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The Simple Things April 2019

The Simple Things is a beautiful, useful, quirky and fun magazine about taking time to live well. We cover mindfulness and microadventures, eating and growing, forgotten wisdom, home life and slow moments. It's for people who love their lives but want to take the pressure off and remember what’s really important. We like tea & cake, learning stuff, being outside and the satisfaction of a job well done. Do you?

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things to want and wish for

MAKER OF THE MONTH Salt Studios has pots of style There’s now so much choice in the crowded world of planters and accessories… All credit, then, to London-based artist Francesca Pappacoda, whose handcrafted designs using concrete, pigments and polystone are eyecatching and unique. Her Terrazzo range (pictured, from £12) comes in both monochrome and dusty pastels. We’ve a soft spot for her cute mini pots, too (from £7), in chalky rainbow colours – they’re calling out for cacti. saltstudios.co.uk SPIELING GOOD Will Storr grapples with what makes a tale compelling in The Science of Storytelling Stories make sense of the world, and our place in it: Will Storr’s thought-provoking book looks at our relationship with tales – whether they be taken from myths, modern novels, poems or movies. With the help of science, neuroscience and…

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things to note and notice

There’s heaps of Easter fun to be had at the Lost Gardens of Heligan including the Championship Egg Show on 20 April with more than 110 categories.heligan.com If you were a fan in the 80s, you’ll love Fame the Musical. With amazing dancing and Mica Paris’s brilliant performance as Miss Sherman you’ll be itching to get out of your seat. Touring the UK now.fameuktour.co.uk “I’ve not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”Thomas Edison, inventor KETTLE’S ON… Today is a celebration of one of our favourite pastimes – tea drinking. Toast National Tea Day by taking a pause to savour your favourite brew. Find out more about tea-related events, including London’s Festeaval (13–14 April), at nationalteaday.co.uk. GET FIT & GIVE BACK Good Gym is a genius initiative where volunteers run to visit an elderly…

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a clever recipe

Seafood scotch eggs Makes 6 1 tbsp olive oil4 shallots, finely chopped6 eggs, at room temperature200g cooked small Atlantic prawns250g smoked cod/haddock, chopped1 tbsp chopped dillZest of 1 lemonPinch of cayenne pepper¼ tsp grated nutmeg100g plain flour2 eggs, beaten150g dried breadcrumbs (eg panko)1 litre sunflower oil 1 Heat the olive oil in a pan and gently sauté shallots until just softened. 2 Bring a pan of water to the boil then drop in the eggs, ensuring they are fully immersed. Boil for 6 mins, then put in iced water to stop them cooking more. 3 Put the cooked shallots, prawns, smoked fish, dill, lemon zest, spices and a pinch of salt in the food processor. Blitz to a coarse paste. 4 Peel the soft-boiled eggs, then roll each in flour. Divide seafood mix into six and,…

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magical creatures

Two things guaranteed to make grown humans say ‘Ooooooh’ out loud: watching fireworks and spotting little white cottontails darting back into hedgerows as you drive along a country lane at dusk. Rabbits may not be uncommon but spotting one, or better still, a group*, is certain to lift the heart. Perhaps it’s the sheer joy they exhibit themselves. Rabbits are so cheery, there is a special word for the little twisty jump they do when happy: binkying. It’s the rabbit equivalent of clicking one’s heels. Archaeologists think it was the Romans who brought us rabbits since (cover your pet rabbit’s ears) butchered rabbit bones have been found in Roman cooking pots. It was some thousand years before they began to escape and breed in the wild and not until the 1950s that…

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simple style

When the weather is warm and the need to wear something comfortable but not frumpy arises, thoughts turn to the tunic. Worn by many of us practically all of the time, especially in the summer months, it is the go-to option for quick and easy dressing. Slip one over your head, pull on skinny jeans and a pair of trainers and you are good to go to the school gates, to the park to walk the dog and on to the shops. Dress it up with a scarf or a necklace, a pair of leggings and some flat shoes and it’s fine for work, too. The joy of the tunic is, of course, that it is loose. There’s nothing fitted about this most simple of garments – at its most basic…

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an any-time tea party

As traditions go, afternoon tea is under-rated, considered the frivolous preserve of cricket players and those celebrating big birthdays… Yet this cake-led custom is worth a revival, with its power to bring people together and create a sense of occasion, laced with indulgence. There is no tricky baking, either, in our moreish menu: savoury scones, hot cross bun loaf and Mini Egg rocky road, plus delicate finger sandwiches and cakes for one offer something for everyone. It’s a menu you can adapt easily to be less Eastery. Because afternoon tea is not just for April… Ploughman’s scones CHEESY SCONES FILLED WITH CHEESE… NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT Makes 10–12 225g self-raising flour, plus extra to dust1 tsp baking powder55g butter, cubed125g cheddar, grated60ml milk, plus extra to glaze TO SERVE Cheddar cheeseBranston pickle 1 Preheat oven to 200C/Fan…