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Traces Edition 2

Traces magazine delves deep into Australia’s history, from ancient Indigenous heritage to colonial times,convicts, local history, antiques and artefacts, family genealogy and more!

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welcome to the second edition of traces !

Hello again! Here we are with Volume 2 of Traces. Producing Volume 1 was a bit of a baptism of fire, but an enjoyable one, as I received such a warm welcome from you, our readers. For that, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks! So many of you took the time to provide feedback and fantastic suggestions for future editions – many of which have been incorporated into this new volume. For the first time, our resident expert Shauna Hicks answers a reader question about researching the history of mental health facilities (page 14), and we bring you all the important updates to online family history records (page 10). We feature a little-known murder story by Sandy Guy (page 16), plus an exploration of messages found in bottles on Australia’s shores, by…

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letters to the editor

Winner: Ancestry DNA kit, Volume 1. Tell us, in 25 words or less, which article from Volume 1 you liked most, and why. Answer: ‘The convict and the “scarlet woman”’. It reminded me of my great-great-grandmother, a convict who, after her arrival, continued to find herself in court or jail for most of her life. Judith Nolan Love the new magazine and all the articles. My favourite was ‘A taste for history’. I love reading old recipes and was reminded of my favourite recipe book in my collection, Vacuum Oil Cook Book. My father had worked for Vacuum Oil and mum had this book. The chocolate cake recipe was made for my birthday every year. I have been making the cake since acquiring the book. Kerin Wanstall I have just finished reading your wonderful new publication, Traces.…

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heritage news

Findmypast adds women’s names to research indexes In a move that’s set to make researching family ancestors easier for genealogists, Findmypast has recently begun cross-checking its birth indexes with General Register Offices to include women’s maiden names, where available, to records dated prior to 1911. The initiative is designed to alleviate difficulties frequently encountered by researchers seeking traces of female ancestors in state archives. In the past, women’s limited status and rights often prevented their names from appearing in official records. Compounding this was the practice of women taking their husband’s name after marriage, leaving women almost invisible in the historical record. Visit www.findmypast.com.au to learn more. 200-year-old homestead receives $5.3 million to preserve future Private and government funding is set to improve the future one of Australia’s best-preserved heritage sites, Woolmers Estate, in…

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2018 australian heritage festival

The Australian Heritage Festival, presented by the National Trust of Australia, is the nation’s biggest annual community-driven heritage festival. This year’s festival explores the theme ‘My Culture, My Story’, celebrating the diversity of cultures that have shaped our shared heritage. With a vast array of events taking place throughout metropolitan and regional Victoria between 18 April and 20 May 2018, we encourage audiences to make the most of the lively program. Launching the festival in Victoria on 18 April, International Day for Monuments and Sites, the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) and Australia ICOMOS will host a discussion panel about the meaning of heritage in the 21st century. Examining the evolving field of heritage in Victoria, this event recognises the increasing interdisciplinary nature of emerging heritage practitioners. It recognises the contribution…

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what’s new online?

MyHeritage United States • 36.2 million student records from more than 250,000 US high school yearbooks from 1890 to 1979. • Historic Indiana newspapers comprising 1 million pages across 44 different newspapers from 1847 to 2009. • Historic Ohio newspapers comprising 4.6 million pages across 88 different newspapers from 1793 to 2009. • Historic Pennsylvania newspapers comprising 7.5 million pages across 70 different newspapers from 1795 to 2009. Sweden • 38.5 million records from Swedish household examination books from the Swedish Lutheran Church from 1860 to 1930. Germany • German minority census from 1938 to 1939, listing 411,000 individuals who lived in a German household in which at least one person had a Jewish grandparent. (Please note that this census was the basis for a national card catalogue of German Jews and may prove emotionally difficult research). Palestine • 200,000 Mandatory…

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adelaide arcade

THEN 1895 The opposite photograph, taken in 1895, shows Grenfell Street, Adelaide, looking east. On the left, the street is busy, bustling with people wearing their best clothes. Adelaide Arcade, which was built in 1885, is the stately building with the domed roof. It was built 16 years before federation, long before an Australian Coat of Arms was officially proclaimed in 1908. Creating a Coat of Arms was a serious business, and deliberation over the design resulted in competitions to find the best concept. Promoters of the Adelaide Arcade, under a tight deadline, made the decision to embellish the building with the design they thought would eventually win the competition. The Coat of Arms chosen was not the winning design, but it is very similar! The Adelaide Arcade comprised 50 shops (today, there are…