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Vette Magazine

September 2019

VETTE covers the complete spectrum from classic to late-model Corvette performance, restoration, how-to articles, feature cars, news, events and more.

United States
TEN: The Enthusiast Network
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when buying … vet and vette mean two different things

All of us are into cars and, as such, must be vigilant about forgeries. No matter how humble our prized Corvette is to the outside world, to each of us it means everything and represents a significant outlay of time, effort, cash, and, dare I say, pride. When it comes time to “vet” your Vette you are still a long way from owning it. There are generally several ways we get ourselves into trouble when it comes to collector cars and it all stems from not doing our homework; skipping or cutting short the vetting process. Perform a careful and critical examination of the car you wish to buy, no shortcuts. Typically, the process begins by making sure that the title is free and clear of any liens and can be…

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vette magazine

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product preview

Split-Window Wheel Schott Wheels announces its new, “Split-Window design embodies both classic and dynamic style brought to highest level of quality and innovation possible. And as with all Schott’s Cover-Loc wheels, various center nut and knockoff options are available to render different aesthetics.” Designed and manufactured in-house with forged billet aluminum for lightweight strength, and meticulously machined, hand polished and ceramic painted with choice of several custom ceramic color coatings. Hardware included each wheel is tailored to fit and optimized for the deepest lip possible. Schott Wheels (714) 891-7680 www.schottwheels.com Vette on a Wire Clayton Machine Works’ billet drive-by-wire pedal assembly is pre-programmed at the factory for specific OEM and aftermarket EFI applications, including crate engines. Included with each D-B-W pedal assembly is an application-specific wiring harness that works in conjunction with the OEM or…

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fast, furious and wonderful

Years before a certain movie franchise co-opted the phrase, that’s how Motor Trend contributor Joe H. Wherry described the 1958 Corvette in a December 1957 “First Feel Behind the Wheel” driving impression. The 1958 model is best known, for better or worse, for its exterior redesign. GM as a whole was going through a “more is better” phase with styling elements, and the Corvette didn’t escape the trend. The car was a few inches longer and wider, but the most obvious changes were the add-ons: quad headlamps, larger front bumpers with ornamental ducts behind them, a restyled grille, chrome trim on the fender tops and faux louvers on the hood. The side coves now had their own simulated air ducts and chrome trim, and there was more chrome in back in…

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c2 & c3 horn button repair, part 2

There is a tendency to immediately blame the relay when there is any failure in a component. However, we learned last month that the most common cause of a horn failure on a Corvette is due to a ground circuit failure. The most common failure is that ground is not supplied through the rag joint. If the ground is being supplied through the rag joint, there are a few other components that can be problematic in the ground circuit. Remember, all the horn button does is supply ground to the relay. A simple test to confirm a ground problem is to use a jumper wire attached to a battery ground. Then ground the relay where the ground is supplied from the horn button. If the horn blows this will confirm you have…

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cruiser to bruiser

The special Corvette featured here carries the General Motors VIN # EX87/5951. EX is the company’s identifier it attaches to vehicles used for experimental testing and these rarely leave the corporation. Employees working with these cars called them “Mules” and when the testing is completed they are destroyed. We will identify this test Corvette as EX87 so we do not confuse it with other GM test mules. Fortunately, our feature Corvette survived and resides in the Ken Lingenfelter Automotive Collection in Brighton, Michigan. His collection spans every Corvette generation and contains styling and test Corvettes. Each year, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering conducts numerous charity events at this location. Attendees are invited to closely inspect this amazing assortment of unique automobiles. It is a successful fund raising destination for the Detroit metro…