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Total Guitar Summer 2018

Total Guitar is Europe’s best-selling guitar magazine, crammed full of songs to learn plus backing tracks. From the latest metal and indie hits to classic rock from the likes of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, TG has more songs than ANY other guitar magazine!. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not currently include the covermount items or content you would find on printed newsstand copies

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As guitar players we all have a huge opportunity that also poses a bit of a problem: there’s just so much to learn. Even if we only focus on the elements of playing that inspire and excite us, there’s never going to be enough hours in the day to get round to it all. But it’s that journey that keeps us coming back to the guitar – the sense that it’s always got something to offer and we have something to gain in turn. I’ve personally found it immensely helpful to learn new things in small doses, breaking it down into manageable chunks that I can realistically devote time to when I can spare it. And that’s really what we’ve kept in mind with this issue’s cover feature; lessons and…

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making this month’s mag

CHRIS BIRD As a huge grunge fan, Chris seized the opportunity to commission Steve Allsworth to produce a lesson on Seattle legend Jerry Cantrell’s playing style to accompany our interview on p34. Incredibly, Steve has covered Jerry’s penchant for odd time riffing, dissonant string bends, his epic soloing style and signature chords – in less than a page! MICHAEL ASTLEY-BROWN Mike McGreedy only went and saw Pearl Jam again this month, as well as popping down to the 2000 Trees festival to see British rock’s brightest hopes Marmozets and Black Peaks. Before his gig vacation, he reviewed the most versatile semi-hollow he’s ever got his hands on: Hagström’s Artist Project Viking (p94). JONATHAN HORSLEY This month, Jonathan discovered that the world has been thrown off its axis, having learned that Grammy-winning hard-rockers Halestorm were morning…

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In one of the highlights of this year’s Summer NAMM show, Vox announced the Superbeetle mini amp stack, a homage to the high-power amps used by The Beatles in their latter live years. There’s an intriguing juxtaposition of old and new here, courtesy of the Nutube-fuelled head – which outputs 50W at 4 ohms, 25W at 8 ohms and 12.5W at 16 ohms – and the vintage-vibed vertical cab. Controls include the standard array of bass, treble, gain and level, plus an onboard digital spring reverb and Nutube-driven tremolo. At the rear is a flat/deep EQ switch, as we saw on Vox’s MV50 micro heads, as well as a headphones/line-out jack for silent practice and recording. Expect a review soon, but for now, here’s what we dig about this fab…

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GEAR Hot SNAMM Fender delivered some seriously tasty goods at this year’s Summer NAMM show, namely a signature Stratocaster for Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr (£839). While it may look unassuming, it comes with customised pickup switching: position four engages both neck and bridge, while positions one and three are reversed. We’re also taken by the latest entry in Squier’s Contemporary Series, the Active Jazzmaster HH ST (£400, above), which packs a hardtail bridge and active SQR humbuckers for searing hot tones. GEAR 51-nifty Jim Dunlop has unveiled five new pedals, including the MXR EVH 5150 Chorus (£212, above). Based on Eddie’s 80s chorus tones, it features intensity/tone/ volume, plus input and output level sliders and EVH’s trademark finish. Other newbies include ilovedust-illustrated Carbon Copy (£169) and Phase 90 (£99) special editions, plus a fully…

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five minutes alone   tim wheeler

“WHEN WE GOT OUR FIRST ADVANCE I WAS 17 AND DEAD PROUD TO GO AND BUY A LES PAUL...” Got my first real six-string “My first good guitar was a late 70s Fender Strat, bought for about £200 from a newspaper ad. Then when we got our first advance, I couldn’t believe it. I was 17 and I was dead proud to be able to go and buy a Les Paul and a Marshall amp. I was a big Thin Lizzy fan so I was excited. I’ve got a decent collection now over the years. I was lucky enough to buy a 1960 Les Paul Black Beauty through a dealer in the 90s and obviously the price of that one has sky-rocketed, so it’s become really valuable. That’s the main guitar I…

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on the up

HUNGRY GHOSTSITS IN-BETWEEN NEIL YOUNG AND THE JAZZIER FOLK STYLINGS OF RYLEY WALKER DORIAN SORRIAUX The electric Blues Pill shows his folk side If the name Dorian Sorriaux rings a bell that’ll probably be because the prodigious guitar talent has spent the last seven years nailing stunning Peter Green-like pentatonics in Blue Pills. His solo project has a similarly classic quality, but that’s about as far as the comparisons can go. Instead, in debut EP Hungry Ghost, we’re offered a folk-embedded record that sits in a quiet, cavernous space between Neil Young, Tim Buckley and the jazzier folk stylings of players like Ryley Walker. “I started to write quite a lot of folk songs when we began to tour full-time with Blues Pills,” explains Dorian. “But I didn’t tell anyone about it… I think it…