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trains, we’ll take you there

Trains is more than a magazine and a website. Through our Colorado app, available for download at Google Play for Android or iTunes for Apple products, we can connect you with information to make a trip to Colorado, whether you’re in the Centennial State or planning your journey from 1,000 miles away. Let our app guide you to great train rides, photo locations, hobby shops, railroad-themed restaurants, and much more. But if you’d like to relax and let us do the planning, we can help you there, too. We’re ready to take you to Colorado on a customdesigned trips in partnership with Special Interest Tours (page 16). We’re in our third year of offering a Colorado railroad vacation, and we’re always looking for ways to make the experience better. This year’s…

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heeeeere’s hunter

>> FOUR-TIME CEO E. HUNTER HARRISON, 72, has been CEO at four railroads and is widely regarded as a brilliant operations man who takes a hands-on approach to running a railroad. His operating model helped railroads achieve new levels of efficiency and profitability. The start of 2017 has been a whirlwind at CSX Transportation, with corporate intrigue, stock market drama, executive ousters, and mass layoffs making headlines. That frantic pace may accelerate even more under new CEO E. Hunter Harrison. Harrison was named CSX CEO less than seven weeks after stepping down early from the top job at CP. “Together, we will implement precision scheduled railroading — a model proven to improve safety, create better service for customers, produce a proud and winning culture for employees, and generate exceptional, lasting value for shareholders,” Harrison…

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how ‘csx of tomorrow’ survives

Now that E. Hunter Harrison is calling the shots at CSX Transportation headquarters, he’ll face the same daunting problem that former CEO Michael Ward had to grapple with: How to replace nearly $2 billion in coal revenue that vanished over the past five years. That business is likely gone for good. Ward’s answer was the “CSX of Tomorrow” strategy, which aimed to invest in the mainline and terminal projects necessary to boost efficiency, improve service, and attract new merchandise and intermodal traffic. Harrison’s answer, of course, is precision scheduled railroading. He used the system to turn Illinois Central, Canadian National, and Canadian Pacific into ultra-efficient and highly profitable railroads over the past three decades. While CP was pursuing a merger with Norfolk Southern in 2015, Harrison said he would wring $1.2 billion in…

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chargers raring to go

Siemens’ Sacramento factory has been churning out 4,000-hp Charger locomotives for California, Washington, and Midwestern states since summer 2016. Most have been sitting on the sidelines, though, while insurance and operating agreements with Amtrak get hashed out. Siemens’ North America Vice President Dave Ward told Next Generation Corridor Equipment Pool Committee members at their annual meeting in Washington on Feb. 24 that 30 document-change requests caused minimal delays. He says “the committee’s specs have kept us honest.” The committee was created by Congress as part of the Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008. It has helped develop performance specifications for the Tier 4 emission-standard compliant, 125-mph-capable locomotive. Ward says that one of the 33 Charger units eventually bound for the Midwest was the first to undergo tests on Oregon and Washington’s…

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transportation under trump gets complicated

My February column was too kind to Donald Trump, I’m afraid. I allowed myself to assume that President Trump would calm down after the election and become more predictable. That hasn’t happened, and I don’t think it will. To remind you, I said in the February column that Trump would likely be good news for all passenger rail, including Amtrak. “As you can see, there are so many questions yet unanswered,” I wrote. “It is still possible the situation could go downhill for passenger rail, although I don’t think so. Whatever you think of Trump, and whatever actions he may take in the rest of the world, things should be looking up for passenger rail.” But Trump has not calmed down, and he has not become more predictable. It is simply not…

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ntsb raises buffer car concerns

Space is debatable now — specifically the space between locomotives and tank cars carrying high-hazard flammable goods such as crude oil and ethanol. On Feb. 7, National Transportation Safety Board members said that a defective axle caused a fiery wreck on BNSF Railway track in December 2013 in Casselton, N.D. Four of the NTSB staff’s five findings, however, were about the distance between the locomotive crew and the burning tank cars. The Casselton train had one buffer car of non-hazardous material between the locomotives and the 106-car unit tank train carrying crude oil. The NTSB staff reported that at Casselton, the front access doors of the lead locomotive were damaged, forcing the crew to escape by the rear-facing engineer’s side door, which exposed them to the fire. No one was injured. Mark…