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railroads and music

I grew up listening to Johnny Cash ride the rails. I spent childhood Saturday nights with my parents, while on TV, Lawrence Welk played show tunes about the mighty fine Rock Island line; the thrilling Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe; and the rumble and roar of the Wabash Cannonball. Railroads and music have been and continue to be so intertwined that we just had to take a long, admiring look (page 23) at how this all started. For most of us, daily railroading in its most basic form is music to our ears: The sweet tones of a diesel air horn or a steam locomotive whistle, the cadence of six-wheel trucks on jointed rail, and the chant that multiple E units make when they start out. Any discussion about railroads and music…

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railway post office

VINTAGE COLORS Steve Glischinski’s excellent coverage of old General Electric diesels, “Sweeter in Tennessee” [pages 48-55, July], mentions Nashville & Eastern Railroad’s own green-and-yellow paint scheme, but does not include a photo. As Glischinski notes, the railroad’s current practice is to leave locomotives in the colors of their previous owners. Happily, as shown above, Nashville & Eastern B39-8 No. 8531 still works in the railroad’s once common colors. Scott A. Hartley, Broad Brook, Conn. BEECHING’S RESHAPING PLAN Brian Solomon’s thoughtful essay, “Hard Lessons from Britain’s Beeching Era” [pages 16-17, July], on British Railways’ Beeching revolution of the 1960s, brought back vivid memories of my two years teaching in Yorkshire, England, from 1965 to 1967. Many lines had already gone, but the lovely Hull-York direct line closed soon after my wife, Jean, and I arrived. Memory…

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penn station poised for rebound

Two derailments of slow-moving trains last spring became the catalyst to expedite a massive reconstruction project at New York’s Penn Station over the summer. The work will sharply curtail routing options, especially west of the platforms used by NJ Transit and Amtrak. That’s because four of six tracks feeding Amtrak’s Empire Connection and Hudson River tunnels are being taken out of service, enabling large pre-assembled track and switch panels to be installed as uninterrupted units instead of being joined to existing sections. Along with eliminated Long Island Rail Road movements to its West Side Yard layover facility, the three operators have jointly decided to discontinue 127 weekday trains, mostly in rush hours, between July 10 and Sept. 1, 2017. “When you do old-to-new, you have a mismatched joint,” Amtrak’s New York Deputy…

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anderson in at amtrak

An airline exec for Amtrak? Yes, as of July 12, former Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines CEO Richard Anderson joined CEO Wick Moorman in a powersharing arrangement, as Moorman transitions back into retirement later this year. In a statement announcing his appointment, Anderson said he was honored to join the passenger railroad. “Amtrak is a great company today, and I’m excited about using my experience and working with the board to make it even better,” Anderson said. “I’m passionate about building strong businesses that create the best travel experience possible for customers.” In a letter to Amtrak employees obtained by Trains in June, after Anderson’s nomination, Moorman described Anderson as “a leader with the strategic vision and tactical experience necessary to run a railroad that benefits our partners, our customers, and our…

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central dispatching again

CSX Transportation, which 10 years ago decentralized its train dispatchers, is bringing them back to Jacksonville, Fla., once again. The decision would relocate approximately 355 train dispatchers from nine offices to one single site near the railroad’s headquarters. Plans call for the moves to start Aug. 31 and be completed by Oct. 15, 2017. CSX operates nine major dispatching centers categorized by its division territories, and with one exception, each is named for its location: Jacksonville; Atlanta; Louisville, Ky.; Florence, S.C.; Nashville, Tenn.; Baltimore; Chicago; Albany, N.Y.; and the Great Lakes Division in Indianapolis. Some dispatchers are returning home. In 2007, CSX said it was moving dispatchers out of Jacksonville “and putting them into field offices, closer to where the train operations occur.” At the time, CSX management said the realignment would result…

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advice for amtrak’s next ceo

The next few months will be important for Amtrak. Wick Moorman is leaving as CEO at the end of the year and a new CEO, airline industry veteran Richard Anderson, will take over then after several months of on-the-job training. Luckily, Anderson comes from a railroad family, although he has never worked for a railroad. At least he has some connection. His father was with the Santa Fe in Galveston, Texas, but both of his parents died when Anderson was 20. He worked as a ditch digger at an oil refinery to support himself and his two younger sisters. He earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Houston-Clear Lake and a law degree at the South Texas College of Law. Then he began work as a Harris County prosecutor in…