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The guitar solo has been pronounced dead or dying many a time. From the 70s punks who deliberately tried to kill it off, to Billie Joe Armstrong last year proclaiming the era of the anti-solo – it’s an argument that just won’t go away. Thing is, this contention has never been true. For every proponent of the anti-solo there have always been just as many shredders, blues players, and so on, flying the flag for the lead guitar break. Since the early days of rock ’n’ roll, guitar solos have always been around, even if their popularity has ebbed and flowed. With solos in mind, this month we’re looking at 50 of the greatest, as voted for by the readers of GuitarWorld.com. It’s an interesting list, if somewhat classic rock oriented, but…

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let there be rock!

Millions of people all over the world have been craving the return of live music, and nobody more so than Andy Copping, the organizer-in-chief of the Download festival. The 2021 event is scheduled for June 4th-6th, with Biffy Clyro, KISS and System Of A Down as the headline acts. And as Copping tells TG: “We’re very optimistic that it goes ahead.” This is a man who has lived and breathed rock music since he was a kid. He attended the very first Monsters Of Rock festival in 1980, and having co-founded Download at the same venue, Donnington Park, in 2003, he says without exaggeration: “Live music is my life.” Copping was not alone in facing huge challenges in 2020. “The live industry, arts and entertainment, we’ve all had a big kicking,”…

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let’s dance!

To fully embrace the spirit of Medicine At Midnight, the Foo Fighters’ first album since 2017’s Concrete And Gold, you are going to have to dig out your dancing shoes. No, Dave Grohl didn’t install a glitter-ball in the control room as they tracked the album; they have not gone disco. Yet, nonetheless, this is a record that will make you move, with an insistent groove that’s going to be hard to resist, and one that makes its presence felt when you least expect it. If you have already heard lead single, Shame, Shame – a playful jam that’s borderline Timberlake – you’ll have an idea of what’s going on. Released on 5 February, the album started out with hard rock ideas and over-sized melodies - Grohl, Pat Smear and Chris…

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pump up the volume!

MONSTER DOWN-TUNING After losing his fingertips to an industrial accident, Tony Iommi had a battle to keep playing guitar. On the Paranoid tour, Sabbath began playing in E b to reduce string tension. Vol. 4 became the first Sabbath album recorded entirely in C# standard. A lucky by-product was the monstrous down-tuned effect. They didn’t wear it out by simply chugging on the low C#, though. Most of the riffs are played higher on the neck, with really low notes dropped in occasionally for flavour. THE CLASSIC IOMMI SG Other than the new tuning, Iommi didn’t mess with his tonal formula: his 1965 ‘Monkey’ SG Special with P90 pickups made most of the noise. Yup, while diehard metallers insist only humbuckers will do, classic Sabbath relied on single coils. THE 0-10-10 SETTING Tony’s Laney LA100…

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going once...

2020 has been something of an attention-demanding year for vintage guitar collectors and enthusiasts in general, as numerous iconic models have gone up for auction. As we detailed in last month’s issue, models that previously belonged to some of rock’s biggest names had sold for eye-watering sums. Notable models include Elvis Presley’s Martin D-18 acoustic, George Harrison’s Bartell fretless electric, Chuck Berry’s Gibson ES-345, Eric Clapton’s 1954 Fender Stratocaster and Prince’s ‘Blue Angel’ Cloud 2 and Custom Shop ‘Goldfinger’ Strat. Continuing on this theme, several other memorable guitars have appeared for sale since our list was compiled. The ‘Coodercaster’, owned and played by slide guitar master Ry Cooder, has recently appeared for sale on Reverb.com. According to Reverb, this model is the original Coodercaster, which is the adopted name for an entire…

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the making of a guitar hero

1 HE COMES FROM A LONG LINE OF MUSICIANS As he’s told us in the past, Joe was involved with guitars from a very young age thanks to his guitar shop owner father, Len Bonamassa, who gave Joe his first guitar at four years old. “We got him a Chiquita guitar – which is a shortened, scaled-down solid-body electric actually designed for airplane use,” Len explains in the documentary. “By the time he was five, he was playing chords and he never looked back.” But before that, his great grandfather Buddha was a respected trumpet player as was his grandfather Leonard Sr. – so it would be fair to say music was always in the blood. 2 IN EARLY GROUP BLOODLINE, HE FELT LIKE “AN OLD MAN IN A KID’S BODY” After opening…