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Real People Issue 27 2020

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Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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The green eyed monster… Taps us all on the shoulder from time to time, doesn’t he? It might be our bestie’s new three stone weight-loss, our fella’s first love oozing out of the woodwork on Facebook, or our kid’s pal always winning the prize… Anything can set it off – it’s human nature. But what about when it’s out of control? Could you picture yourself getting into a jealous funk over the humble potato, for example? And I’m not talking about you poking at a salad while everyone else eats golden chips. I’m thinking of Melanie’s story this week. She had a bit of The Good Life going on with her new fella, a bit of Grow Your Own, and potatoes were their crop of choice. You’ll have a hard time…

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our mad world!

Comedy TOT SWEARY FAIRY You think she’s all sweetness but this is what my five-month-old daughter, Amelia, thinks of the coronavirus! Reannan Sanders, St Buryan, Cornwall UK When a milk float veered too near a dog in Ramsbottom, Lancs, the owner was so incensed he threw a full dog poo bag at the float. Milkman Andrew James McLeod, 60, didn’t like this and punched him, breaking his jaw. McLeod admitted ABH and got a suspended sentence. SLICE OF LIFE Oh look at his cute face... Our new puppy, Tyson, proved it’s a dog’s life as he took to the pool like a dog to water! Natasha Morag, Worcester WAKE-UP CALL Mobile use in relationships is a phone of contention… • 40% Are bothered by the amount of time their partner spends on their phone, with women twice as bothered as men. •…

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don’t you forget about me!

The keyboard sounded the first few notes and the guitar joined in. I clapped my hands and started swaying. My favourite tune! Soon the lead singer began to warble. I opened my mouth and sang along with him and the rest of the crowd. The rocker was Jim Kerr, the band was Simple Minds, and the song was Alive and Kicking. My first-ever time seeing them live. But not for my fella, John Fagan, 42. He’d seen them in concert more than 300 times! He followed them all over the country and even abroad. Now here we were, both decked out in black T-shirts with Simple Minds emblazoned on the front. John was originally from Liverpool – standing alongside me, he was holding up his This is Anfield scarf, like he always said he did. We’d met on Facebook…

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alive & kicking!

Last October, Paul Kerr appeared at Lewes Crown Court charged with two counts of pursuing a course of conduct that amounted to stalking. He faced the same charge against a woman who was his ex-girlfriend. John took to the stand first and was questioned for two days. Kerr was claiming that we were harassing him! As the trial progressed, the hospital rang and asked me to go for more tests. A biopsy. Had they found something? But first, a week later, I had to give evidence. I asked for a screen to be put up in court. I was nervous and couldn’t bear the idea of Paul Kerr staring at me. I hated having to repeat the vile language he’d used in the texts, but I knew I had to speak up clearly. But I broke down and cried at…

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take a hike

Looking for some fresh sea air post-lockdown? Then hop over to this diamond-shape isle. Only a few miles from the mainland, it’s a twinkling gem in the Solent, packed with olde-worlde charm, award-winning sandy beaches, and bucket and spades of natural beauty. The scenic paths winding around 86 miles of coastline make it easy to explore on foot. So pull on your walking boots and step into the great outdoors, to discover a treasure trove of pretty tearooms, chocolate-box villages and some breathtaking vistas. INSIDER’S GUIDE Whether you’re a stroller or a strider, there are different walking breaks for all fitness levels, based at the cosy Freshwater Bay Country House, on the west coast of the island. Nestled at the foot of Tennyson Down and the white chalk cliffs, guided walks weave around major sights…

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what a terrible to do!

Dark wavy hair. And lots of it. I hadn’t expected it as I waited in the bar for my date to appear. In his photos, Chris Graham’s hair had been shaved. But I reasoned he wouldn’t be the only man who had put an old photo on Plenty of Fish. We were meeting at my local, The Cherry Tree, in Washington, Tyne and Wear. The pub was now my local because I’d moved into a flat nearby in February 2019. It was a new start for me after I’d spent time in a women’s refuge. And after more than a year on my own, I’d signed up to Plenty of Fish. Chris, 36, was 6ft 2in. There was an age gap – I was 45 and a grandmother. But we chatted easily. ‘I like you,’ he said, as we sipped lager.…