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Total Guitar October 2017

Total Guitar is Europe’s best-selling guitar magazine, crammed full of songs to learn plus backing tracks. From the latest metal and indie hits to classic rock from the likes of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, TG has more songs than ANY other guitar magazine!. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not currently include the covermount items or content you would find on printed newsstand copies

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United Kingdom
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When you’re attempting to get better, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of things you want to improve about your playing. It’s not helped by the fact that social media gives us instant access to millions of guitar players who all seem to have every area of their playing refined to perfection. But playing the guitar – or any instrument – isn’t, and shouldn’t be about creating a shopping list of skills. For this month’s cover feature, we want to help to try and cut through some of the noise and focus on the areas of your playing that really count. Of course, this will be down to your preferences and what you want to achieve as a player, but with our guide, you’ll be…

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making this month’s mag

CHRIS BIRD Tasked with designing this month’s cover feature, Chris dropped TG’s shred guru Charlie Griffiths a line for assistance. Shoot over to p46 where you’ll find tips, tricks and fun musical examples to help you fine-tune your playing, from rhythm, timing and soloing techniques to developing your ear for music and designing your own practice plan. MICHAEL ASTLEY-BROWN Mike took some time off this issue to make a grunge pilgrimage to Seattle. Before he left, he found time to put together a killer list of gear for this issue, including a TG test of well-stocked gigging electrics. “I wanted to find four guitars that you could use for any situation” he beams. Check it out on p age 98. ROB LAING Rob’s very own guitar workout this month has involved switching back from acoustic…

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’rey of light

Fifty years ago, guitar revolutionary Jimi Hendrix uttered the words: “This is for everyone,” kneeled down, lit a match, and ended his set at the Monterey Pop Festival by setting fire to a hand-decorated Stratocaster, before smashing it on stage. To celebrate the half-century anniversary of one of the most iconic moments in rock history, Fender has issued a replica of the art work that graced that very same Strat – before Jimi had his wicked way with it. While very little of the original model exists outside of footage of the festival, Fender’s replica visuals are faithful to Jimi’s nail varnish-adorned original, with the new model weighing in at £809. Here’s what that buys you – matches not included… UP CLOSE 1 Artwork The alder body’s gloss polyurethane finish reproduces Jimi’s nail…

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EVENT MANSONS GUITAR SHOW There’s a definite lack of guitar shows in the south of England right now, which means we’re extra pleased to see Mansons Guitar Show returning this November to Exeter’s Corn Exchange to coincide with the guitar shop’s 25th anniversary. As well as showing great gear from top brands and boutique favourites – including Mansons Guitar Works – past shows have seen members of bands including Les Zeppelin, Yes and Skindred appearing and performing. Expect ‘guitar heaven’ says Mansons co-owner Adrian Ashton. “It’s strictly a guitar show and with the exhibitors attending one should be able to get a great fix of guitar gear from pedals to instruments to amps.” WHEN 11 November GEAR Road Rage Boss have been creating industry standard pedals for years but they’ve made a surprise move with the Angry…

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five minutes alone john mayall

“I HAVE NEVER LEARNED TO READ OR WRITE MUSIC. I CAN’T EVEN PLAY A SCALE...” Got my first real six string “I don’t remember the first guitar that I had. My father was a guitar player so I struggled around on his. The action was a little high for me so it wasn’t something that I could really get my teeth into. He had an old guitar that he wasn’t using so I took the bottom two strings off and used it as a four-string guitar. I was able to manage on that for a while. The first guitar that I got for myself was when I was in the army and on leave in Tokyo. It was called a Weldone.” Dream on… “I never had a dream guitar. I’ve never taken much interest…

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on the up

I SAVED ALL MY MONEY AND WENT TO NEW YORK FOR A MONTH... IT JUST KICKED ME INTO ACTION FANGCLUB Irish grungers sink their teeth into life The only benefit of a dead-end job is that it forces you to find another way forward – or rot. Aged 9, Fangclub frontman Steven King had a punk rock conversion thanks to the revelatory discovery of The Offspring’s Americana, but years later he found himself hoisting white goods around a warehouse, slowly derailing. “I hated my job. I was a scrawny little punk rocker who wasn’t able to lift the washing machines as well as the other guys,” laughs Steven. “But they would ask me to play them my demos and they were always really supportive. They’d say, ‘Man, you need to do something…’” ‘Something’ came…