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May 2019

Gets down and dirty for you every month with in-depth technical articles covering the hottest engine combinations, trick suspension and brake testing, and full-on restoration. There's also complete product reviews, up-to-the-minute news and event coverage, as well as four exciting Tech Talk columns written by industry experts on Chevelles, Camaros, Novas, and '55-'57 Chevys.

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drive time

Well, if you’re reading this on paper then spring has officially sprung, the weather is warming up and it’s time to break your Chevy out of its hibernation and get it back on the road where it belongs (unless you live out west where we just skip the winter season). If this is in pixel form then spring is rapidly approaching. It also means that the car event season is starting to ramp up.For some, the car season means track time: autocross, road course, or drag race, it really doesn’t matter. For them it’s about spring swaps, fresh tires, fluid changes, and dialing in their rides. The anticipation of that first driving event for the year is awesome, and with scores of driving events from the Optima Ultimate Street Car…

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winning figures

“Can you imagine a stock 283-horse, 283-inch ’57 Chevy that runs in the 12’s? And when we stay stock, we mean 100-percent legal, with nothing more than factory equipment, a set of ‘cheater’ slicks, pistons, and headers.”So began Terry Cook’s feature in the Jan. 1968 Car Craft magazine about Bob Lambeck’s Chevy 150 sedan, which at the time held the NHRA D/Stock record at 12.85/107.14 and “surprised everyone by topping the Jay Hamilton-Ramon Lowe duo in the ’67 season’s Division 7 NHRA points chase to nail down the number one spot with a whopping 2,500 points.”How did he do it? Hard work, Lambeck explained. “When I built the car I was aiming for front runner, so I built it from the ground up. I pulled the body off the frame,…

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boost is the new black

The guys at Classic Car Studio (CCS) are at it again, whipping up another hot Chevy Chevelle for our carnivorous consumption. And this one, just like every other ride that comes out of CCS, is a stone cold killer muscle machine. Let’s take a look and see what they are brewing there on the shores of the Mississippi in beautiful St. Louis, Missouri.This Chevy A-body came in for a full makeover and the boys did not disappoint. Under the guidance of Noah Alexander’s crew, the ’71 Chevelle is turning into a ride for the ages, receiving only the best of the best parts; all there to turn this mild Chevy into a wild Pro Touring beast.We are not going to give you all the details (look for them in the…

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from basic to badass

Being in the right place at the right time can often yield positive results, but only if you’re prepared to take advantage of the opportunities presented. In the case of Michigander Gordon Rojewski, he almost missed out on the Marina Blue ’67 Camaro seen here. The car, which was previously owned by noted industry member and car guy Todd Ryden, had been around the block, so to speak, before Ryden picked it up and sat on it for a while.Rojewski had always lusted after the body lines of the ’67, and back at the beginning of the 20-teens, this car entered his world, basically from a sideways perspective. “I was looking for a ’67 Camaro for a Pro Touring build, and my good friend Mark Stielow knew of one that…

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cheap motivation

OK fellow Chevy enthusiasts; here is the situation. Suppose you have a muscle car, project car, or even a non-Chevy swap vehicle, with nothing but a big hole where the engine is supposed to be. That’s right, your precious project is lacking the most important part: the powerplant. Sure, you could build your own twin-turbo stroker with nitrous and a blower, but who has money for a dream build like that, right? The next option is, as always, a crate engine. There is a lot to like about a crate engine, after all it arrives clean, assembled, and in a crate, though they often require a few odds and ends before they are ready to run. The problem with a crate engine, not unlike that dream build, is expense. Though…

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out with the olds, in with the new

Hot rod fanatic and GM connoisseur Richard Rossi knew it was time for a change. He had owned a classic ’56 Oldsmobile for some time, but their on again/off again relationship was starting to get stale. He longed for more power, more spice, and more of everything a “horsepower lover” would consider nice. So he decided to put his beloved Pro Touring Olds up for sale and started to think about what would fill the soon to be vacant spot in his garage.First off, Richard contacted good friend Nelson Rosado of NR Hotrods and asked if he could help him locate his next project ride. NR had previously built several cars for Richard, including that sweet Olds, so Nelson was game to see what the hot rodder ultimately wanted next.…