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get out there

So my wisdom for this note is this: Get out there and watch more trains. Get out there and ride more trains. They’re changing constantly, whether you or your peers realize it, and what is normal or average today will be the thing of regrets in just a few years. Get out there. I took a step in this direction in July by correcting a long-standing deficiency in my North American railroad repertoire: The Powder River Basin of Wyoming. After years of hearing friends talk about their experiences there, I spent two days north of Douglas, where the main line is four tracks wide and the action is nonstop. Before I left on my trip, I asked those who’d been before if I’d be bored, knowing that coal traffic is off from…

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AMTRAK STOPS IN MCGREGOR, TEXAS I enjoyed the feature, “Amtrak Stops Where? [pages 40-45, September], and wanted to add a little station in McGregor, Texas, located northwest of Temple, Texas. The station’s platform is so short that the train has to make two stops, one for the coaches and one for the sleeping cars. The fact that the train does make those two stops is a clear indication that people are riding to and from McGregor. With no bus service to that town and no commercial airport, the train is a lifeline. This is a good reason for Amtrak to remain national. Ken Marx, Fort Worth, Texas COLD MEAL SERVICE My reaction was “yuck” to the subject of Bob Johnston’s informative article, “Amtrak Debuts Cold ‘Contemporary’ Meals” [“Passenger,” page 22, September]. That certainly isn’t the…

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railroads’ missed opportunity

Intermodal traffic was on a record-breaking pace heading into the fall peak shipping season, with volume up 6 percent in the U.S. amid strong demand and tight trucking capacity. Norfolk Southern led the industry by notching 8-percent intermodal growth, while BNSF Railway and Union Pacific were both up 5 percent through late August. North of the border, Canadian National was up 6 percent, while Canadian Pacific’s intermodal traffic grew 4 percent. Railroad executives expected heavy volumes to continue through the end of the year and straight into 2019. Domestic containers were in such short supply on UP that departures from some Western terminals were sold out — for the rest of the calendar year. But analysts wonder: Did railroads squander a golden opportunity to gain market share from trucks as fuel prices rose,…

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i plead the fifth

We all know about “taking the Fifth.” It’s our right under the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution not to be compelled to testify against ourselves. In other words, a court cannot force us to admit to driving 60 mph in a 45-mph zone. That amendment has another, less-well-known clause, which says government cannot take away our property without just compensation. Lawyers know this as the “Takings Clause.” The Fifth came to mind the other day as I rode Amtrak’s Empire Builder from Seattle to Chicago. I’ll get to my point, but first the experience. Our eastbound Builder was more than 2 hours late leaving Seattle. The reason was the 4-hours-late arrival of No. 7, its westbound counterpart, and the need to turn, clean, and restock the equipment before boarding passengers…

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csx streamlines intermodal network

CSX Transportation is streamlining its intermodal network to center on more profitable longer-haul service linking major markets, railroad officials say. To reduce complexity and improve fluidity in Chicago, CSX is focusing domestic steel-wheel Chicago interchange with BNSF Railway and Union Pacific on five destinations in the East: Chambersburg, Pa.; Kearny, N.J.; the Northwest Ohio Intermodal Terminal in North Baltimore, Ohio; West Springfield, Mass.; and Syracuse, N.Y. Those terminals will serve nearby markets via dray moves over the highway. Baltimore will be served via Chambersburg; Philadelphia via North Kearny; Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus, Ohio, plus Detroit, via Northwest Ohio; Worcester, Mass., via West Springfield; and Buffalo, N.Y., via Syracuse. BNSF, UP, and CSX also will shift Southeast intermodal interchange to Memphis from Chicago. CSX informed customers in August about numerous changes…

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jim shaughnessy’s legacy

When I learned of Jim Shaughnessy’s passing, I felt deep personal sadness — Jim was a friend of mine. My father and Jim had corresponded since the 1960s, and I’d grown up seeing Jim’s photography in books and magazines. His work in Donald Duke’s book “Night Train” made an early impression on me. When I began working on books in the 1990s, Jim reached out and generously offered to provide me with illustrations. Jim liked what I was doing and appreciated seeing his photos in print. As time moved on, Jim began lending me his original negatives and color transparencies, and with my more recent books, I personally scanned his materials. This gave me the opportunity to see more of Jim’s work than has ever reached print. Jim’s classic photos have…