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Real People Issue 8 2020

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

The Pill causing a hangover? Well, that’s a new one on me. Usually mine have something to do with the bottle of sauvignon plonk I’d had all to myself the night before. But it wasn’t so for Kirsty (p23). She met the hangover from hell after a wedding reception – it was so fierce an emergency dash to the hospital a week later revealed she was about to go blind! The culprit wasn’t the booze, but the Pill she was on. Contraception is a tricky business. We have to pop pills that could make us blind, insert metal contraptions in places we’d rather not. And it was the coil that was such a life-threatening danger for Sammi’s baby, Eidy (p16). The poor little thing had to fight for space in Mummy’s womb, growing alongside her IUD... No, it’ll be a…

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our mad world!

STACKED IT! Cairn you believe this? My five-year-old, Milo, built this stone castle in Caernarfon, North Wales (with a little help from Daddy). He’s always been a well-balanced boy! Laura Heckman, Trefnant, Denbighshire UK A dad from Barnsley is the butt of his family’s jokes. At a waterpark in Portugal, Dean Hague, 55, tried on the shorts his son-in-law gave him, which promptly dissolved in the pool! Children laughed as Dean waddled through the park cupping his privates. ICE MAIDEN Oh, you just caught me coming out of the igloo. This was in a winter wonderland in Helsinki, Finland. I had to wrap up in several layers as it was right parky outside! Shirley Dodds, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear ANYONE’S GAME? Foxy Bingo wants to give traditional calls a 21st Century wet woke-over... • ‘Two Fat Ladies 88’ becomes ‘Wills and…

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soap on a rope

EastEnders The drama and shock of events last week have rippling repercussions for a number of Walford families and, in some cases, there’s life-changing consequences. But Kaff’s Caff, the Minute Mart and the Vic ain’t going to run themselves. That grotty chicken shop and the chemist where everyone goes to buy pregnancy tests simply can’t stay shut. And how’s Shrimpy going to pay his rent if he don’t open his lucrative hat stall for crying out loud! So folk try to return to normal, in spite of the turmoil. However, as people move forward, one local’s lies begin to unravel. Doubts creep into the minds of others and someone’s trying desperately to cover their tracks because if the truth comes out… Elsewhere… Leo’s dead and Whitney’s been arrested. Tiff asks Gray to…

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the horror within

Kids’ laughter rang out like the tinkling of wind chimes as I stepped into the marquee. On a beautiful day in June 2016, me and my hubby Eric, 68, had transformed our garden for our annual fundraiser for Help for Heroes. Family, neighbours, friends, colleagues, swarms of children. Everyone was welcome. With five of our eight kids having flown the nest already, the chaos was a nice reminder of how things used to be – though our brood growing up did bring some nice surprises. ‘This must be the flower sender then?’ I chuckled to my daughter Lydia, 20, spotting her standing beside a tall, chubby, smartly dressed bloke. This was the guy who’d send her blooms to my door every week like clockwork. Still living with us, my youngest had been seeing Adam Wells, 26, for…

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contempt of court

I went to the mortuary once, but couldn’t stay. She wasn’t that body in there, lying cold, hair oddly straight, and neck marked by her final, desperate act. At her funeral at St Mary’s Chapel in Mirfield, West Yorks, hundreds of Lydia’s friends turned up, as did someone else. ‘He’s here with his parents,’ Brooke, 30, hissed. I knew exactly who she meant – Adam. The reason for all of this. Revolted, I forced myself to focus on Lydia. I didn’t see him myself and didn’t want to. After my daughter’s coffin slid behind a curtain with Sycophant by The Courteeners ringing in the air, I took home her ashes. I couldn’t let her go. The foggy days after grew to weeks and months. But there was one burning light on the horizon, the inquest. Adam had to answer…

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small wonder

With its crooked pastel-coloured houses, vintage tearooms, antique shops and friendly locals, the village of Lavenham, Suffolk, is like stepping on to a film set. Once one of the country’s most important wool towns, its rich history and heritage is woven through every timber frame, thatched-roof and cobbled stone of this beautifully preserved corner of rural East Anglia. It’s a magnet for the showbiz world with Harry Potter and Lovejoy both filmed here. So it seems fitting that the lullaby, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star was first penned here by 19th Century poet Jane Taylor. INSIDER’S GUIDE February is the perfect time to head into the country along the Lavenham to Long Melford Railway Walk. It’s a two-hour hike through woodlands and open fields which, in the crisp winter air, will blow away the cobwebs. For a…