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The Simple ThingsThe Simple Things

The Simple Things March 2019

The Simple Things is a beautiful, useful, quirky and fun magazine about taking time to live well. We cover mindfulness and microadventures, eating and growing, forgotten wisdom, home life and slow moments. It's for people who love their lives but want to take the pressure off and remember what’s really important. We like tea & cake, learning stuff, being outside and the satisfaction of a job well done. Do you?

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march comes in

like a lion, out like a lamb, they say. We can take our cue from this folk wisdom by bravely embracing change and seeking the new. Spring sees us full of energy, with an urge to grow things and explore our creativity; making a mandala, experimenting with home brews or cooking an exotic dish. Wild and windy it may be but there are flowers and young life to stir the soul. By month’s end, like lambs, we’ll have a spring in our step - maybe even a gambol. ■…

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the days are getting longer…

and at long last spring is in the air – quite frankly, we’re feeling blooming marvellous. We’re looking forward to growth – in our gardens, homes, families and here at Joules. Share pictures of the things that make your life ’blooming marvellous’ and you could win a family getaway worth £1,000. Visit joules.com/making-memories to find out more.#JoulesMakingMemories ■…

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things to want and wish for

Vintage cane sunburst mirror | £150 A guaranteed sunny outlook – just right for a hallway.rajtentclub.com/shop Rainbow jugs | £48–£156 A hand-thrown, stoneware vessel in soft earthy shades is a beauty to enjoy forever.emmalacey.com Hanging planter | £23 Why let a lack of free surfaces stop you enjoying plants indoors? oggetto.com Floral print long sleeve shell top | £25 Elegant pleats and a pretty print make this a great spring addition. marksandspencer.com Drury Lane enamel milk pan | £6 Because enamelware is not just for camping… sainsburyshome.co.uk Chairs, part of Grace bistro set | £179; Eclectic dash cushion | £14.99; Plants | from £3.99; green puck pots | from £9.99; Atlantic basket | from £3.49; grey Alma pot | £4.99 We can’t all…

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things to note and notice

“Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas”Marie Curie No, you didn’t miss it, today is Pancake Day.We’ve got savoury recipes (p7) and sweet (p30) with a colourful spring vibe. WOMAN KIND It’s International Women’s Day – what better reason to gather good friends together and remind yourselves how important those relationships are. BARBERSHOP BANTER A funny and thought-provoking play, Barber Shop Chronicles is set during one day in six African barber shops from London to Lagos. A new UK theatre tour starts in March in Manchester. Search uktw.co.uk for dates. It’s Spring Equinox (Autumn in the southern hemisphere), when the length of both night and day is almost equal around the world. Welcome lighter mornings and warmer days (no snow in…

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a clever recipe

Turmeric pancakes with carrot houmous & vegetables Makes 8 2 tsp cumin seeds150g chickpea (gram) flour2 tsp ground turmeric½ tsp salt350ml cold water1 tbsp olive oil, plus extra for frying FOR THE TOPPINGS Carrot houmous*1 cucumber, deseeded; 1 largecourgette; 1 bunch radishes; 150gpodded peasJuice of ½ lemon1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil100g salad leavesHandful of coriander leaves 1 Toast cumin seeds in a dry pan. Sift gram flour, turmeric and salt and stir in cumin seeds. Make a well in centre and beat in the water and oil to make a pouring batter. Rest for 15 mins. 2 Thinly slice cucumber and courgette. Halve or quarter radishes. Blanch peas for 2 mins, drain, refresh in cold water and dry. Combine veg, toss with lemon juice and…

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magical creatures

(ILLUSTRATION: ZUZA MIŚKO) When appreciating frogs, the first thing you need to ensure is that you aren’t appreciating toads instead (though they undoubtedly deserve our fondness, too). So, how to tell the difference? When disturbed, frogs tend to hop and toads tend to crawl. Frogs have smooth skin, toads have warty skin. Frogs have black patches behind the eye, toads have large lumps (parotoid glands) behind the eye. And, unlike toads, frogs are indiscriminate spawners, they will breed in any convenient water, as opposed to returning to the ancestral pool. Ditches and temporary puddles are often used.In spring, there’s so much action at the pond, all you have to do is watch a while. On a sunny day, a sparrow bathes in the shallows amid indolent, sunning tadpoles. Occasionally I’ve…