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Stitches Summer 2018

More than just another quilting mag! Every issue contains quilting, knitting, crochet, embroidery, stitchcraft and sewing projects. If you use a needle to create it, you will find it between the pages of Stitches. Suitable for needlecraft enthusiasts of all skill levels, with projects for yourself, your home or to use for gifts. Five issues per year.

South Africa
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this is our bridging

Issue - yes it does sound a bit funny doesn't it? But this issue bridges 2017, standing with its feet still in 2017 and reaching over into 2018! Yes, 2017 was a very tough year for everyone in all aspects, from the mess of our economy by the government and the loss of loved ones, to health and family challenges. But, South Africans are a nation of toughies, we become more inventive, more creative, finding ways to re-use, recycle, re-invent items that can become income generators. My challenge to each reader this year is to do just that - don't rush into chain stores and just buy items, rather look and see how you can make your own items from what you have in your fabric / art stashes, be it…

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snowman blessings

Requirements • (2) 9" x 11" pieces of mottled beige fabric (or tea/coffee stain the fabric) • Saral transfer paper or dressmakers' tracing paper • Embroidery thread: dark red, green, black, orange, pink and brown • Embroidery needle (size 8) • Heart or star button and 3 tiny blue or black buttons (you could use French knots instead of the little buttons if you wish) • 15 cm of thin ribbon • Small length of fabric to use as a scarf ± 15" long • Small embroidery hoop • Fine permanent pen • Heat erase pen • Toy stuffing • Copy paper and pencil • Firm cardboard / template plastic • Paper scissors • Clear adhesive • Sewing machine and usual sewing requirements Finished size: 9" high Seam allowance: ¼" How to 1. Copy the snowman pattern twice. One with just the outline and the other with the embroidery detail.…

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aster flower block

Abbreviations K = knit; Yo = yarn over; Sl = slip Slip 5sts to right-hand needle dropping extra loops (you will have 5 large loops remaining on right hand needle), insert left handle needle into back of all 5 loops. Keeping the loops on the left hand needle and working through the 5 loops on the needle, (purl 1, yarn over, purl 1, yarn over, purl 1) pulling last purl through all five loops. Pattern: With colour A, cast on a multiple of 6 sts + 1. (I cast on 37 sts) Row 1 (WS): Colour A (purple), knit all sts. Row 2 (RS): Colour B (white), sl1, * k5-wrapping yarn twice around needle for each st, sl1*, repeat from * to end. Row 3: Colour B, sl1, *Aster flower, sl1*, repeat from * to end. Row 4:…

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Requirements 5(6,7,7,8) balls African Expressions SOUL 50g, colour 7021 One pair of 3 mm knitting needles 4Stitchholders TENSION 32sts x 42 rows = 10 cm over stocking stitch using 3 mm knittingneedles. ABBREVIATIONS: alt = alternative beg = beginning cm(s)= centimetre(s) dec = decrease foll = follow(ing) gs = garter stitch inc = increase k = knit k2b = knit into back of next 2sts lh = left hand ndl(s) = needle(s) no. = number patt.(s) = pattern(s) p = purl rem = remaining rep = repeat rh = right hand r(s) = row(s) r(w)sf = right (wrong) side facing rw = ribwise ss = stocking stitch st(s) = stitch(es) tog = together tw2 = knit into front of 2nd st on lh needle then into 1st st and slip both sts off needle tog. Pattern SPECIAL NOTE: 3 ndl cast off: Do not pull yarn too tight. Slip sts onto thinner ndls. Both points pointing in the same direction. With RS together;…

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industry news!

Di Craft has opened again! Di found that she missed the ribbons and the excitement that comes with creating new concepts, new designs and working with some of her favourite people - you! Di Craft will be open for orders on a Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday.The online shop is open all the time, of course! Because of their shorter working week, it will take a little longer to process order, so if it is a birthday or Christmas present for someone special, do order ahead of time. If you don’t feel like going via the online shopping cart, you are welcome to order by email and they will assist you. Email: info@dicraft.co.za Website: www.dicraft.co.za…

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christmas stocking fillers for a creative person

Knit your own Nisse or Tomte (A mythological creature from Nordic folklore). There are 2 different sizes to make, knit in ColourSpun Pure Cotton and Kid Mohair and filled with Pure Merino. Available as kits which include a free pattern @Bryanston Organic and Natural Market and from www.colourspun.com or 016 349 2949. Dancing Chickens Appliqué Kit by Debi Hubbs. This kit includes full pattern, layout guide and fabrics needed to complete the quilt top. A perfect gift for a creative friend (or yourself!) Quilt measures: 35½"x 30½". Available online only from www.thefatquarter.co.za 20 To Make: One-Patch Quilts by Carolyn Forster Soft cover: 48 pages ISBN: 9781928376156 A perfect stocking filler for a friend who loves to sew! One-patch quilts might be one of the simplest type of quilt, but with carefully chosen patterns and colours, the results can be…