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Redbook May 2018

Redbook is here to to entertain, inspire, inform, and help remind you to live your “to-be” list and not just disappear into your to-do list. Redbook offers a modern mix of chiconomical beauty and fashion updates; stylish entertaining and home ideas; truthful, grounded advice about your health; sexy ways to stay close to your guy; nuanced guidance on thorny emotional issues; and frank discussions of the challenges of managing (and managing to enjoy) all the roles and responsibilities that defines your life now.

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meet our editors

I sometimes think I’ve tried out every lotion, potion, and lipstick under the sun—after all, I’ve been a beauty editor for more than 10 years, and it’s my job to see what’s trending and figure out what works best. But putting together our big Beauty School package was eye-opening in an unexpected way: I realized that no matter how advanced we get, going back to relearn the simple things we think we’ve mastered is, often counterintuitively, essential for a fresh perspective. One of the best parts of this job is that it’s like an education that never ends—just when you think you know it all, there’s always something new and exciting to uncover. And that’s what we get to share with you. One of my favorite discoveries you’ll see on…

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ask redbook

HOME GOODS THAT DO GOOD We love useful items that double as pretty decor, like these bright herb planters ($25 for a set of five, They actually do triple duty: 50% of any purchase you make at Boon Supply Co., launching May 1, will go to your charity of choice. A ROYAL TOAST Waking up early to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot calls for a proper drink! Our deputy food editor and resident Brit, Anna Helm Baxter, says elderflower-flavored cocktails are traditional at English weddings, so add 1 to 2 Tbsp of Belvoir Fruit Farms’ Elderflower Cordial ($9, to sparkling water for a nonalcoholic sip or to bubbly to really get in the celebratory spirit. THE BOUQUET THAT LASTS April’s showers brought a new treat this year. Gucci’s new…

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get a flawless face

DO! NOURISH AT NIGHT “Moisturize with rich creams and oils in the evening,” advises MAC Cosmetics senior makeup artist Nicole Thompson. “In the morning, use a lightweight lotion or hydrating primer, since too much moisture can cause makeup to slide off your skin.” A+ PRODUCT PICK MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Master Primer Hydrate + Smooth Primer, $10, drugstores DON’T! FORGET TO BRUSH “A thick, slanted foundation brush will apply base as easily as a sponge or fingers, but the finish will be more even and last longer,” she explains. “Plus, with a brush, you can really buff the foundation into your skin to achieve a natural finish.” A+ PRODUCT PICK NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Brush, $14, DO! APPLY IT FIRST “After blending foundation, I let it settle into my skin while I do my lips or eye makeup,” Thompson…

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add a pretty glow

Q HOW DO I FIND THE RIGHT SHADE? A: Let your jewelry be your cue. “Whatever color looks best on you—silver, rose gold, or gold—is your ideal highlighter shade,” explains makeup artist Ashlee Glazer, global artistic director for Laura Geller. As a guide, silver looks gorge on fair skin, rose gold flatters medium skin, and bronze or gold pops on darker skin tones. (Check out our recs here.) FOR MEDIUM SKIN TONES Q WHEN SHOULD I PUT IT ON? A: At the end of your makeup routine, as the finishing touch. Q WHAT KIND SHOULD I USE? A: It comes down to your skin type and personal preference, Glazer says. Liquids and creams are easiest to blend. They can be mixed with foundation (good if you’re just starting out), and their dewy texture works well on dry skin. Powders…

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find your mascara match

YOU HAVE…. SHORT LASHES A+ PRODUCT PICK Benefit Bad Gal Bang! Volumizing Mascara, $24, Its tapered brush and multi-length bristles catch and lengthen hairs. For even more impact, “apply it to the tops of your lashes too,” says makeup artist José Rivera. YOU HAVE… SPARSE LASHES A+ PRODUCT PICK CoverGirl Total Tease Mascara, $10, drugstores The flexible comb applies an even, thickening coat. Use the ball tip to separate and define small hairs. YOU HAVE… STRAIGHT LASHES A+ PRODUCT PICK Maybelline New York The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara, $9.50, drugstores A curved fine-tooth comb helps curl and cover lashes from their bases. For extra lift, press it into roots, bending lashes upward. Hold for a few seconds, then comb through. YOU HAVE… LONG LASHES A+ PRODUCT PICK Elizabeth Arden Standing Ovation Mascara, $24, A thick shape with dense bristles is ideal for…

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wash wiser

STEP 1 1 REMOVE MAKEUP Most makeup repels water and moisture (to withstand sweat and humidity), so you’ll need to precleanse with an oil-based remover to break down the long-wear pigments and polymers, explains Shari Marchbein, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City. A+ PRODUCT PICKS FOR FACE: NO7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil, $12, FOR EYES: DIOR Life Triple Impact Eye Makeup Remover, $34, STEP 2 2 WASH On damp skin, gently massage a nickel-size amount of cleanser in small circles from hairline down to neck, focusing on the T-zone, where you’re most likely to have clogged pores, Dr. Marchbein suggests. Rinse using lukewarm water (hot temps can cause redness and dryness). A+ PRODUCT PICKS FOR OILY SKIN: SKINCEUTICALS Simply Clean Gel, $34, FOR DRY SKIN: GARNIER SkinActive Refreshing Aloe Juice Cream Cleanser, $9, STEP 3 3 TONE Toning removes…