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doc race led by timing and talk

A debt of gratitude is owed to Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness and ESPN’s The Last Dance, but is it a debt that need be repaid in Emmys? In the aftermath of the nation’s mid-March move into COVID-19-related lockdown, a time of unprecedented uncertainty and alienation, Tiger King and The Last Dance offered the strangest of communal experiences and gave us things to talk about other than social distancing and mask etiquette. Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin’s Tiger King provided zany distraction in the form of larger-than-life (cartoonish, really) characters — from polyamorous, mullet-loving, guitar-strumming Joe Exotic to cult-leading zookeeper Doc Antle to frustrated reality producer Rick Kirkham, along with a regular torrent of bizarre twists and cliff-hangers. Tiger King premiered March 20, at the very beginning of the quarantine, and…

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veterans lead the drama actors race

JASON BATEMAN Ozark, Netflix An acting nominee the past two years — and a directing winner in 2019 — he’s as well positioned as ever to prevail for playing in-over-his-head Marty Byrde on season three, the show’s best reviewed by far (97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes) and a quarantine must-watch. Should The Crown’s Tobias Menzies also snag a nom, Bateman will lose Netflix’s undivided attention (though as one of Ted Sarandos’ close friends, he’d surely still receive a lot of love). BOB ODENKIRK Better Call Saul, AMC He’s poised to land both acting and producing noms for the fifth straight year for the Breaking Bad prequel on which he plays huckster Saul Goodman, the latest — and penultimate — season of which hit 99 percent on RT, besting the others and his competitions’. It’s also the…

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on the guest list

VANESSA BAYER SHRILL • HULU The SNL alum rejoins Aidy Bryant as June, a successful, powersuited “she-EO” leading the WAHAM (Women Are Having a Moment) conference that Bryant’s Annie attends — which leaves the protagonist walking away with conflicted feelings and without the empowerment she was seeking. FINDING THE CHARACTER “They just were putting me in these power suits — that’s, like, all I was trying on — and they put this blond wig on me, which was such a funny thing. They put these power pink suits and this blond hair on me and I thought, ‘I can feel this now, I can really feel it.’ A lot of the stuff I was saying was so toxic, but I was saying it with such a big smile — I was trying to…

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the politician ‘was like school for me’

When Netflix released The Politician in 2019, one of the marquee names in Ryan Murphy’s cast of heavy hitters sat on the bench until the season finale. Bette Midler, in a rare TV turn, was a guest in that episode — setting up a season two arc that finds her scheming political strategist at the center of the show’s June 19 return. Calling THR from her home outside New York City, the Emmy-winning actress and singer talked about being the series’ designated boomer, getting character inspiration from Bob Iger’s longtime right hand, and the prospect of touring again after COVID-19. How have you been keeping busy? In the crush of the pandemic, all the nonprofits got blindsided. Everybody has a spring event and a fall event. These fundraisers are how they make…

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from the big to small screen

When Derek Cianfrance was putting together his 2012 feature The Place Beyond the Pines, his first cut of the film was three and a half hours. “I had planned for it to have an intermission, but it’s just not a reality of the movies,” says the director. So when star-producer Mark Ruffalo brought him Wally Lamb’s 900-page novel I Know This Much Is True, Cianfrance knew it could never be a feature film. “There’s no way this story or the characters would exist in a movie theater unless I was making three movies,” he says. “The marketplace just is not there for it unless it’s a franchiseable universe.” But if he were to bring to television the decades-long saga of two troubled brothers — one suffering from the loss of his…

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saverio costanzo

The second season of HBO’s Italian series My Brilliant Friend brought back to the screen the rich and complicated friendship of Elena Greco (Margherita Mazzucco) and Lila Cerullo (Gaia Girace), who are each growing into their own — which means, at times, growing apart. Creator Saverio Costanzo returned to direct six of the second season’s eight episodes, set during 1950s postwar Naples. The Italian filmmaker spoke with THR about his working relationship with the series’ author, Elena Ferrante, the importance of casting his two leads and his plans for the series. How did you decide where to begin season two, which picks up right where season one ended? For me, this is the ninth episode, the ninth chapter of the book. So the first season is [leading into] the second season, but…