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that's life!

05 Mar 2020

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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Our story about the power of different types of incense to influence mood, on Page 72, got me thinking about the magic of smells. Our Psychic Insights team, Michelle and Ezio, suggest filling your bedroom with the same aroma each night to ‘train’ your body into preparing itself for sleep. It’s definitely something I’d like to try as I can see how easily you could ‘trick’ your body. Not so long ago, I found an almost empty tube of sunscreen in a long forgotten backpack. I was heading out into the sun so, as a sun smart redhead, thought I’d use up what was left of the tube. Immediately, I began to smile. As I rubbed the cream into my arms, enjoying the aroma, I tried to remember where I’d…

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your life!

Celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on a cruise. Joanna Stolar, Pakenham, Vic What’s in a NAME? Len Len was named after his great-uncle who was a very kind person and an exceptional fisherman. He passed away tragically at a young age, so we wanted to honour and remember his memory. Jacquelyn Walden, Auckland, NZ ME and my PET Amaya, 12, and her pup, Bella, are best friends. These two go everywhere together. Penny Spreitzer, Cordeaux Heights, NSW With all the sightseeing in Japan, Alyssia still managed to find time to do her favourite puzzles. Konstantina De Rose, Mulgrave, Vic Eagle and Lyla visited Uluru in the Northern Territory and were moved by how peaceful it was. Fiona Bradley, Yarragon, Vic I WON A CAR! I will never forget the day I received a phone call from that’s life! informing me that I had won…

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doctors told us to say goodbye

Jaime Jenkins, 25, Parramatta, NSW As the cold wand glided over my belly, I couldn’t wait to meet my bub. After being told at 21 I was infertile due to hormone irregularities, I never thought I’d get to be a mum. So when I fell pregnant in October 2014, my partner Jakob, then 22, and I were ecstatic. But during my first scan at 12 weeks, the sonographer revealed that the back of our baby’s neck was folded, advising it was a common symptom of Down’s syndrome. ‘There’s a one in four chance your baby will have the disorder,’ the sonographer warned. Broken, I blamed myself, but Jakob remained strong. ‘Whatever we need to do for our baby, we’ll do it,’ he promised me. Four weeks later we found out we were expecting a little girl. We’d decided…

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the coke can that found a killer

When Amanda ‘Mandy’ Stavik went running, her mum, Mary, usually went too. The pair would be spotted around their small town, with Mary riding her bike to keep pace with her teenage daughter . But on the afternoon of November 24, 1989, Mandy, 18, took off with just the family dog, Kyra, for company. Only Kyra returned. Panicking, Mary called her daughter’s boyfriend, Rick Zender. Then she phoned the police and anyone else she could think of. Soon, she had everybody she knew searching for Mandy – a popular, athletic and bright student, who could play saxophone and clarinet, speak Japanese and use sign language. Her older sister, Molly, and younger brother, Lee, prayed she’d come home safely. But three days after Mandy had gone missing, a volunteer firefighter found her lifeless body in the shallow water of…

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the mums who identified the suspect

Two mums were watching their kids at a local water park and chatting when the topic of Mandy Stavik came up, bringing with it some painful memories for both. Heather Backstrom and Merrilee Anderson had both gone to the same school as Mandy around the time she had. Neither woman knew each other back then, but when Heather brought up the case, saying she couldn’t believe it was still unsolved, the pair realised they had much more in common than they’d initially thought. Heather blurted out that she knew who had killed Mandy. In shock, Merrilee said she did too. And both suspected the same local man, Timothy Bass. Intrigued, each confessed their reasoning, both having had similar experiences. Bass had dropped in at Heather’s home a couple of years after Mandy’s murder,…

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the buzz

Proud of roo Wallaby-relocation program The Agile Project has named recently rescued joeys after some well-known Australians. Two were named after firefighters Andrew O’Dwyer and Geoffrey Keaton, who lost their lives while fighting the fires. The remaining five wallabies were named after famous Aussies Chris Hemsworth, Ash Barty, Margot Robbie, Celeste Barber and Rebel Wilson, all of whom donated or ran donation drives for the fires. HOT Wheelchair-bound mannequin A bridal shop in the UK has been praised for its inclusive window display featuring a mannequin in a wheelchair. NOT Rude note A US childcare worker was fired after writing ‘I’m out of diapers’ across a child’s stomach in green marker, after the mum forgot to pack nappies for her son. 2 million More than this number of people have participated in the World’s Greatest Shave to raise money…