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Total Guitar November 2019

Total Guitar is Europe’s best-selling guitar magazine, crammed full of songs to learn plus backing tracks. From the latest metal and indie hits to classic rock from the likes of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, TG has more songs than ANY other guitar magazine!. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not currently include the covermount items or content you would find on printed newsstand copies

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I’m no gear snob – I’ll play anything I like… and can afford. And that second part can be an elephant in the room when it comes to tone. There’s an overarching idea that the more you pay, the more you get. From Custom Shop Strats, vintage PAFs and obscure old fuzzboxes to Class A valve heads and analogue delays… there’s a lot of lovely sounds and build quality to be had for the right money. But the idea that you can’t get a foot into that world without the entrance fee is of course, nonsense. As much as we wish we could have picked up a Les Paul off the shelf in 1959, there’s never been a better time than now for tone. Because there are bargains galore to be…

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making this month’s mag

CHRIS BIRD Temporarily donning his gear reviewing hat, this issue TG’s tuition editor got up close and personal with Kemper’s new Profiler Stage. Having only enjoyed a brief dalliance with a Profiler before, it seems Mr B was blown away by its sonic capabilities. “I was blown away by its sonic capabilities,” Chris exclaimed. But is it the full package? Find out on p90. STUART WILLIAMS The Gear Hound is always off, relentlessly chasing down affordable gear. So what’s he caught in his jaws this month? “I’ve played through the new Blackstar Silverline amps (p6) and I’m excited,” he pants, “I think we’re entering a new era for modelling combos and it’s going to be great news for players.” ALEX LYNHAM Our pedal expert loves a boutique-sounding bargain – as he proves on p46. As…

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hi-ho silverline!

Blackstar has unveiled its Silverline range of amps: a five-strong line-up aiming to deliver valve tone and response while incorporating the flexibility of digital features. The strikingly silver covering and refined ‘coffin’ logo are the first things to set these apart from the Blackstar amps we’re used to, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Central to each amp’s design are the valve responses - building on Blackstar’s patended TVP technology and taking it to the next level. These power amp responses are fuelled by SHARC DSP chips (as found in many high-end digital products from the likes of Strymon, Universal Audio, and more) have been designed to not only give you the tone of classic amp power stages, but to interact with your playing organically in the same way a…

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guitarist of the year

Aafter thousands of entries from around the world, star judges including John Petrucci, Plini, Nita Strauss, Tosin Abasi and Andy McKee, 12 finalists in three finals (plus another one for bass) played during the two days of the UK Guitar Show in London last month to decide who would be the Young, Acoustic and electric Guitarist Of The Year 2019. And here they are: spanning three continents, under 16 Young Guitarist Of The Year winner Yamato Mori from Japan, Acoustic Guitarist Of The Year winner Christie Lenée from the US and Guitarist Of The Year winner Dylan Reavey from Australia. All three very different players and all performing their own compositions (see right) to win their finals and coveted guitar prizes from PRS (a Silver Sky), Takamine (Takamine EF341SC dreadnought)…

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five of the best

1. Burden Of The Road John Smith A poignant return from a great acoustic talent with a sublime and confessional song about leaving family behind when touring. 2. King Aura (live) Dylan Reavey Frank Zappa entering Super Mario World in the guise of a young Brisbane jazz fusion virtuoso? That’s one way of describing Guitarist Of The Year’s worthy winner! 3. Song For Michael Pukac (live) Christie Lenée What are journey of technique and feel this was to witness at the AGOTY finals – incredible use of harmonics, fingerstyle and tapping here. 4. Eureka (live) Yamato Mori It’s hard to fathom how a teenager wrote, let along played this – emotive, dynamic and ethereal. A deserving winner. 5. Lovelorn Crime Opeth A beautiful, sweeping ballad from the new album In Cauda Venenum featuring Fredrik Åkesson going full Gilmour in the stunning extended solo. Bravo…

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derek trucks

I Got My First Real Six-String… “… In a garage sale. It was a Kay knock-off; it was called a Jay, a J-A-Y. It was some department store guitar, it was about five dollars and I still have it. A few years ago for my birthday, Susan [Tedeschi] sent my first guitars to Paul Reed Smith to get them fixed up and playable again. I think probably means that my guitar has the honour of being the worst guitar Paul Reed Smith has ever worked on! [Laughs] But it still sounds good, and he made it playable.” “MY GUITAR HAS THE HONOUR OF BEING THE WORST GUITAR PAUL REED SMITH HAS EVER WORKED ON!” Sign Of The Times “We were writing and making [the new] record coming out of some serious personal loss. That…