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Total Guitar June 2020

Total Guitar is Europe’s best-selling guitar magazine, crammed full of songs to learn plus backing tracks. From the latest metal and indie hits to classic rock from the likes of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, TG has more songs than ANY other guitar magazine!. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not currently include the covermount items or content you would find on printed newsstand copies

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I get the feeling that now more than ever, music is a universal language. At the time of writing, the UK remains in lockdown for the near future, and, with gigs and guitar lessons being cancelled around the world, many musicians are collaborating online, sharing recording projects via the internet, and just taking pleasure in playing our instrument of choice. Personally, I’ve been practising more than I usually do. Initially, my practice plan began as a way to learn two songs for a band I joined last year – and then record them. But things have spiralled a bit, and, now that I’m rarely more than a few feet from my guitar, I’m getting the chance to play every day. And I get a sense that I’m not alone – that…

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get playing now

Just picked up a guitar for the first time? Perhaps you’re stuck in lockdown and you’ve finally dusted off the guitar you always told yourself you’d learn to play. Or perhaps you just need a refresher on some guitar-playing basics. Well, whatever prompted you to pick up the guitar, the next few pages will help you get started playing your instrument. We’re starting with a look at how the guitar is built, how it works, then we’ll have you playing your first notes and chords in no time. It doesn’t matter whether your guitar’s acoustic or electric – as long as it’s got six strings, we’ll have you playing in no time. Turn the page and let’s get started! ON YOUR DISC MP3 audio tracks for every tab example on your Guitar…

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get playing now know your guitar

If you’ve just begun playing the guitar, there are a few things you’ll need to do before you start making music. We’ve presented all the info you need right here. First, familiarise yourself with your guitar. The image below shows you the five most important parts you’ll need to know about. Of course, the strings are responsible for the sound, but the metal frets help generate the notes you want to play; the machineheads are there to adjust string tension and set the tuning of your guitar. Tuning your strings to the right notes is vital.TG provides tuning notes on our cover CD every month so that you can tune up by ear, but many players use an electronic tuner or smartphone app. Learn the string names then tune up by…

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get playing now technique & chords

So far then, you should be familiar with the main parts of your guitar; you should be able to tune up, and you should be able to play notes by pressing down on the strings. These are vital skills for every beginner guitarist – you can’t play guitar without them! Next, we’ll go into a bit more depth with some more chords for you to try out. Remember, a chord is three or more notes played together. We’ve provided some easy chords shown as fret boxes (diagrams that represent the guitar neck and strings, with dots to show you where to put your fingers). Don’t worry if your fingertips hurt a little bit at first. This will stop after a few weeks of playing. Chords are easier to play if your…

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get playing now lead guitar

Right, let’s recap! So far we’ve covered a lot of guitar basics. By now you should know how to tune up, how to hold your guitar so that your hands are in the right place, and be able to play some notes and chords. Now we’ll move on and take a look at how to tackle your first guitar solo. We’ve recorded a short piece for you (tabbed below) in a power ballad style. It’s ‘single note’ playing, meaning that you have to play one note at a time. This makes it easy to choose which fingers to use: use your first finger for all the 1st fret notes, your second finger for the 2nd fret notes and your third finger covers the 3rd fret. For picking, use a firm, steady…

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get playing now rhythm guitar

Getting started with rhythm guitar is easy. All you need is your guitar, a pick and the humble E minor chord. We’ve based this month’s rhythm lesson on this simple two-finger chord. Learn it, make sure you can play it cleanly, and then turn your attention to your pick hand, because that’s where the action takes place. The first rhythm exercise is labelled Groove 1 in the tab at the top of the opposite page. It’s a simple idea, just strum towards the ground four times. Most rock, pop, blues and metal is based on rhythms with four pulses, so count to four to keep time. There’s a backing track on your CD so you can practise playing with a drums/bass backing. Groove 2 takes the idea a step further by…