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Shooting Gazette September 2019

Shooting Gazette is the ‘local paper’ for the global shooting community, and is put together by people with a burning passion for the sport. Driven game shooting's finest journal reflects the pure thrill of standing on the peg on a crisp winter's morning. Stunning photography and the best writers in the field ensure the sumptuous pleasure of shoot day is represented in all its glory every month. With the leading gundog section in the sport and a wealth guidance on every aspect of shooting, from where to shoot and how to be a better shot, to buying a gun and etiquette, no stone is left unturned.

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from the editor

Game shooting is a broad church. When it comes to partridges, there are those devoted to the traditional scenes of coveys bursting over hedgerows where Guns on stubbles have little time to think before pulling the trigger. Others have come to enjoy extreme partridges, those presented like pheasants high above where the talents of this special bird - think speed and dexterity - come to the fore 10-fold. So I’d like to think there’s something for all tastes partridge-wise in this issue. Last September, Mary Bremner and Richard Faulks raved to me about the partridges at Worlaby in the Lincolnshire Wolds, so it’s great to be able to share their words and pictures with you at last – it’s certainly a different take on Lincolnshire partridge. Elsewhere, Ben Samuelson and Giles…

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don’t miss this month

No business can expect to survive by standing firm on tradition without allowing at least some modern ways of thinking into its plans for the future. The Gun Trade Association (GTA), under the guidance of executive director Simon West, is committed to combining tradition and innovation to help its members to flourish. John Walker’s fascinating words on the GTA, its past, its present and its future give us all plenty to think about. Tradition and innovation 56 It is now two years since we lost our much-admired colleague Graham Cox. A doyen of the gundog world, Graham was a well-known name in numerous circles and offered many a wise word in this magazine. Wendy Bardsley headed to Bath recently to meet Graham’s wife, Marilyn. I hope that you are touched by her…

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news update

Wild Justice returns with legal challenge to game farming BASC has said it is “ready to fight” a legal challenge to rearing and releasing game birds made by Wild Justice in July. Wild Justice announced that it had written to DEFRA challenging the release of pheasants and partridges, claiming it conflicted with the requirements laid down in the Habitats Directive. In its response to the announcement, BASC said it believes the Wild Justice case is “weak, misinterprets European law and ignores the benefits of shooting to the environment”. BASC announced it has instructed lawyers to register the association as an ‘interested party’ to oppose the claim should any legal action result. MPs and Peers supportive of shooting have been briefed. “This is another extremist attack on shooting by those associated with the League Against…

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CAROLINE SANDERSON 1967 - 2019 It is with great sadness that we report the untimely passing of Caroline Sanderson who, as Caroline Robinson, managed the advertising at Shooting Gazette for several years in the 1990s. She was a charming and vibrant character whether in the office, on the Shooting Gazette stand at the Game Fair and other shows, or chasing down advertisers. Caroline married Tom Sanderson and moved with him to farm in Norfolk, where she contributed enthusiastically both locally and to her wider community. Caroline was a generous and lovely person who will be sadly missed. Our thoughts are with her husband Tom, their two boys, her family and her many friends at this sad time.…

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hunting safari operators barred from great british shooting show

Hunting safari operators will not be allowed at the Great British Shooting Show in 2020. The National Exhibition Centre (NEC) announced the ban after a petition collected 30,000 signatures. The authors of the petition claimed that allowing “these firms to promote their sickening activities at the Birmingham NEC will bring shame on the Birmingham NEC and Britain”. A spokesman for the venue said: “The NEC continues to be a venue that permits a wide range of content. However, we are also a business that is built around its customers and therefore listens to them. We fully understand concerns regarding the activities of some British Shooting Show exhibitors, and have acted. Taking these concerns and the safety of staff and visitors into consideration, we will be removing exhibitors that practise safari hunting from…

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education about game shooting is key

I attended a children’s festival recently with family and amongst the stands was Greenpeace. Try as I might to avoid conversation, one determined young lady struck one up. It started about their display and then she asked if I was in agreement with their policies. Now, I can see why she might have thought I was a big fan of Greenpeace as I was sporting a weird and wonderful hairstyle. However, this was a question I was cautious to answer given there was a lot of youngsters in close proximity. I said politely I didn’t want to get into a conversation but she pressed the matter again so I said although I agree with some, there are others policies I do not agree with. She was intrigued as to what I didn’t…