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our 80th birthday, two good journalists

It’s Trains’ 80th anniversary in 2020, and we’re celebrating in many ways. We have great people news, and amazing content news, as well. First off, the people: Associate Editor David Lassen, who came to us five years ago, is now Senior Editor, a title he has certainly earned. The editor of our popular featured map and some of our biggest feature stories, he also edits passenger columnist Bob Johnston and captains our news pages. He pitches in with our daily online News Wire at TrainsMag.com. As senior editor, he’ll continue to do these tasks, curate features, and he’ll also honcho the winter special issue that we do. In 2020, that’s a compilation of our best maps. In the past, that’s meant a deep look at Chicago railroads. Meanwhile, with Fred W.…

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michael cahill

MICHAEL CAHILL, Siemens Rolling Stock North America president, recently celebrated his 30th anniversary with the company, which has landed major contracts with Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada, among other orders. He has been primarily stationed in Sacramento, Calif., site of a 60-acre rail manufacturing facility, since 1999. Q What do business conditions look like right now for Siemens Rolling Stock? A Our business is going pretty well. We have been busy in selling new equipment, but also in building equipment for which we had orders on hand. In general, I think across the industry there seems to be a renewed interest in trains, which is always good for us. Q How busy is the Sacramento manufacturing facility? A We have quite a backlog in the facility here, which is wonderful. In the facility that…

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ptc issues continue for new york-area commuter lines

NEW YORK-AREA COMMUTER RAILROADS continue to struggle with positive train control, with at least one agency being told publicly that it may not have implementation complete by the Dec. 31, 2020, deadline. That possibility was raised at an Oct. 21 Metropolitan Transportation Authority meeting, when a consultant estimated the chance PTC would be complete on the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North at 60-65%. While Siemens and Bombardier, who form the consortium installing PTC for the two railroads, would face financial liability up to $100 million for a missed deadline, the operational impact remains unclear. Software issues have pushed back revenue service testing between New York Penn Station and Harold Interlocking in Queens from July 2020 to October, leaving just three months to complete implementation. Long Island Rail Road President Phil Eng told Trains…

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news briefs

A report by the AMTRAK OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL says the company could see annual benefits of up to $12.1 million in savings and revenue by improving overall on-time performance by just 5%, and up to $41.9 million annually if trains reached an average on-time rate of 75%. Amtrak welcomed the report as an indication of the “significant financial consequences” when host railroads delay passenger trains. Here, the Empire Builder passes the village of Golf, Ill., north of Chicago. Trains: David Lassen BNSF RAILWAY can continue a test of unmanned track geometry cars in the Powder River Basin following a federal appeals court ruling in Washington, D.C. The Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes Division union sought to overturn Federal Railroad Administration approval of BNSF’s plan reducing the number of manual…

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dot advances plan to permit lng moves by tank car

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is moving forward with a plan to allow liquefied natural gas to move by rail, publishing a notice of proposed rulemaking on Oct. 18 The proposal by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration and the Federal Railroad Administration would allow LNG to move by rail in DOT-113 tank cars. Liquefied natural gas can currently move by truck, or by rail only in a portable tank with approval by the FRA. A DOT press release noted the DOT-113 cars are designed for transportation of refrigerated liquefied gases, and their use is allowed for the transportation of other flammable materials. “This design specification may be similarly suitable for the transportation of refrigerated liquid methane,” the release states. The proposal, a response to an April 2019 executive order…

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crew size likely focus of labor bargaining

THE DEBATE OVER TRAIN CREW SIZE is expected to take center stage this winter when Class I railroad officials and union representatives begin to negotiate a new nationwide labor deal Every five years, the National Carriers’ Conference Committee — representing all Class I roads and a number of smaller ones — meets with the leaders of 12 unions representing 140,000 railroaders to hash out a new labor contract. The last round of talks began in January 2015 and ended three years later. In November, the carriers’ committee and the unions were expected to issue their intended amendments to the previous contract — also known as a Section 6 notice — with talks to begin soon after. The previous contract does not have an expiration date, so there is no deadline for…