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Total Guitar November 2018

Total Guitar is Europe’s best-selling guitar magazine, crammed full of songs to learn plus backing tracks. From the latest metal and indie hits to classic rock from the likes of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, TG has more songs than ANY other guitar magazine!. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not currently include the covermount items or content you would find on printed newsstand copies

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The idea that Clapton, Van Halen, Satch or Angus Young could plug into any rig and still sound recognisable is certainly believable. A huge part of what we know as tone is in the mysterious relationship between the mind and hands. That’s unique to every player, so why shouldn’t these guitarists be able to take it wherever they go and whatever they play? Well, because it’s not quite the whole story. Tone is also about the detail of sound that’s beyond the physical act of playing; the results of the limitless combinations of gear we can choose. Indeed, players as diverse as U2’s The Edge and My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields are immersed in the details of those possibilities – using painstakingly curated combinations of effects to create their parts.…

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making this month’s mag

CHRIS BIRD While attempting to recreate Eric Clapton’s legendary woman tone, TG’s tuition editor was pleasantly surprised to discover that neighbour-bothering amp levels aren’t always required. “Roll off your guitar tone, max out your amp tone, adjust gain and volume to taste and you’ll get surprisingly close,” says Mr B. Turn to our huge feature on p46 for more. MICHAEL ASTLEY-BROWN In between chatting to Black Peaks’ Joe Gosney and reviewing Sterling’s Valentine model, our gear guru has been pondering his favourite guitar tones – Billy Corgan, Tom Morello and Jeff Buckley all rank highly, but he’s an absolute sucker for Alain Johannes’s shimmering cleans and searing octave fuzz on Chris Cornell’s Euphoria Morning. DALLAS GREEN While the City And Colour man told us about his new live album (p82) he also had a favourite…

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def tones

Acclaimed US singer-songwriter Ryan Adams has really been embracing his gear-head tendencies lately. Following the JHS VCR Volume/Chorus/Reverb – and preceding his long-teased signature Fender Strat – is this altogether 80s-vibed collaboration with Walrus Audio: the DEFCON4 Preamp/EQ/Boost pedal. Nine months in the making and inspired by Ryan’s fave flick – 1983’s WarGames – the DEFCON4 aims to serve all your tone-tweaking needs, whether that be switching from single coil to humbucker guitars, boosting your amp or honing your overall tone, courtesy of a trio of rotary knobs for low-, mid- and high-band frequencies, plus a switchable 10dB MOSFET boost. “I want this to look like someone from the 80s was pushing the technology they had available at the time,” says Ryan. Job done, we’d say. Here’s what the £293…

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ALBUM Nita Strauss We met up with Nita Strauss backstage before her clinic at our UK Guitar Show on 30 September, and it’s an especially exciting time for the Alice Cooper band guitarist as she’s announced her instrumental debut album, Controlled Chaos, is finally being unleashed. “The reason I waited to release my own music wasn’t so much a conscious decision as one of necessity,” Nita explains as to why it’s taken this long to hear an album under her own name. “I’ve got my band, We Start Wars, I’m touring with Alice, there’s a signature guitar coming out, my clinics, I did the Kickstarter [campaign] and I have a lot of fulfilment for that. It was more about having no time to record and release something before. But with all my heroes…

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five minutes alone danny jones

For whom the bells toll “I first started playing because I was obsessed with the Tubular Bells Live DVD. I remember the guy introducing it was like, ‘Two highly-compressed electric guitars!’ and then Mike Oldfield played this amazing guitar solo. Then it was Springsteen. He always played a Telecaster, so then I wanted a Tele and that solidified which guitar I was going to play.” “IF WE DIDN’T HAVE THAT MOMENT OF, ‘SHIT, I’VE GOT A PROBLEM’ THEN I THINK WE’D BE OVER, OR DEAD” Finger tips “I ended up buying guitars and buying guitars. I had a Custom Shop Nocaster, a Tele like Springsteen’s, another Tele that I set on fire myself. Then about five years ago, I sold everything and got three Teles that sound insane. And I’ve got three acoustics and…

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on the up

EMMA RUTH RUNDLE A tale of two cities and one dynamic talent Louisville, Kentucky is perishingly cold in the winter yet hot and close in summer. It is appropriate as an adopted home for Emma Ruth Rundle – a dark, dynamic guitarist who can move from folk-tinted, finger-pickings to tonal mass destruction in the blink of an eye. “There seems to be a bit of confusion, even among the people that live here, as to whether this is the Mid West or the South,” acknowledges Rundle, an LA native. “Outside there are trees that are six-stories tall, full of cicadas. It’s super-humid. When I got here, last year, it was like this and that’s when I started writing the album. So you have this beautiful nature that vanishes in winter. You could throw…