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Voie Libre international

No. 96

Discover every three months in this international issue of Voie Libre in english, new products reviews, layout descriptions, model building, historical information on secondary lines and prototypes...

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As the New Year begins, Voie Libre suggests you explore a new playground: secondary standard gauge railways. Alongside meter gauge networks, many such lines could be found throughout rural France. They are a wonderful source of inspiration for our species of modeller, who enjoy watching a short train wind its way around hills and along valleys. In forthcoming issues, we shall return regularly to this category of secondary railways and to its considerable potential.But this doesn’t mean we plan to neglect our cherished narrow gauge railways. This first 2019 issue confirms our focus: from Gilbert Gribi’s creation in 0 scale to layout projects, not forgetting the many construction projects you will find in the following pages, our aim does not change: to help you create your own world.…

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roco : side-rod bobo diesels

Roco has just released a legendary Austrian narrow gauge diesel locomotive, one that caused many modellers to experience a “narrow gauge epiphany” in the 1970s. This engine is available in two versions. The original one, reviewed here – numbered 2095.04 – reproduces a 1961 locomotive, in its original red and beige livery with aluminium roof, raised plates and signage from Bregenz depot. The second version, in a more recent livery – numbered 2095 010-1 – is red with a white stripe and a dark grey roof, and displays the new ÖBB logo. Naturally, Roco has accurately reproduced the differences between both versions. We have here a very fine and original model indeed, with up-to-date engraving, which sets a new standard when compared to earlier scale models of the same…

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schmalspurbedarf : modernized harz railway bogie carriages

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Schmalspurbedarf has produced a modernized Harz carriage: KB 900-523, based on the Tillig model. This carriage was originally a Saxon wagon from the Mulda-Sayda line (Bautzen 1932), converted in 1958 and modernized in 1988. It is fitted with standard Saxon pressed sheet-metal bogies, different from those found on models in the Tillig catalogue.Two sets of transfers are supplied with the carriage, DR or HSB. SCHMALSPURBEDARF / REF. 501662 / PRICE: 41.25€ ■…

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schmalspurbedarf : flat wagons with stanchions

This German retailer offers two Polish versions of the DR Saxon flat wagon with stanchions and bolster, already available and sold by Technomodell, then by PMT in H0-9. Apart from the Polish markings, they are identical to their German counterparts. SCHMALSPURBEDARF REF. 5-4406 PL (NUMBERED PKP PDX 28204) REF. 5-4406 PL1 (PDX 28205) PRICE: 57.50€ ■…

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roco : a plat wagon with stanchions

Roco has released a DR version HH 97-45-25, period III, of a flat wagon with low sides and stanchions built by Busch Bautz in 1942/43, which used to run on the Friedland network next to the Polish border. ROCO REF. 34530 PRICE OBSERVED: 28 TO 30€ DEPENDING ON VERSIONS ■…

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roco : a freestyle bogie box-van

This is an imaginary box-van! The body is of the type used on the Rügen network for carrying tools, and it has been fitted to two H0-9 industrial-type bogies. Roco has other models in this range, including carriages and another type of box-van. ROCO REF. 34065 PRICE OBSERVED: FROM 34 TO 47€ ■…