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Shooting Gazette August 2019

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Shooting Gazette is the ‘local paper’ for the global shooting community, and is put together by people with a burning passion for the sport. Driven game shooting's finest journal reflects the pure thrill of standing on the peg on a crisp winter's morning. Stunning photography and the best writers in the field ensure the sumptuous pleasure of shoot day is represented in all its glory every month. With the leading gundog section in the sport and a wealth guidance on every aspect of shooting, from where to shoot and how to be a better shot, to buying a gun and etiquette, no stone is left unturned.

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from the editor

The driven game shooting season finally arrives in August. Regardless of whether you’re starting on the Glorious Twelfth or not, I hope you enjoy many months of excellent sport in fine surroundings and equally good company. Perhaps this season will see you marking an anniversary or ticking something off the bucket list. Whatever you’re doing, be safe and enjoy. Us? We’re up in North Yorkshire and Angus for our shoot reports, Adrian Blundell excelling with pen and camera to bring you the stories from the moors on Howeskye and the Gannochy Estate. We are always keen to report on conservation, and in Wales Helen Nakielny discovers how the Powys Moorland Partnership is bringing key stakeholders together to regenerate the heather for the benefit of our sport and wildlife. As it’s August,…

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news update

New DEFRA general licences launched Three DEFRA general licences for bird pest control in England came into force at 12.01am on 14 June. The new general licences cover the killing or taking of species, including woodpigeon, feral pigeon, carrion crow, jackdaw, jay, magpie, rook and Canada goose. The purposes covered by the three general licences include: the conservation of wild birds and flora and fauna; the preservation of public health and public safety; and the prevention of serious damage to crops and livestock. Control methods under the general licences include: shooting, the destruction of eggs and nests and the use of cage traps such as Larsen traps, Larsen mates and multi-catch traps. There is no need to apply for the licence, but users have been advised by various countryside lobbying groups to become familiar…

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got game? take it to the butchers…

It was a great interview with Tim Maddams (June issue) who is surely one of our best-loved ‘star’ chefs, but not only that, is a man who talks a lot of sense. I wholeheartedly agree with Tim that if you’re willing to kill it you should be willing to eat it. However, Tim states it cannot be beyond the wit of anyone to take game to a local butcher to get it dressed. If only it were that easy. I live in a city in West Yorkshire, home to around eight butchers and not one will take game and dress it, at any price at all, whether just a brace or a dozen or two. No price negotiation – I offered £10 per bird to see if they would change their…

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win a pair of dubarry boots

THE WRITER of the Letter of the Month will receive a pair of Wexford boots from Dubarry of Ireland (RRP £325). The knee-length, side-zip boots – designed for both men and women – are handcrafted from waterproof Dry Fast-Dry Soft breathable leathers. The high quality of the boot is reinforced throughout with an insulated GORE-TEX lining that wicks moisture away from the foot, ensuring the wearer remains dry and comfortable all day. Dubarry’s new hard-wearing durable outsole gives maximum grip whatever the ground conditions.…

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readers’ letters

Shotgun cartridge conundrums I have been away from the UK for seven years and have only recently returned for a long visit. Hoping to take up clay shooting again I purchased some suitable 12-bore cartridges and just avoided a heart attack when I was informed that 'budget' cartridges were those under £200 per 1,000 and 'quality' cartridges were in excess of £300 per 1,000. During my absence I lived and worked in Sweden where the cost of living is far in excess of that in the UK. VAT is 25 per cent and a pint of beer costs circa £7, yet quality clay pigeon cartridges cost circa £120 per 1,000 for top names such as Norma, Gevelot and Fiocchi. Granted they are 24gram and loaded with steel, but steel cartridges in the…

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back gun blues

Am I the only person whose heart sinks a little when I hear that there are to be back Guns on a drive? I appreciate there are times when it is not possible for a keeper to present birds over the full line of Guns. I suppose it is then better to be a back Gun with a chance of some shooting rather than an end Gun just spectating; but over the years I have had some memorably bad experiences of back gunning. Undoubtedly, the worst experience was when I was placed behind a Gun who repeatedly shot behind him and over my head. Perhaps it is almost as worrying for a front Gun when a back Gun is placed too close behind. It is hard to relax when someone is holding…