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Wildfowl August 2018 - Equipment Annual Rel #1

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“ i can fix it ”

THE STORM STRUCK the shallow bay and suddenly I was Forrest Gump, out on a shrimp boat fighting the waves, clinging to the gunwales and feeling very much alive as saltwater splashed up from below and freshwater fell from the sky in torrents. Ryan Lambert of Cajun Fishing Adventures, a major waterfowl outfitter out of Venice, Louisiana, had hauled me aboard his big johnboat to go out and seine for shrimp. The richness of the delta was on full display as we soon sorted through pounds of the tail-snapping creatures and crabs scurrying on the decks in the warm, driving wind and rain. These waters have been good to the weathered outdoorsman, who has run trips here since the 1980s. He has made a fine living guiding sportsmen, and so vast…

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letters to the editor

Generation Next LAST YEAR, I had the great fortune to photograph a Delta Waterfowl event for first-time hunters. We started the morning with breakfast when one of the children ran into the room and smiled as he explained he heard ducks outside in the farm impoundment. As the minutes clicked closer to shooting time, we all crouched in a tree line. Birds flew overhead. More whistling and a couple crescendo calls ring out. It gets quiet for a moment and just like that there were two soft quacks. One of the hosts exclaimed, “Here they come. Two out front...Take em.” The action was swift. A pair of mallards cupped in. The kid next to me folded the front bird, a beautiful drake mallard in splendid winter plumage. For an hour, birds…

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no room for waterfowl?

IS THERE A better time to be a duck hunter? You wouldn’t think so. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Survey, the total number of breeding ducks in the U.S. and Canada has been above the long-term average of 40 million birds for a decade now. In recent years, those numbers have been at record or near-record highs. All is not well in duck country, though. It may be a great time to be a waterfowler, but it isn’t such a great time to be a duck. Threats to vital nesting habitat and crucial wintering grounds continue to mount. Drought, wide-scale erosion, impacts from farming and the demand for more natural resources are placing a major burden on waterfowl habitat everywhere. The good news is that groups like Delta Waterfowl, Ducks…

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fifth flyway

DUCKS (PATOS!) DE MEXICO If you have never been to the Laguna Madre in January to see the endless rafts of redheads, put it on your bucket list. An estimated 80 percent of the species winters there, turning the long, shallow lagoon black, er red, with ducks. DU de Mexico, which has over 4,000 members, is studying whether the seagrass these treasured birds eat to survive remains in decline (it was down 63 percent in a ’94 study). We hope the redheads continue to thrive as there’s little more thrilling than shooting these speedy divers that decoy like shovelers of the Gulf…with your feet in the sand. RESPECT THY NEIGHBOR Bad news from Arkansas: A small contingent continues to try and get surface-drive motors banned from state WMAs, like Bayou Meto. One complaint…

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pass shots

ATLANTIC MALLARDS DOWN TO TWO? The USFWS is discussing plans to reduce the daily mallard bag limit from four birds to two by 2019 for Atlantic Flyway hunters. According to the 2017 Breeding Bird Survey, the number of mallards in eastern Canada was 445,000, one of the highest numbers since at least 1990. However, breeding mallard numbers in the northeastern U.S., from Virginia to Maine, have been declining steadily and are 38 percent below 1998 populations. Combined, mallards in the Atlantic Flyway have been declining at about 1 percent per year. Also, harvest has fallen 40 percent since 1998. According to the Atlantic Flyway Council, mallards cannot sustain a four-bird limit, 60-day season. Given a choice between shrinking the season or cutting the daily bag, managers chose to reduce the limit. PINTAILS…

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picking a winner

AFTER 40-PLUS years of dog training, one thing is apparent when I consider all of the dogs we see come through our kennel—99 percent of the time the quality of the bloodline will dictate the level of hunting dog a pup can become. Pedigree is important. So important, in fact, that it should inform your retriever-buying decision over everything else. And that includes price. I know what some of you are thinking: "I only hunt a couple of weekends each season, so I don’t really need a great dog." I hear this sentiment a lot, and the problem with it is that if your dog is going to get limited time in the field, you need to start at the best spot possible. A dog that doesn’t spend 45 days in a…