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I feel like there aren’t all that many contemporary guitarists you can truly call megastars. I’m talking about players with mass appeal, known and loved by people of all ages and backgrounds, and who fill arenas around the world. Dave Grohl fits the description. Ed Sheeran, too. But for the quintessential modern ‘guitarist’s guitarist’-come-megastar, I refer you to the gentleman you see on the cover of this very magazine – John Mayer, who returns this month with a new album. Now, John is no new kid on the block – it’s 20 years since his solo debut dropped – but look at how he’s charted his career. He’s shrewdly embraced social media to reach his fans, who stretch far beyond the guitar community, posting everything from meme-friendly dog videos to his…

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bullet force

When the Download Pilot festival was staged at Donington Park over the weekend of June 18th–20th, it was a landmark event in the return to live music in the UK. More than 30 British rock and metal bands performed over the three days - including Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Enter Shikari, The Wildhearts, Creeper, Conjurer and Sleep Token. And it was fitting that the grand finale came with a performance from Bullet For My Valentine, whose long association with Download dates back to 2004. The band’s eighth album, titled simply Bullet For My Valentine, is out on October 22nd. And for guitarist/vocalist Matt Tuck - pictured here during the Download Pilot show - it’s an album of huge significance, written during a dark period when his marriage was breaking…

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“it sounds exactly like mine... exactly.”

Limited to just 200 models worldwide, the new Gibson Noel Gallagher J-150 acoustic certainly turned a few heads during its long-awaited official launch in June. The limited-edition replicas retailed for a whopping $4299 and were snapped up quickly, with a handful of instruments ending up on the secondhand market at three times the price. As seen played by Noel on a rainy doorstep in the video for 2002 Oasis single Little By Little, the guitar would later feature an Adidas Trefoil sticker on the body above its 15th and 17th frets and accompany Noel on his solo ventures with the High Flying Birds. And despite the boutique price tag on the new signatures, the original models were launched in 1999 as an affordable take on an old favourite, the Gibson…

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get noel’s sound with 2021 gear

Epiphone Sheraton-II Pro, £599 Though it was an Epiphone Les Paul handling the bulk of electric tones on Oasis’ 1994 debut Definitely Maybe, on the tours and albums that followed Noel switched to semi-hollow bodies like the Epiphone Riviera and the Epiphone Sheraton. The latter would end up becoming arguably the most iconic six-string in his collection after he had it repainted in a Union Jack finish. JHS Morning Glory, £195 In the early days of Oasis, Gallagher did not use pedals. “I used to just turn up the amps as full as I could get them – I never used distortion pedals or anything like that,” he revealed in 2002. These days, however, his pedalboard has no shortage of additional gain stages – from Tube Screamers to original Klons and clones, as…

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“i was willing to try new things”

Jake Bugg’s new, fifth album Saturday Night, Sunday Morning is filled with his signature blend of anthemic pop and introspective folk rock. For guitars, he favoured vintage models - and one made from a table! You say you’ve had more fun making this record than ever before – what made it so? I think I allowed myself to enjoy it, just by being a lot more-open minded this time around and more willing to try new things. What does the new record say about you as a guitarist? To be honest, I think the new record probably doesn’t reflect my playing as much as previous records, but I think that’s because I just tried to play to the songs a bit more this time around. Sometimes, as musicians, you probably stick an extra guitar…

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“the guitar tones on this album are sublime”

Recorded 11 years ago, Welcome 2 America was inexplicably archived without release. Thankfully, Legacy Records is putting that straight, because it combines vintage funk grooves with Prince’s supreme melodies. If you know nothing about funk and gospel guitar, this will teach you. Here are five outstanding guitar moments to listen for: Born 2 Die This song opens with jazzy extended chords, doubled by synths. They stand out thanks to Prince’s languid rocking of his wah pedal, adding expression to each chord after he’s played it. Later in the album, he closes out Stand Up and B Strong with a fiery wahdrenched solo, showing he mastered every type of wah expression. Hot Summer In the middle of this funk opus comes this unexpected surf-rock tune. Prince’s palm muted, fuzzed out powerchords open the track like…