 38, had been cooking in the kitchen and the baking smells wafted around us. I took a bite, revelled in the gorgeous taste on my tongue. ‘Good?’ Dad asked, peering at me for my verdict. ‘Oh yes,’ I grinned. I loved baking alongside him. Dad worked as a chef in a restaurant, so I was keen to learn from him. These addictive pastry puffs were his own recipe. We’d fill them with meat and cheese, then push them into the oven. They were mine and Dad’s special dish. He’d even named them after me – Jeni cups! Dad looked after me while my mum, Bernice, was out at work during the day. When she returned, he’d set off to his job…