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Real People Issue 26 2020

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Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

When the economy is on its knees, the first signs of improvement are dubbed ‘green shoots’. What should we call our first steps out of lockdown after three months as recluses? When even buying a Primark top feels like a blow for freedom! As I start to see pals and laugh again, I like the idea of dubbing them ‘little hoots’. But it’s green shoots that have made the difference to Sam, as she tells us, movingly, this week. For her, lockdown was more than a few boring, lost weeks. While the rest of us baked, streamed and did star jumps in a wedge of sunshine, she was watching the sands of her life slip away. She had one ambition left but there was a problem – a law against…

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our mad world!

Cute TOT GOOD AS GOLD She’s on her daily walk, and my one-year-old daughter, Harper, is pigtails-to-boots yellow and muddy puddle ready! Jessica Wilson, Sheffield UK Anthony Canty, 33, got a heartwarming dose of karma after helping to save a guy who’d had a heart attack. He gave the off-duty cop CPR when he collapsed. After five days in Intensive Care, he pulled through. And Anthony’s reward? A few weeks later he had a £1 million lottery win. SOUL FOOD Who says men can’t multitask?! Here’s my Don, cooking up a storm with one-month-old baby Aria on his arm. Catherine Thomas, Forres, Moray SPELLS TRUBLE What with home-schooling you’d think we’d be smarter, but nope, we can’t spell for toffee. Here’s our top 10 blunders… • Separate (Ay? What’s that A doing there?) • Questionnaire (Too many Ns) • Potato (Where’s the E?) •…

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the emperor’s new clothes

Shouting. Yelling. Non-stop. Vicious arguments between my parents rattled the house. Aged 12, I tried to drown them out by turning the volume up on my headphones. They were separated, but still living under the same roof in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. My two older sisters were in the same boat, grimly watching the daily war. But Auntie Lynn* brightened things up when she came to stay. Travelling down from Hull, she was our fun auntie, younger than Mum by four years. Peals of laughter briefly broke the storm clouds. Auntie Lynn was married, but her husband, Bryan Calam, never came with her to visit us. He’d been in the police force – an inspector by the time he’d retired. He’d already had two children when he met Auntie Lynn. And when they married, when I was four, I’d been their…

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we happy few

Fancy revelling in the heart of the Bard’s England with a glass of locally distilled G&T in hand? When it’s in full swing, Stratford-upon-Avon in the West Midlands has plenty of lively pubs and restaurants to eat, drink and be merry in, just as old William would have wanted! Intersected by the River Avon, this charming Elizabethan town still boasts an impressive number of half-timbered, preserved houses, so have a wander on foot and drink in the history... and botanicals, hic! INSIDER’S GUIDE Birthplace of William Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon is naturally home to the Royal Shakespeare Company where visitors flock to watch Hamlet natter to a skull or watch Richard III scrabble around for a horse. While the theatre is still closed, have a look on its website for videos of past performances and short films.…

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real people roulette

Here’s one to get you in a spin! All of the answers to the questions can be found on Real People’s Roulette wheel. For your chance to bag £250, have a go at the quiz, eliminating the black or red section containing the answer, or answers, to each question as you go. When completed correctly, you’ll be left with just one section, which contains your prize answer. Write this on the entry coupon on page 67. 1 What ‘Magic’ shape is the name for the British organisation dedicated to conjuring? 2 What was the main cargo carried by clipper ships? 3 What shape is a 50 pence piece? 4 What song includes the lyrics, ‘But now these days have gone, I’m not so self-assured, And now I find I changed my mind, I’ve opened…

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marry in haste

Ketchup and fried onions oozed out of the burgers as I weaved through the crowd. My partner, Frankie Byrne, was waiting by the edge of the racecourse with vodka and cranberry juice for me, a pint of Tennent’s for him, sloshing around in plastic cups. ‘Has the race started yet?’ I smiled. ‘No, you’re just in time,’ he grinned. Suddenly, the gates opened and there was a thunderous roar as the horses galloped past us. ‘Go on, number seven!’ I cheered. It was a nail-biting finish, but I’d won! ‘How do you do it?’ Frankie chuckled. ‘It’s my lucky number,’ I grinned. Even though Frankie had been a jockey before we met in September 2009, he wasn’t much use at betting. In the six years we’d been together I always seemed to go home from the races with…