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June 2019

VETTE covers the complete spectrum from classic to late-model Corvette performance, restoration, how-to articles, feature cars, news, events and more.

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skiing in style

I was around in 1963 and most definitely a Corvette fan. My favorite was the split-window coupe as it was without question the most beautiful car I had ever seen. Now, had I been an avid skier and came from a position of wealth and influence I might have been able to combine all the best parts of life into one ski trip.You see, rolling on and off the auction block at this year’s Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, was one incredibly unique and fascinating split-window. As 1963 Corvettes go, especially those in original, numbers-matching condition, they yield substantial money for the seller and noticeably lighten the wallet of the buyer. But here is one that has one heck of a backstory.It turns out that Hertz Rental Car Company out…

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product preview

Fuelie Look For LSLS Classic manufactures LS performance parts that have a vintage Corvette look. The 63 Fuelie is designed to fit LS3 cylinder heads and is easily adaptable to both cathedral port LS1/LS6 and LS7 applications. This manifold is available in both drive-by-wire and drive-by-cable applications and is suitable for both OEM and aftermarket electronics. Drive-by-wire applications utilize the original LS3/LS7 throttle body and fuel injectors, while the drive-by-cable version includes a 90mm throttle body and throttle cable. Stock O-ring style intake manifold gaskets and mounting hardware are included. Made in the USA.LS Classic(330) 241-9520 ■ www.lsclassic.comBlackHeart C5 HeadersHolley is ecstatic to announce the release of Hooker BlackHeart C5 Tri-Y long-tube headers. Made from mandrel-bent 304 stainless steel for maximum strength and durability, and designed specifically for 5.7L C5…

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pearl for pennies

“Well, not quite for pennies,” Eric Rickman admitted, “but for $50 you can get all the ingredients to produce your own fabulous pearl paint job.”With that, Rickman, longtime Petersen Publishing photographer and a Corvette owner himself, began a story in the Nov. 1967 issue of Hot Rod magazine about how painter Joe Andersen was offering a kit “that will make you the envy of every hot rodder in town,” Rickman promised. “Now, at last, if you know anything about spray painting, or have a paint shop anywhere near you, you too can have one of those long-dreamed-of paint jobs with the added attraction of very little upkeep.”“Unmask the car after the paint is dry and be dazzled,” he wrote. “Put the chrome trim back on and touch up any spots…

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installing a custom tune is something anyone can do

Q: Hi James, I enjoy the magazine and look forward to reading your column each month. I own a 2010 Corvette and I am thinking about getting a performance tuner and I was thinking about trying to install the tune myself. Do you think this is something I can do or should it be left to a professional? Since tuners seem to make such a big difference in performance and fuel mileage, why don’t the manufacturers have the best possible tune from the factory? Thanks, ShelbyA: Shelby, Installing a custom tune is something that most anyone can do and is the best performance upgrade you can make for the money. Most good entry-level tuners will take you through the simple step-by-step procedures so you can obtain the optimum tune for…

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sebring silver

There’s a lot more to Ron Brown’s 1963 Corvette Sting Ray than meets the eye. Yes, the obvious is it’s a silver split-window coupe with larger custom wheels and wider tires, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.Going back to its earliest days, this particular ’63 was bought new by a doctor in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The doctor let his son take it to college in Minneapolis where it served year long. Through Minneapolis winters the Corvette toiled as a common transportation car trudging through salt-laced slush until eventually it was crashed hard, destroying the frame and shattering the front half.There wasn’t much left of the ’63 by the time Ron entered the picture. He bought a stage-four basket case suffering from extreme rust damage and crusty delaminated…

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core values – part 1

It’s all about control. Harnessing fire was a pivotal achievement by humans in controlling the environment. And that’s what we’re talking about, control of the heat in the Corvette cockpit. Getting heat when wanted is just part of the goal; controlling where it goes and keeping heat out when not wanted is just as important.Vette recently showed how to replace the heater core in a non-air conditioned C2. We’re taking that to the next level, replacing the heater core and resealing the heater/air-conditioning box in an air-conditioned C3. Replacing the seals in the ducts and making sure the doors and flaps are operating and adjusted properly makes all the difference in whether the hot or cold air goes where it’s wanted.The first signs of a heater core failure are unexpected…