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Total Guitar February 2020

Total Guitar is Europe’s best-selling guitar magazine, crammed full of songs to learn plus backing tracks. From the latest metal and indie hits to classic rock from the likes of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, TG has more songs than ANY other guitar magazine!. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not currently include the covermount items or content you would find on printed newsstand copies

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What better time to assess your playing goals than the start of the year? Well, as it happens, the start of the decade. So, this issue we’ve assembled a series of lessons to help you do just that. Using our guides, you can cut through the confusion and get straight to the point – getting more from your practice time and achieving real results, whatever your aim. In this month’s cover feature, we’re tackling everything from neater rhythm playing to whammy bar techniques, and we’ve tried to make it applicable to all genres and abilities. Use our Practice Challenges for each area you want to improve on and you’ll start seeing improvements in no time! Elsewhere, we’ve packed the issue with the usual mix of interviews, tab and gear reviews. Speaking…

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making this month’s mag

CHRIS BIRD With festive celebrations all but a distant memory, now’s the perfect time to focus on your playing – so says our resident tab, technique and tuition expert. “TG keeps me pretty busy,” says Mr B, “so easy, repetitive exercises that I can drop in and out of work best for me. Take a look at our Workout on page 48 and get practising!” STAN BULL After (just about) recovering from the Christmas break, Stan has settled into his new role at TG. “One of my New Year’s resolutions is to work on my own playing, as improving my technique is something I keep putting off. Luckily the 2020 Guitar Workout makes for an excellent starting point.” ALEX LYNHAM TG’s resident pedal expert has been waxing lyrical about Digitech’s cult favourite Space Station effect…

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tube station

Vox has unveiled the Cambridge 50: a combo amp that it says provides “new possibilities in a modelling guitar amp”. At the heart of the Cambridge is Vox’s Virtual Element Technology (VET), providing 10 amp models from Vox’s hallowed AC30 models through to high-gain emulations of classic Marshall and Mesa/Boogie amps. As well as this, Vox has made use of its Nutube technology in the preamp section of the Cambridge. We’ve used various products with this modern-day valve equivalent, which offers the response and sound of a preamp valve in a modern format. Also on-board are eight effects models, a USB for use as an audio interface and incorporated functionality for Vox’s Tone Room and Jam Vox software. The Vox Cambridge 50 is priced at £275 and will be available soon.…

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frusciante that!

In a surprise move, Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced John Frusciante will rejoin the band after ten years away. The news marks the end of Josh Klinghoffer’s two-album tenure with the band, which was announced in a statement on Instagram. “We announce, with great excitement and full hearts, that John Frusciante is rejoining our group” “The Red Hot Chili Peppers announce that we are parting ways with our guitarist of the past 10 years, Josh Klinghoffer. Josh is a beautiful musician who we respect and love. We are deeply grateful for our time with him, and the countless gifts he shared with us. We also announce, with great excitement and full hearts, that John Frusciante is rejoining our group.” Frusciante first joined RHCP in 1988 before releasing Mother’s Milk, replacing Hillel Slovak…

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Finck Plank NIN guitarist gets a signature Reverend With Trent Reznor reportedly planning on a busy year for Nine Inch Nails recording and touring, Robin Finck’s new Reverend signature models could see plenty of action in 2020 – and they look built for it, too. Based on Reverend’s Sensei shape (sans Bigsby), the Robin Finck signature (price TBC) features a Korina body, bound ebony fingerboard, Railhammer Chisel ceramic humbuckers, Tune-o-matic bridge and stop bar tailpiece, volume and Reverend’s versatile Bass Contour controls with a three-way switch. The Railhammer pickups use two types of magnet bespoke to the wound and plain strings. The ‘rail’ magnet is for the wound strings and there’s enlarged pole magnets for the plain strings. The advantage of this design is said to result in tighter low end response and more…

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nocturno culto

Got my first real six-string… “It was some kind of a Jackson knock-off model. It was a cheap brand, Cort or something. Back then, when I was 14 or 15 years old, I played on this cheap guitar and I had some kind of a Peavey amplifier. I started playing with Darkthrone in 1988, and I was 16 when I bought my first real guitar, and that was a jubilee version of a Jackson. I think that Grover Jackson signed the back of the headstock with a marker.” “TO PLAY GUITAR LIVE AND DO THE VOCALS? I THINK THAT IS A LOT OF HASSLE” Play authentic... “When I was a kid the guitars that really stood out for me, the thing I had to have, was Gibson guitars. I think Gibson has been my…