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July 2019

The # 1 source of inspiration for the custom truck enthusiast. In-depth technical articles educate you on what you can do to set your truck apart.

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street trucks

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message from the editor

IT’S PROBABLY AROUND JUNE RIGHT NOW AS YOU’RE READING THROUGH THIS MOST RECENT ISSUE OF STREET TRUCKS MAGAZINE, WHICH MEANS THERE’S ONLY ABOUT FIVE MONTHS LEFT BEFORE WE HIT THE ROAD TO DOCUMENT THE CROSS-COUNTRY “SHAKEDOWN” TOUR ALL THE WAY TO FABULOUS LAS VEGAS FOR THE 2019 SEMA SHOW. The tour kicks off at National Parts Depot in Ocala, Florida, on Oct. 30 as we head to the first stop of our trip, Bayou Garage in Lafayette, Louisiana. As we arrive, a full-blown show and shine cruise-in event will be under way at their location. Everyone is invited, so get your rides ready if you’re in the area. Bayou Garage will be filming for their YouTube channel, as well as other media outlets that are attending. After a good night of sleep,…

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word on the street

FCA Announces Sweepstakes Winner FCA US LLC is pleased to announce Michaela Calhoun as the grand prize winner of its 2018 National Sweepstakes. News of Calhoun’s name being drawn was shared with the Cleveland, Ohio, native just shy of 12 months after entering the contest at the 2018 Cleveland Auto Show. Calhoun is one of more than 560,000 registrations in the annual sweepstakes. “When I received the news that I had won, I was ecstatic,” said Michaela Calhoun. “Winning a vehicle from FCA at this time could not be more ideal. I chose a Ram truck for the towing capability and having it as my everyday vehicle will allow me to do what I love, which involves transporting horses in a trailer. As a new truck owner, a huge weight has been…

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parts counter

ECOBOOST PERFORMANCE INTRODUCING THE FIRST PERFORMANCE COILS FOR THE 3.5L TWIN-TURBO FORD ECOBOOST, PERFORMANCE DISTRIBUTORS HAS ENGINEERED AN IGNITION SYSTEM FOR THE HIGH TORQUE-ORIENTED ENGINE. As you know, the Ecoboost is a different “animal” in the world of engines. And, of course, a different style of ignition system is required for the twin-turbo six-cylinder application. With the torquey Ecoboost, the company developed the Sultans of Spark (S.O.S.) coils to produce more energy in the low to mid-range—right in your Ecoboost’s power band. The result? An extreme high-energy spark in your twin-turbo combustion chambers. You’ll feel improved acceleration, smoother idle and quicker starting. Whether you drive an F-150, Explorer, Taurus, Police Interceptor or even a Flex, you can enjoy the additional performance provided by a set of S.O.S. coils. Available for 2011-2017 Ford…

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red line oil

HIGH PERFORMANCE SYNTHETIC OIL RED LINE HIGH PERFORMANCE SYNTHETIC OIL PROVIDES THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF PROTECTION AND PERFORMANCE FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE STREET AND RACING ENGINES. High Performance oil has a proprietary additive formulation that contains extra zinc/phosphorus (ZDDP) for additional wear protection in engines running flat tappet camshafts. Other features include: High detergent formula allows extended drain intervals and provides increased cleanliness Improved fuel economy and piston ring seal for more power Superior high-temperature stability and oxidation resistance for increased lubrication of hot metal parts High natural viscosity index provides thicker oil film in bearings and cams Less evaporation than other synthetics for improved efficiency and ring seal Decreases coking in direct-injection gasoline engines with or without turbos SN-rated and compatible with other conventional and synthetic motor oils Available Weights 0W20, 0W30,…

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the art of orange

“I THOUGHT ABOUT HOW ALL OF MY DAD’S FRIENDS CALLED ME HIS ‘SHADOW’ SINCE I WAS ALWAYS WITH HIM AND WAS A CARBON COPY OF HIM,” HE SAYS. “FROM THAT POINT ON, THE TRUCK WAS KNOWN AS ‘SHADOW.’” EVERY TRUCK HAS A STORY. Whether it’s as simple as helping the family breadwinner haul materials to the next job or being a long-forgotten project that finally sees the light of day years later, we’ve never met a truck that didn’t have an interesting history. Marc Mullin’s Chevy is no different, and its story includes tales of father-son bonding, new friendships, deep loss, camaraderie, renewed hope and ultimately triumph. As to how Marc got the truck in the first place … Let’s just say that he had to expand his search a fair distance…