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Runner's World UK April 2019

Runner's World is an inspirational and motivational magazine for runners of all ages and abilities. In every issue of Runner’s World we inform, advise, educate, and motivate runners of all ages and abilities. We help every runner achieve their personal health, fitness and performance goals. Runner’s World shows you the best ways to get the maximum amount of benefits from running in the minimum amount of time. Big promise? Definitely. But you don’t have to take our word for it – we’d like to prove it to you!

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editor’s letter

HOW’S YOUR RUN/LIFE balance? I got to thinking about mine after reading Jonathan Beverly’s excellent feature on the subject, on page 38. He says finding balance in four areas – physical, workload, challenge and passion – is key to becoming a better and happier runner. It’s a fascinating thesis and it made me wonder how my running levels out. Physically, I don’t think I’m in too bad shape, though, like many of us, I probably spend too long sat down during my working day. My running workload is also pretty healthy – I usually run based on feel and how much time is available in my day. But while this flexible approach generally works well, I think it lacks the impetus that a clear goal and structured training schedule demand –…

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DAMIAN HALL The ultrarunner and regular RW contributor takes us to the extremes of running adventure as he and fellow ultra athlete Beth Pascall try to break the record for completing Britain’s wildest trail. Follow them To The Ends Of The Earth on p64. RHALOU ALLERHAND Seizing the rare chance to combine her passions for running, alcohol and sequinned hot pants, the intrepid journalist headed to bucolic Somerset to stagger round the inaugural Ciderthon for us. See How Do You Like Them Apples? on p90.…

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cairngorms national park, scotland

THE EXPERIENCE The landscape up on the mountain plateau is rocky and barren, not at all like the forest we just ascended from. The trails are well trodden and stretch into the distance. As the sun sets, another runner appears. He advises us on a good route back to our car. The trail is fast and soft, the kind where you can just let your legs go. Down in the forest it’s dark, so we break out our headtorches. Somehow the short evening run became a three-hour adventure. THE AREA The Cairngorms National Park is the largest in the British Isles, covering some 4,528 km2 (1,748 sq mi). The weather can be unpredictable, so be prepared. RUNNER Maret Pajus PHOTOGRAPHER Elias Kunosson (EliasKPhoto.com)…

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turn up the heat

YOGA SESSIONS CAN lead to running PBs, particularly if you crank up the temperature. A new study has found that, following six hot yoga classes, each consisting of 30 minutes of dynamic movements and 30 minutes of static stretching, test subjects’ blood plasma increased by five per cent. An increase in blood plasma allows the heart to pump more blood per beat per minute. In subsequent exercise tests, subjects recorded improvements in their running speed. So, if you’re looking to fire up your running, break a sweat. WORDS: RICK PEARSON. ILLUSTRATION: BRUNO MANGYOKU. 1 JOURNAL OF STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING…

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quicker off the mark

TAKE A NOTE: KEEPING A RECORD OF your successes could make you faster. A new study links the feeling of winning or improving to a surge in the production of testosterone and dopamine, a chemical linked to motivation. The theory is that success changes your biology, making you more likely to overcome future challenges. ‘We track success so we have reminders of positive experiences,’ says Andy Lane, professor of sport psychology at the University of Wolverhampton. ‘One of the most powerful sources of self-confidence is previous performance accomplishments. Having a record of good performances allows you to see yourself performing successfully and it creates a belief you can recreate a performance in the future.’ 3 APPS TO TRACK YOUR PROGRESS Strava The leading app in terms of data and community. ‘Use Strava as…

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your perfect day

Midmorning WHAT TO EAT A breakfast balancer. Started the day with porridge? Pick protein. Eggs for breakfast? Sneak in some fruit. WHEN YOU NEED IT Around noon. Breakfast jump-starts your metabolism, but you may run out of fuel before lunch. Midafternoon WHAT TO EAT Turn to veggies, not a second (or third) cup of coffee. Most vegetables are low in nap-inducing empty carbs. WHEN YOU NEED IT 2-4pm: your body temperature drops, triggering the release of the sleep hormone melatonin. Before bed WHAT TO EAT Having trouble sleeping? A serving of fruit may help your body produce sleep-promoting hormones. WHEN YOU NEED IT If you are training again early in the morning. Note: not if you’re bored or stressed. After work WHAT TO EAT Good carbs lend your body quick, easy-to-digest energy that your muscles need when you exercise. WHEN YOU…