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Runner's World UK March 2019

Runner's World is an inspirational and motivational magazine for runners of all ages and abilities. In every issue of Runner’s World we inform, advise, educate, and motivate runners of all ages and abilities. We help every runner achieve their personal health, fitness and performance goals. Runner’s World shows you the best ways to get the maximum amount of benefits from running in the minimum amount of time. Big promise? Definitely. But you don’t have to take our word for it – we’d like to prove it to you!

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editor’s letter

I’M WRITING THIS FRESH from completing my first ultra a couple of days ago. Well, I say fresh, but actually I’m still walking downstairs sideways, I’m not sleeping well because my body is as stiff as Theresa May’s dancing and I’ve got a cold from the battering my immune system took from running 43 miles in the middle of a British winter. But it’s all good! The experience has given my running the motivational shot in the arm it needed. As detailed in our feature about two first-time ultrarunners (page 42), sometimes you just have to take on a big, audacious challenge to break out of a rut. I did the race with my colleagues Rick and Joe, and preparing for and tackling the race as a group kept us all…

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PHIL HEWITT The journalist, author and passionate runner turned to running to help him deal with the psychological fallout of a violent assault. His excellent new book, Outrunning the Demons gathers similar stories of running redemption. He shares his on p48. DR JOSEPHINE PERRY The sports and exercise psychologist works with amateur and elite athletes to help them achieve their goals ( She explains how to rewire your brain circuitry to max your motivation in Rewired to Run on p56.…

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capel curig, snowdonia, north wales

THE EXPERIENCE Capel Curig is a small mountain village in the heart of Snowdonia, one of the most glorious parts of Wales. The surrounding views are astonishing – among them Snowdon itself, Llanberis Pass and the twin lakes of Llynnau Mymbyr. Just head out from the village and start running. If you continue past the lakes for a few miles you will come to a section of the route of the Snowdonia Marathon, but that’s for another day. AFTER THE RUN Y Bryn, the bar and bistro at the Bryn Tyrch Inn ( offers a wide variety of hearty food to satisfy your appetite after a long run. And then you can head to nearby Zip World for a spot of bracing/terrifying zip-lining. PHOTOGRAPH Henn Photography, Getty Images + SEND YOUR RAVE RUN PICS TO RUNNERSWORLD.CO.UK/RAVERUN…

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sync on your feet

The TIPS YOU NEED to GET UP to SPEED WHEN IT COMES TO PREPARING for a challenging run, seek out company. In a recent study,1 68 participants, aged 18-49, performed a warm-up of body-weight exercises in three conditions: a) solo, b) synchronous and c) non-synchronous. For the synchronous warm-up, they performed the moves at the same time as a training partner, while during the non-synchronous warm-up they did them at a different time to a partner. Following the warm-up, they took part in a six-minute workout consisting of five sets of highintensity running with a short rest period. The participants performed better after the synchronous warm-up than after the non-synchronous or solo warm-up. The researchers suggested that when individuals exercise together, the physical and psychological pain associated with highintensity exercise is…

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scale new heights

IF YOU HIT A WALL with your training, that might not be a bad thing – swapping the gym for a climbing wall could boost your running. Running coach Eric Orton ( says climbing develops ‘the ideal type of strength for runners’. Orton says: ‘It creates a well-rounded full-bodystrength challenge that primarily focuses on secondary, supporting, and stabilising muscles. This tends to be more important for runners than training bigger muscles, like the quadriceps, that we hit in the gym. When you’re training secondary muscles, your strength-to-weight ratio goes up and, for runners, the lighter and stronger we are, the better.’ CAN’T GET TO A WALL? TRY THESE EXERCISES INSTEAD PULL-UPS AIM TO DO 5 x 6 reps, with a 30-sec break between reps This is great exercise for building a strong back and shoulders.…

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oil be there for you

OLIVE OIL is a kitchen staple for many and, according to Dr Simon Poole, co-author of The Olive Oil Diet, one of the healthiest fats runners can eat. ‘Olive oil has naturally occurring antioxidants and anti-inflammatories,’ he says, ‘so it’s very good for recovery.’ However, a recent study1 found that 33 per cent of olive oil sold in Britain is adulterated or breaches quality standards. Check out our bottle label so you know what to look for when buying olive oil. OLIVE OIL VS COCONUT OIL How does olive oil stack up against its trendier rival? WINNER! OLIVE OIL With more healthy fats and rock-solid health benefits, extra virgin olive oil beats coconut oil hands down. 40 Percentage reduction in impotence among men who consumed nine tablespoons of olive oil per week. RECOVER QUICKER Extra virgin olive oil…