Total Guitar November 2020

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This month we celebrate the genius of Led Zeppelin’s legendary guitarist, Jimmy Page. Few can claim to be as influential as Page. As a producer, he innovated on every album the band recorded. As a guitarist, he’s one of the most extraordinary riff writers of all time. Exhibits A, B and C: Whole Lotta Love, Heartbreaker, Kashmir. There are many more, of course. And just listen to Led Zeppelin’s studio albums, each an evolution in sound and style on its predecessor. Jimmy says Led Zeppelin were an ‘album band, not a singles band’; he also admitted that he always had a plan for the band’s career path – I don’t doubt it. This month, I spoke with Jimmy about the making of some of Led Zeppelin’s greatest tracks and his new…

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eddie van halen 1955-2020

Edward Van Halen was born in the Netherlands on January 26th, 1955, to a Dutch father and Indonesian mother. They emigrated to the USA in 1962. Eddie learned the drums while his brother Alex played guitar, but they soon switched instruments, creating the core of a band that would change the world. Music has never been the same since the release of Van Halen’s first, self-titled album in 1978. It wasn’t just that no one else could play guitar like that. No one else had imagined the guitar could sound like that. Every guitarist knows about his two-handed tapping, but that was only a fraction of the Van Halen revolution. It was the first time a saturated high-gain Marshall tone had been achieved and recorded, and that made possible a slew…

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game changer

ERUPTION On this signature piece, again from the first VH album, the tapping gets the attention, but the tone, blistering legato, and creative note choices are all equally important. Amid all that virtuosity, Eddie still played with joyous rock ’n’ roll abandon. It makes his playing appeal to people who never listen to shred instrumentals. AIN’T TALKIN’ ‘BOUT LOVE Some virtuosos forget the power of a simple song and a catchy hook, but EVH knew when to keep things simple. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love (from the debut Van Halen album) is played by palm muting and picking the notes from an open A minor chord. The singable solo is played on one string. Melodic genius. FRANKENSTRAT Eddie helped to develop the Floyd Rose, suggesting improvements like the fine tuners at the bridge. He was also…

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super geek!

“THIS WAS DEFINITELY A TOOLKIT KIND OF RECORD" There have been all kinds of influences that have moulded Joe Bonamassa into the player he is over the years – blues heroes such as Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and rock legends Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. But ask the 43 year-old New Yorker about the sounds explored on his new album Royal Tea and he’ll enjoy going off-script for a while. ON HIS NEW ALBUM, BLUES ROCK MAESTRO JOE BONAMASSA PLAYS A BATTERY OF GUITARS, INCLUDING A VINTAGE TELECASTER HE’S COVETED SINCE HE WAS A TEENAGER, AND THE MAN FROM ‘NERDVILLE’ IS ALSO SHOWING HIS LOVE OF PROGRESSIVE ROCK. “I deal with blues rock until there’s no demand for it!” he says, laughing. But for a player who is so often regarded…

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oranges are not the only fruit

“The period’s correct, but when people try to guess our influences, they tend to be wrong.” Brian D’Addario, one half of the Lemon Twigs beside his brother Michael, has been hailed for reviving 70s glam rock. Their high camp performances have seen them described as “a Zoomer Darkness” and drawn comparisons to T-Rex and the Sweet. It turns out their influences lie elsewhere. “A lot of glam bands seem to be way more steeped in 50s rock, where the chords are very simple and it’s really about the attitude,” Brian says. “We tend to be more influenced by songwriters.” He’s referring to the likes of Brian Wilson and ELO’s Jeff Lynne, although his songs’ complexity also owes a debt to the brothers’ background in musical theatre. “Our process is so steeped…

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the lemon twigs the one

Breaking with Riff Of The Month tradition, here we’re taking a look at a solo. Featuring on the D’Addario brothers’ fourth album Songs For The General Public, The One is a harmony-rich power-pop tune that mixes 70s glam influences of Bowie, Bolan and Supertramp with the cheeky self-knowingness of The Darkness, all wrapped up in a post-millennial styled package. As for that solo, well, it’s a typically melodic offering, with core techniques like string bends, hammer-ons and slides keeping it moving along. Mastering it is easiest if you have knowledge of the scale it is based in. This removes a lot of guesswork so you can be confident in where to put your fingers – and all the info you need is below. Be sure to follow our slowed-down performance in the…