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Total Guitar December 2017

Total Guitar is Europe’s best-selling guitar magazine, crammed full of songs to learn plus backing tracks. From the latest metal and indie hits to classic rock from the likes of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, TG has more songs than ANY other guitar magazine!. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not currently include the covermount items or content you would find on printed newsstand copies

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It’s our birthday! Our 300th, in fact. That’s 23 years of Total Guitar in which time we’ve seen countless genres become the current face of the guitar. We’ve seen heroes made, fade, and in some cases return. We’ve seen Slash go back to Guns N’ Roses, The Stone Roses split up, reform and apparently split up again, and The Rolling Stones… keep going. Some people say the guitar is dying, but maybe, like many things, it’s just a bit polarized. There’s barely any guitar in pop music, yet the biggest pop star on the planet stands alone on stage with nothing but an acoustic and a couple of pedals. We’re obsessed with technology from the last century, yet we’re constantly striving – and managing - to replicate them digitally with…

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making this month’s mag

CHRIS BIRD This month’s cover feature, Ultimate Pro Tips, has got TG’s Tuition Editor thinking about his favourite interviews for the magazine: “My high points were picking Joe Satriani’s brain for two full hours and meeting Steve Vai,” says Chris, “but Mark Knopfler is the guitarist I’d most like to meet.” Maybe one day, Chris... MICHAEL ASTLEY-BROWN This issue, Mike fell for the charms of Fender and Ed O’Brien’s ultra-versatile EOB Sustainer Stratocaster. Back in the summer, Radio-Ed himself handed our starstruck writer the guitar and invited him to try it, through Ed’s mammoth guitar rig, no less. No pressure, then. Fortunately, the review process was more relaxed. ROB LAING Rob’s been giddy on a nostalgic journey this issue; he still has misty-eyed memories of cradling Radiohead’s The Bends and Stereophonics’ Word Gets Around on…

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brand spanking venue

Blackstar’s original HT Venue range won bucketloads of praise for its working-musician practicality and tonal bang-for-buck (not least from us), but the company has reworked the line for 2017 with the new MkII range. There’s a five-strong line-up of new amps, and here we have the HT Club 40 MkII combo (£699) and HT Stage 100 MkII head (£749). Each amp is fuelled by ECC83 and EL34 valves, and offers Celestion speakers, either in combo formats or in their accompanying cabs, while the whole range is more compact and lightweight, and features a newly-designed ‘studio-quality’ reverb. That’s not all, though – here’s what else they’re packing… UP CLOSE 1 Revoiced The drive channels have been revoiced to be more responsive and offer a voice switch; clean channels offer separate bass and treble controls,…

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ALBUM LORD OF THE STRINGS Robb Flynn has likened the next Machine Head album Catharsis to a Tolkien-sized cinematic experience, as he readies it for release early in 2018. “It’s 15 songs and 75 minutes so it’s a journey, it’s a commitment!” he tells us from his home in the Bay Area. “In the same way that The Lord Of The Rings is a commitment when you sit down and you’re stuck there for three and a half hours.” Grand compositions and themes are nothing new to the Oakland metallers, but it wasn’t premeditated. “We just wrote and in some strange way we ended up having this theme that connected all the songs together,” he explains. “I don’t want to say it’s a concept record because that sounds so fucking pompous but in…

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jonny lang

“I WAS JUST OBSESSED WITH THE GUITAR AND I WOULDN’T LET IT GO. I PLAYED DAY AND NIGHT” Got my first real six string “My dad bought me my first guitar for my 13th birthday. He must have emptied out the bank account for it. It was a 1962 re-issue Strat: white with a green pickguard. That’s a pretty popular guitar. Shortly after that I became an Albert Collins fan and he was a Telecaster guy so I had to be a Telecaster guy too [laughs].” It’s just a bad obsession “Some things about the guitar came naturally to me. The things that didn’t come naturally I worked really hard at. I almost gave up playing a million times because I couldn’t do what I wanted quickly enough. Everyone who plays guitar goes through…

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on the up

THE EAMMONS’ BRAND OF FRICTION-GENERATED ‘ELECTRICITY’ POWERS THE HEART OF THIS BAND THE GLORIOUS SONS Ramble-rock onslaught from Ontario They say no one fights like brothers, but perhaps that should be, ‘No one fights like brothers – in bands’. Jay Emmons knows the truth in this. The guitarist cut his teeth fronting garage bands and yard parties in Kingston, Ontario, before forming The Glorious Sons with his younger brother and band vocalist, Brett. “I’ve been in bands for almost as long as I can remember,” explains Jay. “Brett would come up and sing songs with my band when he was really young and he always had that really electric personality. He always wanted to steal the show! I remember playing Highway To Hell at this backyard party and he was rolling around just going…