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message from the editor

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S ALREADY THE MIDDLE OF AUGUST? If you’re a SEMA truck builder or owner, this is the moment that starts to make you sweat. Not only does it mean that the big event is only a few months away, but we are smack in the middle of the 2019 show season and the events this year have been more impressive than ever. The custom truck industry is exploding like never before, which explains the massive turnouts these great national shows have had all year long. New truck builds are being released on a weekly basis, and you can’t open a social media app without seeing someone’s latest design rendering. We’re glad the custom truck scene is back on the rise, but we think it’s just getting started. Bolt-on…

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word on the street

GM to Invest $150 Million in Flint Truck Assembly Plant ENERAL Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) G recently announced the second major expansion of its full-size pickup production capacity this year: a $150 million investment at Flint Assembly to increase production of the all-new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra heavy-duty pickups, which begin shipping to dealers earlier this year. This news follows GM’s announcement in May to expand light-duty, full-size pickup production capacity in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in response to strong customer demand. GM has invested more than $1.6 billion in the Flint Assembly since 2013, enabling an increase in the truck plant’s production capacity of the all-new Chevrolet and GMC HD pickups by about 40,000 vehicles annually, including more crew cab models and diesels. Additionally, 1,000 new jobs were created this year, bringing employment…

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stepped lip

WITH so many wheels today being manufactured with “soft” (a.k.a., “smooth” or “reversed”) lips, we’d like to remind everyone that stepped lips are still awesome! Stepped wheel lips have been around almost as long as wheels themselves, but some time in the early 2000s, wheel manufacturers started offering billet wheels with soft lips, and they’ve been hot ever since. Since then, traditional stepped lips have kind of taken a back seat in popularity, but we think they’re perfect when combined with the right center.…

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parts counter

CONTROL THE FLOW AEROMOTIVE INTRODUCES NEW VARIABLE SPEED CONTROLLED PUMPS AND CONTROLLER, ALLOWING FOR THE USE OF LARGER, HIGHER-HORSEPOWER FUEL PUMPS IN STREET APPLICATIONS. Reducing fuel flow from the tank to the engine and back helps combat overheating of the fuel while limiting the noise bigger pumps produce. The lower fuel flow will also extend the already long life of Aeromotive’s brushless pumps. AEROMOTIVE www.aeromotiveinc.com913-647-7300 ’63-’70 CHEVY & GMC C20 DISC BRAKE CONVERSION WESTERN CHASSIS RELEASED AN ALL NEW DISC BRAKE CONVERSION KIT FOR YOUR 1963-70 CHEVY AND GMC C20 TRUCK. In the kit you will receive all the items needed to convert your vintage truck to disc brakes at the wheels. These conversion kits include 2.5-inch drop or stock height spindles, eight-lug rotors and late-model ball joints and tie rod ends. These disc…

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glass money

WHEN BOBBY LONG DROPPED OFF HIS ’92 CHEVY C1500 AT AUTO EXTREMES IN COVINGTON, GEORGIA, FOR A FRESH PAINT JOB IN JANUARY 2015, HE HAD NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS IN FOR. Well, he did know that he was going to get an awesome paint job, but the rest is sort of a blur. “Once they started doing the bodywork, it was a snowball effect,” Bobby says. “One thing led to another and before I knew it, the cab was off the frame and everything escalated from there!” What followed was two solid years of customizing by the crew at Auto Extremes, until Bobby ended up with the amazing ride you see here. Among the major mods are the stock floor body drop, which required building new framerails from the firewall back,…

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lta manufacturing

THE ANNUAL SEMA SHOW IN LAS VEGAS BRINGS MANUFACTURERS AND INDUSTRY INSIDERS TOGETHER TO MEET AND DISCUSS THE YEAR’S UPCOMING GOALS, PLANS AND OBSTACLES TO OVERCOME. Teamwork and partnerships form with nearly every conversation, which can make for a list of commitments that need to be fulfilled. Staying on top of these tasks is enough for a whole team to tackle, so when the fine crew at LTA Manufacturing emailed us an invitation to tour their American-made facility, we were able to mark one task off the list. After packing some bags and catching a flight to the Midwest, I met up with our longtime photographer Jon Hansen for some pre-game planning. Typically, we would just ride over to the photoshoot together, but this time Jeff Lacina, director of marketing for…