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Technically, I’ve never actually owned a Telecaster. I did have a Squier Tele on loan from the mag a few years back, I once built a T-style guitar from a kit (though not 100 per cent successfully!), and I did pick up a used G&L ASAT Classic early last year. Still, I do love Fender’s original solid-body electric. The Tele might just be the ultimate rock rhythm machine. A guitar for hard riffing and punk-rock, whose workhorse simplicity means you can beat all hell out of it without worries of knocking a tremolo arm out of tune. Of course that’s just my own assessment – the Tele is a versatile beast, and countless players have made it their main squeeze since Fender’s original solidbody hit the streets over seven decades…

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“like two guitars playing at once…”

In recent weeks, former Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson has spoken in public for the first time since the death of the band’s drummer Neil Peart about what the future holds for himself and his fellow band member since the early days of Rush, bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee. The Canadian trio had split up years before Neil’s passing, but as Alex revealed, he and Geddy are considering making music together again, albeit not under the Rush name. “We’re eager to get back together,” he said, “and get back into that thing that we’ve done since we were 14 years old that we love to do.” Alex also said that he is planning to auction off a large part of his guitar collection for charity. “I think that would be really a great way for…

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“the first thing i dial in? the guitar response”

What rig did you use for the livestreamed shows? I ended up going back to the Mesa/Boogie Mark IV. I had been using the V for a while and to be honest they’re both great. The V has a more expansive and present low-end which is nice, but the IV has this special gain structure. The way it breaks up is so silky, I ended up missing that. And I had my Jackson Dominions with my signature DiMarzio pickups, going through a Sennheiser wireless system. I like the tiny bit of compression that the wireless provides, it works in a pleasant way that I just don’t get with other systems. It’s subtle but when I switch to a cable I miss it! There’s this compression that I notice on a response…

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“the red special in a parallel universe”

Guitarist Arielle – a former protégé of Nuno Bettencourt – has teamed up with Brian May Guitars to create an eye-catchingly asymmetric signature model. The BMG Arielle is the first original instrument build the Queen guitarist has actively contributed to since he and his father constructed his now iconic guitar almost 60 years ago. May describes it as “the Red Special in a parallel universe.” In the looks department, the guitar is likely to be as divisive as it is itself divided: it’s half orange and half blue, with a raised centre-strip, two-piece pickguard, chrome hardware and contrasting switch plate. Flashy and flamboyant, it’s visually reminiscent of a 50’s American muscle car, pressed into the shape of a guitar. Employing Dr. May’s 3-a-side headstock and the same short 24” scale of the…

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“the way i bend from one note to the next – that’s what drags people in”

Tokyo Jukebox 3 is part of an ongoing series. How did you go about choosing the covers for this one? It was a long process! I try to demo the songs I like before I even ask for permission to release them. That way I can see whether I can make it cool. Just because you like a song doesn’t mean you can definitely take it somewhere good. Some songs should be left the way they are. After making the demos, I would know if I could really make the melody sing. The way you bend into the right notes has always been a big part of your identity, almost similar to Jeff Beck in ways... I don’t what to say, to be compared with someone as fantastic as that is a wonderful…

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new wave

Yamaha’s Pacifica series has been a workhorse punching far above its price point ever since its launch in 1990, and now, the guitar that was originally designed to capture the spirit of the LA custom shop scene has had an overhaul. The alder-bodied Pacifica 612 VII builds on the bolt-on maple neck/rosewood fingerboard design that we’re used to, and comes in two flavours: the flamed-maple 612 VIIFMX (available in Fired Red) and three non-flamed 612 VIIX models in Matte Silk Blue, Teal Green Metallic and Yellow Natural Satin, and all of the new additions are decked-out with matching headstocks. Keeping with the versatile west coast custom vibe, both versions include some top-flight hardware and features - Seymour Duncan SSL-1 single coils, and a TB-14 Custom 5 humbucker, (complete with push-pull coil split),…