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Vanity Fair UK

Vanity Fair UK October 2019

Vanity Fair opens the door to Hollywood. With a unique mix of grit and glamour, we track the latest scandals, the greatest achievements and the newest stars. Vanity Fair is a cultural catalyst. A provocative mix of culture, politics and high finance that generates more monthly media coverage than any other glossy magazine.With an outstanding combination of iconic photography, groundbreaking stories, in-depth reportage, and social commentary, Vanity Fair is the biography of our age, one month at a time.

United Kingdom
Conde Nast Publications Ltd
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vanity fair uk

Editor in Chief Radhika Jones Deputy Editor Kira Pollack Creative Director Chris Dixon Director of Editorial Operations Caryn Prime Executive Editors Eric Bates, Claire Howorth, Daniel Kile Editor, Creative Development David Friend Executive Fashion Director Samira Nasr Visuals Director Clinton Cargill Market Director Nicole Chapoteau Legal Affairs Editor Robert Walsh Director of Special Projects Sara Marks Research Director David Gendelman Entertainment Director Alison Ward Frank Beauty Director Laura Regensdorf Design Director Justin Patrick Long Senior West Coast Editor Britt Hennemuth Production Director Mia Tran Copy Director Michael Casey Associate Editors Mary Alice Miller, Louisa Strauss, Keziah Weir Research Editor Mary Flynn Reporter-Researchers Brendan Barr, Simon Brennan, Michael Sacks Copy Manager Michael Quiñones Editorial Finance Manager Geo. Collins Accessories Director Daisy Shaw-Ellis Senior Visuals Editors Tara Johnson, Cate Sturgess Entertainment Editor Caitlin Brody Special Projects Manager Ari Bergen Copy Production Director Anderson Tepper Production Manager Susan M. Rasco Assistant to the Editor Daniela Tijerina Accessories Editor Alexis Kanter Research Manager Taylor…

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1 Kimberly DREW “Upon a Star,” p. 46 “My favorite part of this process was when Lupita told me about her desire to guide her own narrative,” says Drew, the New York–based curator, writer, and activist who profiled Lupita Nyong’o for this month’s cover story. “I was impressed by how caring she is. She’s a strong-willed and wise person.” 2 Aatish TASEER “A Rake’s Progress,” p. 84 In his profile of Imran Khan, Pakistan’s prime minister, Taseer found a cautionary, if familiar, tale. “What fascinated me most was his inability to resolve the push and pull of East and West,” says Taseer, author of The Twice-Born. “I have dealt with that too. But to me, he is a symbol of how wrong the meeting of cultures can go.” 3 Julian LUCAS “Dread’s Rebellion,” p. 92 Lucas, a writer…

2 Min.

@vanityfairlondon Launch Fringe Benefit If the logo on this fabulously fringed canteen bag from Michael Kors Collection looks a little retro, it’s with good reason. The monogram is a reworking of one he had been playing around with in his youth, rediscovered in an old sketch book. A fitting addition to the 1970s vibe seen in Kors’ Fall 2019 collection. michaelkors.co.uk Fashion Fall Change From a self-taught Korean blogger-turned-designer (Le 17 Septembre) to a rule-bending Barcelona-based handbag brand (The Sant), the new wave of Net-a-Porter’s Vanguard designers has landed. All scouted through Instagram, each fledgling brand receives business mentorship, a stunning visual campaign, and is exclusive to the online retailer for the Autumn/Winter 2019 season. net-a-porter.com Travel Slide Away It’s the stuff of fantasy—your own private slide to deliver you directly into the intoxicatingly turquoise waters of the Maldives…

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written in the stars

It’s been just six years since Lupita Nyong’o appeared in Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave, and five and a half years since she won an Academy Award for her performance—her first role in a feature film. Since then, she has established herself as a lodestar in the firmament of contemporary cinema. She’s worked with Ryan Coogler in Black Panther, Jordan Peele in Us, and J.J. Abrams in the final Star Wars trilogy, the last installment of which comes out in December. This fall, Lupita makes another debut, this time as an author. She has written a children’s book, Sulwe, about a child “born the color of midnight.” The book is close to her heart, she tells Kimberly Drew in our cover story; she was moved to write it after…

2 Min.

“It was creating performance art out of one’s own aspirations.”—John Green, Washington, D.C. Connecticut Convict Your two August stories about the travails of hedge funder Chip Skowron and Purdue Pharma’s David Sackler were similar in that both were rewarded with big paydays for doing wrong [“Look Homeward, Hedgie,” by Chris Pomorski; “Bitter Pill,” by Bethany McLean]. Skowron, who served time for securities fraud, and Sackler, whose family rode a tidal wave of OxyContin profits to the Forbes World’s Richest List, both plead their cases in your pages—and both fail. Skowron, who now feels most comfortable in prison, albeit one that he leaves each night after visiting his former cellmates, might be the same old “Hedgie” if his neighbors in Greenwich had not cast him out socially. And Sackler, who is upset that…

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