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Redbook September 2018

Redbook is here to to entertain, inspire, inform, and help remind you to live your “to-be” list and not just disappear into your to-do list. Redbook offers a modern mix of chiconomical beauty and fashion updates; stylish entertaining and home ideas; truthful, grounded advice about your health; sexy ways to stay close to your guy; nuanced guidance on thorny emotional issues; and frank discussions of the challenges of managing (and managing to enjoy) all the roles and responsibilities that defines your life now.

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meet our   editors

I have a desk, yet when I need to be at a computer, I prefer sitting, laptop open, with my team around the table in our test kitchen. There’s no denying that my job is much less high-pressure now than when I was a line cook in some of New York City’s finest restaurants, but I take developing the recipes that will wind up on your family’s table just as seriously. My parents and grandparents helped shape my ideas about what food should look, smell, and taste like, but most important, they taught me that food is something to be shared and celebrated. From my bubbie (that’s “grandma” in Yiddish) who used every part of a chicken to my grandparents who owned a restaurant in Queens, cooking for and serving…

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behind the scenes

“Just when you thought the obsession with all things ’90s was waning, now it’s all about The Matrix. Tiny sunglasses are certainly not for everyone, but stacked-heel patent leather booties are a wearable way to add a ’90s sci-fi touch to your outfit. Need a new bag to go with them? We’ve got you covered (page 18).”—Aya Kanai, chief fashion director “Since back-to-school stress often falls mostly on moms, we wanted our guide (page 61) to show how to survive this busy time by putting your oxygen mask on first. Even those of us who don’t have kids can benefit from making self-care a priority.”—Stacia Affelt, assistant editor “For years I was one of those hours-on-the-elliptical people who wonder why they still put on weight. Too bad I didn’t have our ‘Four…

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ask   redbook

STAY ORGANIZED Sure, school-supply brand Yoobi designs with teens and tweens in mind. But since the company donates an item to a classroom in need for each one you buy, don’t hesitate to get a cute document organizer ($13,—which fits a laptop, phone, and loose papers—for yourself. A TOUCH OF VELVET The luxe fabric can ritz up not just outfits but your whole house. Find it on everything from throw pillows to furniture like this Whitney Velvet Bench ($89,, which does triple duty as a footrest, a side table, and seating. Q Since my arches are on the flatter side, I feel most comfortable wearing flats. Are there any that will look nice for every occasion?—Jennifer Sahs, Sacramento, CA “Yes! Just reach for chic pointed-toe loafers. They offer more arch support than ballet…

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more trends we love

COLOR-BLOCKING Even in muted neutral tones, the technique is striking. Look for it on a super-polished style to elevate work looks. MOODY FLORALS Deep hues and a dark background make pretty petals feel appropriate for fall and seriously chic. SHOWY STRAPS Edgy details (punk rock stripes, studs) turn staid saddle and shoulder bags into cool arm candy. METALLICS Crossbodies with some shimmer add a spot of glam to day looks and transition seamlessly for night.…

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fashion under $100

JUST ADD ANIMAL PRINT A little leopard or cheetah takes everyday items from fine to totally daring. REACH FOR RED Throw on anything in the bold hue when you want instant confidence.…

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secrets of   amazing style

CATHY WILLIAMSON This mom (and grandma!) believes trends shouldn’t come with age limits. “You don’t have to be 20 to have fun with clothes,” she says. “Just go for more modest takes.” Cathy, 57, is a savvy mixologist. “I’ll throw a classic jacket over a modern sequin top or a colorful camo dress,” says the breast cancer survivor. She continued blogging through her treatment because getting dressed up made her feel good. That’s why she’ll never stop taking risks. “I hear rules that women over 40 can’t wear this or that,” she says. “Why not?” • A COOL TWIST “I’ll snap up a ladylike plaid shirt or solid pants made of silk instead of cotton.” • FLASHY MULES “They can make as big a statement as four-inch heels. Look for details like metallic, pearls,…