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Real People Issue 20 2020

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

If I could give you one wish to soothe you in these scary old days, what would you choose? A chance to hug your mum? A full head of highlights up top and a ruddy good waxing down there? Or a bank account that filled up as it emptied, like the magic porridge pot? I wish I could give you all that, but while RP Towers is full of real-life-writing geniuses, I don’t have any genies. Pity. But hang on, what about a witch? You’re going to love Bronny’s story this week. Man-less, miserable and losing hope, she decided that the only thing that was going to find her a fella was a love spell. Well, why not? Plenty of Fish doesn’t work for everyone. And Bronny wanted a BIG…

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our mad world!

Cute TOT CHEEKY THING Look at her, it’s like butter wouldn’t melt... Wrong! My daughter, Mia, three, has got it all over her chops! Lisa Adams, Halesowen, West Mids UK Pranksters in Dorset have given a chalk figure, carved into the hillside, a face mask! The 400-year-old Cerne Abbas Giant already had one striking feature – a walloping great erection – but the not-so-amused National Trust removed the fella’s 2020 addition. ONE SMART COOKIE We’re all working from home these days – even our grandson’s gerbil, Cookie. He’s trying to figure out where the mouse is! Melanie Horler, Ottery St Mary, Devon LOCKDOWN THE HATCH We’re mixing home cocktails like never before, so pour some Blitz spirit and slurp these Covid-style tipples... • Man-flatten The Curve • Moscow Homeschool • Queue-driver • Sex on the Bed • Singa-(Cpt Tom)- Moore Sling • Tequila Run-out-of-Flour • Cough-mopolitan • Aperol…

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secrets of the heart

My bedroom door flew open and in bounced my brother, Cameron Haswell. ‘Do you have any moisturiser?’ he grinned, rubbing his face. ‘My skin’s a bit dry and I’ve got a date with Elisha!’ ‘It’s over there on the side,’ I laughed.‘Where are you going?’ ‘Just the skate park,’ he said. There was a surprise! Cameron, 16, loved hanging out there. He was three years younger than me and he’d been seeing Elisha for almost a year. ‘My baby brother all grown up,’ I teased now. It’d only seemed like yesterday he was begging me to play Thomas the Tank Engine with him. Cameron was taller than me, slender yet muscly, something he wasn’t shy about in tight-fitting T-shirts. As a family, we were just as tight. My mum, Emma, 35, was a single mum to us and…

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boy in blue

Slumping to the floor, I punched the ground. ‘Why didn’t you talk to me?’ I cried to the carpet, begging Cameron to somehow answer. But he was gone. If he’d been struggling with something, I could’ve helped! Why didn’t he lean on me like always? Auntie Nicola went upstairs to tell the younger kids that Cameron had gone to heaven. Niall then took them to his mum’s. For days, me and Mum just clung to each other, heartache and confusion mixing with anger and hurt. ‘Why did you want to leave us?’ I sobbed on Cameron’s bed. Why… it was the question I was still asking when me and Niall visited Cameron in the chapel of rest. He was in his coffin wearing the Harry Potter onesie we’d given him. His beautiful face looked so peaceful. ‘Why, Cameron?’ I…

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a cup half full

They lay in a variety of colours. Leopard print, flowers, a yellow one... More bikinis than you’d find on Love Island! As I folded them back into my suitcase in July 2015, after my holiday in Kos with hubby Andrew, 45, I smiled. My daughter’s face back home when I’d laid them out on my bed... ‘Which ones are you going to take?’ Emma, 25, had laughed. ‘All of them!’ Not that my 34B two-pieces ever got wet. I was a sun-lounger girl – the nearest my tootsies had got to the sea was my coral nail varnish! Andrew, a self-employed bathroom fitter, got wet enough for the pair of us. Once we were back in Swansea I was soon dreaming of next year’s getaway. But that September, my boobs had other ideas. As I lay in bed, my armpit brushed…

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this is me!

I helped her hubby, Dale, 28, a car valeter, look after the children and did the housework while Emma recovered. ‘It’s tough, Mum,’ she said. I knew exactly what she meant. I hugged her close. Seven months after Emma’s op, I heard a shout from Andrew. I went into the living room. He was pointing at the telly. On screen was a trailer for a programme coming up in April. A bunch of female celebs were going to give a performance called The Real Full Monty. My eyes widened as the voiceover said the women would be baring their boobs on stage to raise breast cancer awareness. ‘We’ve got to see it,’ I gasped. Admiration coursed through me as I watched Coleen Nolan and the other celebs shimmy through their routine. And when they wound up at the front of the stage…