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The Hollywood Reporter Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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Todd Phillips The Joker director’s bold bet on the DC villain pays off with a $247 million global opening for Warner Bros. and an October box office record. Adam Silver As China suspends NBA broadcasts over a pro-Hong Kong tweet from a league official, its commissioner is caught between financial partners and a growing protest movement. Eric Shanks The Fox Sports chief presides over an 8 percent NFL ratings gain so far this season, as the league sacks its downturn of the past few seasons. Ellen DeGeneres The daytime host suffers so much backlash for taking in a Cowboys game with former President George W. Bush that she offers an on-air explanation. Showbiz Stocks $2.22 (+13%) COMSCORE (SCOR) The troubled measurement firm strikes deals to provide TV audience data to broadcaster Sarkes Tarzian and marketer CTV Media. $38.76 (-4%) CBS (CBS) Wells…

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hollywood’s ‘terrifying’ problem: debt

A ripple of anxiety ran through Wall Street on Sept. 9 when Jay Clayton, chairman of the SEC, warned that corporate debt now stands at $11 trillion, half the annual gross domestic product of the United States. “Should we be cognizant of the growth in corporate debt, who holds that debt and the potential ramifications for our markets and our economy?” Clayton asked. “Of course we should.” His warning was timely for Hollywood, coming just a couple of weeks before Endeavor Group Holdings CEO Ari Emanuel pulled the plug Sept. 26 on an initial public offering that investors had regarded warily because of his company’s staggering debt of $4.6 billion. Clayton’s comment also came within hours of activist investor Elliott Management’s disclosure that it had upped its stake in AT&T —…

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how scorsese paved the way for warner bros.’ joker

Martin Scorsese raised the hackles of Marvel fans when he recently told Empire magazine that the franchise “isn’t the cinema of human beings trying to convey emotional, psychological experiences to another human being.” But it turns out he saw cinematic potential in the DC Universe. The Irishman helmer was involved with Joker — which opened in the U.S. to $96 million over Oct. 4-6, an October record — as a producer when the project was first unveiled by Warner Bros. in 2017 with Todd Phillips directing. Although he eventually dropped the credit, his contribution has been a mystery. A source close to Scorsese tells THR he originally eyed Joker as a potential directing vehicle before Phillips approached the studio with his own take on the nihilistic villain. (Warners declined comment, while…

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sony’s dilemma: start making movies just for netflix?

Call it Tom’s Choice. Like all the major studios, Sony Pictures is questing for new franchises — and after years of development, it might have one with the He-Man movie Masters of the Universe. But while the picture is on the calendar for release in March 2021, sources say studio chairman Tom Rothman is exploring the prospect of getting risk-free cash for the pricey project by making it for Netflix instead. A studio source says talks are preliminary, but such a deal would make Sony the next studio after Paramount to start making movies belonging exclusively or almost exclusively to the streamer. So there’s the dilemma: seek a studio or financier to partner on the project, holding on to various rights and territories, or make the safe deal with Netflix (which would…

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what’s john malone aiming to bet on next?

When an Oct. 3 regulatory filing showed that mogul John Malone had sold his remaining voting stock in Lionsgate, Wall Street started asking where the renowned dealmaker would put his money now. The billionaire investor dumped his stake in the company, with his international cable giant Liberty Global and Lionsgate chairman Mark Rachesky (via his MHR Fund Management) boosting their stakes to 4.9 percent and 22.1 percent, respectively. While some argued that Malone’s sale was a cleanup exercise because he’d reduced his stake over time, others speculated that the move could open the door to putting the studio in play amid recent stock declines, given Liberty Global’s increased stake and Discovery’s (of which Malone, 78, is a large shareholder) 3.4 percent stake in Lionsgate. “Is he really selling, or did he…

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impeachment craze: bad for trump, great for cable news

The launch of an impeachment inquiry into President Trump has led to a sustained spike in ratings for cable news outlets — with CNN and MSNBC as the biggest beneficiaries so far. Since news of the inquiry broke Sept. 24, Fox News, MSNBC and CNN all have seen primetime viewership rise by double digits over their third-quarter averages. The gains also have sustained for much longer than just a news cycle or two — in the eight days following the launch of the inquiry, nearly every installment of all nine primetime shows has topped its average. MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show has enjoyed the biggest bump, averaging 3.32 million viewers from Sept. 24 to Oct. 3 — a gain of 800,000 compared with the show’s third-quarter average. MSNBC’s All In With Chris…