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Few guitarists have had greater impact on rock than Brian May and Eddie Van Halen. And at the core of the guitar tones of these giants of rock are two very special instruments: May’s Red Special and Van Halen’s Frankenstrat. The former is perhaps the ultimate home-built instrument. While today, aspiring luthiers choose from countless off-the-shelf guitar bodies, necks and hardware for their self-builds, Brian and his father had no such options – the Red Special was hewn out of wood and metal the resourceful pair had at home. Only the pickups and machine heads were bought in. Eddie Van Halen took a different approach, preferring to refine established Gibson and Fender ideas before fine-tuning his hybrid creation to arrive at his own special design. These two hallowed instruments will be…

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everything louder than everything

As Angus Young sees it, what the world needs now is “a good old hard shock of AC/DC”. Fortunately, said shock comes this month with the release of the legendary band’s new album, Power Up. Lead guitarist Angus had to dig deep to get this album made. Following the death of his elder brother Malcolm, the band’s rhythm guitarist, in 2017, Angus created the 12 tracks for Power Up from ideas that he and Malcolm had worked on in previous years. Angus also had to rebuild the band. After the recording of the 2014 album Rock Or Bust, on which his nephew Stevie Young had replaced Malcolm on rhythm guitar, three members of the band had exited at various points. But now they’re all back – singer Brian Johnson, bassist Cliff Williams…

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riff of the month ac/dc shot in the dark

45 years since their debut, AC/DC return with this lead single from their forthcoming 17th album, Power Up. The song, of course, features Angus Young on guitar, but also Stevie Young, who stepped into his uncle Malcolm’s shoes after he retired in 2014. Based around A, D and G5, Shot In The Dark is a classic three-chord trick, but, whereas the D and G5 chords are played with straight-ahead, no nonsense open shapes, you’ll run into the A chord with a bluesy hammer-on phrase. Start by barring across the third and fourth strings, initially at the 7th fret, then at the 5th. Easy enough to begin with, then! Next comes that hammer-on at the 6th fret – if you played the 5th fret barre with your first finger, your second finger should…

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win! a signed angus young gibson sg

Power Up (out now) is the long-awaited 17th studio album from AC/DC and the first following the death of founding member and guitarist Malcolm Young. “This record is pretty much a dedication to Malcolm, my brother,” Angus Young said recently. “It’s a tribute for him like Back In Black was a tribute to Bon Scott.” All you have to do to enter is go to the web address below and correctly answer the following question: The Gibson SG was first launched as Gibson Les Paul SG in which year? 1958, 1961, 1967 or 1971? http://bit.ly/angusSG Closing date: December 6, 2020. UK residents only. See online for full terms and conditions.…

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ride the tiger!

Back in 2008, Epiphone launched the Prophecy series – slick, modern takes on classic Gibson outlines. Now, as we reach the end of 2020, Epiphone has unveiled a quartet of updated Prophecy models, with a raft of features that are sure to turn heads. Starting with the shapes, there’s a Les Paul Custom, Flying V and the Extura, the latter being an updated take on an Explorer with enhanced upper fret access thanks to a redesigned cutaway along with a contoured neck heel. Each model comes sporting a swanky AAA flame maple veneer, and all but the SG feature some sleek-looking binding, and even more striking finishes. Themed around ‘Tiger’ naming, these guitars are available in a selection of trans lacquers to allow those flames to burn through. However, the big talking…

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the guitars that built rock

If there’s one thing that unites guitarists, it’s our love of our instruments. Yet choosing a guitar is a personal endeavour. We form special bonds with our guitars. The way your favourite guitar’s unique configuration of metal and wood ‘feels’ affects the way you play it. Like we say, it’s personal. The history of rock is littered with such cherished instruments. And the music made with each one just wouldn’t be the same played on any other guitar. Here, as we look at over 60 of rock’s most revered guitars, we consider just what made them great – and you’ll find some tips and lessons along the way. We’re starting with two of the most iconic instruments of all: Brian May’s Red Special and Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstrat. Plug in, turn the…