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Shooting Gazette May 2019

Shooting Gazette is the ‘local paper’ for the global shooting community, and is put together by people with a burning passion for the sport. Driven game shooting's finest journal reflects the pure thrill of standing on the peg on a crisp winter's morning. Stunning photography and the best writers in the field ensure the sumptuous pleasure of shoot day is represented in all its glory every month. With the leading gundog section in the sport and a wealth guidance on every aspect of shooting, from where to shoot and how to be a better shot, to buying a gun and etiquette, no stone is left unturned.

United Kingdom
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from the editor

Good gunsmiths are worth their weight in gold, the miracles they work ensuring your shotguns, be they an old Midland side-by-side or a brand-new Beretta over-under, are more than ready for a summer of clays and then later the game shooting season. In this issue, we’ve caught up with a number of gunsmiths and gunmakers across the country, each one offering an insight into their skills and opinions on the trade and the game shooting community. Our scribes have left no stone unturned in their interviews, and I challenge you not to sense the smells and sounds of the workshop as you read. Hopefully we’re talking to the gunsmiths you’re using, but if not, why not drop us a line and tell us about them? Meanwhile, Jeremy Hobson is examining the relationship…

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don’t miss this month

It might be 2019 but still the divisions between Guns and beaters are a topic of discussion in the pages of this magazine and others like it across the country. Jeremy Hobson offers the view that we should perhaps see the person with the gun and with the flag rather than each other’s “status” on shoot days. A thought-provoking read. We can all be better shots and this hasn’t been lost on Shooting Gazette editor Martin Puddifer who went back to school – Lady’s Wood near Bristol, to be exact – for the first of three lessons with instructor Chris Hanks. Chris will be assessing Martin’s technique and then improving it in the hope of creating a more confident and competent game shot.…

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news update

Harrogate gets set for the fourth Northern Shooting Show The Northern Shooting Show returns to the Yorkshire Event Centre in Harrogate on May 11-12. Beretta, Blaser Sporting, Browning, Edgar Brothers, Fausti, Giles Marriott, Longthorne Gunmakers, Swarovski and Viking Arms are amongst the major brands set to exhibit at the show, many using it as an opportunity to launch new guns and shooting products. Scurry competitions, organised by BASC, and demonstrations and clinics by Simon and Kate Jewitt of Stoneycairn Gundogs will be leading attractions in the gundog arena. New for 2019 is a specialist advice marquee, in which gundog experts will present a range of talks. The newly renamed NGO Gamekeepers Row, featuring everything related to gamekeeping, is now conveniently situated in one area. Early bird tickets cost £12. Children go free courtesy of BASC.…

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letter of the month

What loads when shooting sporting clays? I recently read that the average clay flies faster than the average pheasant which in turn flies faster than the average partridge. If that is correct, would it not make sense for those of us who shoot clays as practice for shooting game to use faster cartridges for clays than we use for game in order to learn the correct sight picture? When shooting clays, it is tempting to use lighter loads with slower speeds in order to minimise recoil and expense but perhaps that embeds in our brains a picture of lead that may be excessive for faster game cartridges shot at slower pheasants and even slower partridges. I would be interested to learn what your readers think about this. John Hatfield, by email…

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readers’ letters

Sit down next to me It was interesting to read Adam Calvert’s column in the January issue on shooting whilst sitting. In my early 80s, several years ago, a standing instability condition brought me to shooting seated. I first saw this done in a British shooting video a number of years ago; it has now become my lot and solution. Although I can shoot sporting clays standing by leaning against the cage at the various course stations, when I’m with you for driven shooting, it’s best and far better for me to use my shooting stick. Though Adam offers what I’m sure are very valid suggestions about coping with the physical restrictions inherent in seated shooting, I have managed to be able to continue to pivot to either side - both to my left…