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Wildfowl December/January 2018-19

Wildfowl Magazine is the best magazine out there for the serious goose and duck hunters. Loaded with useful information on guns & loads, decoys & calls, boats & blinds, retriever training, gear & gadgets, Canadian reports and conservation. Join us in the blind each issue!

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mud and mayhem: must be white goose season

BIG JIM MCCONNVILLE was marinating in the cold Arkansas mud in his layout blind muttering about all the terrible things he was going to do to me if I’d jinxed this snow goose hunt and the birds didn’t fly soon. Jim is like a human, only much larger, and could no doubt make good on his threats (says he played football for too many years with no helmet) but I knew what the signs of his aggression really indicated: His time on our hunt was winding down, and he loves it so much he always gets a tad sullen toward the end. We’d shot a couple dozen birds the first day over the spread of 1,000 strong spread of mostly socks, but had not quite had the big rain out…

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bar-belly boom towns

IT WASN’T UNUSUAL for Jay Gunn to see a small flock of white-fronted geese when he was duck hunting in Arkansas 25 years ago. The birds were always around, but they were little more than a novelty. Gunn even scratched a few down when they glided low over his blind. Times have certainly changed. Gunn, who hunts almost exclusively in west central Mississippi now, has become mildly obsessed with specks. A meticulous record keeper, he and his friends hunted 28 days in 2015 and killed 212 birds. The limit was just two birds per day. A year later, the USFWS bumped the limit to three birds and Gunn and his partners shot 252 geese. Last year, their total kill was 359 over 35 days. “Their numbers are ten-fold what they were 15…

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fifth flyway

FREE ROLL Prince Edward Island is waiving hunter’s safety and license fees for first-time hunters in order to encourage more people to take up the sport in an initiative championed by Delta Waterfowl. Greenhorn adult hunters would save nearly $70, which also marks the first time anyone ever saved money duck hunting. CALI GREENHEAD FALL-OFF We have reported on the struggling mallard numbers in the Atlantic flyway. California has also seen its local greenhead population fall in the last decade. Breeding mallards were 19 percent below the long-term average this year, according to California Waterfowl. Lack of nesting close to water, orchards replacing croplands and urban sprawl are the culprits. So to recap: California has no water, plenty of fruit and too many people, but no mallards. ON THE NEST OR OFF? The University of…

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pass shots

MORE EAST COAST CUTS Hunters in the Atlantic Flyway will likely see a significant reduction to the migratory Canada goose season starting in 2019. Citing a near-total nesting failure, biologists are concerned the poor recruitment, combined with a high harvest this fall, will severely depress Canada goose numbers. The decision would place the birds under a “restrictive” management plan, which calls for a 30-day season and a one goose daily bag limit. The decision has not been finalized yet. BAD NEWS FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIVE IN AR Starting in 2019, non-resident hunters will only be allowed to hunt 30 days of Arkansas's 60-day season on certain wildlife management areas. The move comes on he heels of long-standing complaints of crowding on the state’s public flooded timber tracts. Non-residents will be allowed to…

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water softeners

WATERFOWLERS ARE SLAVES to the weather. In the spring and summer we hope for the right mixture of rain and sun so we can dig duck hunting impoundments, plant supplemental feed, and manage weeds and cover. As we do this, we’re also keeping an eye on the conditions up north, praying that nesting success is high and the birds are healthy and well-fed as autumn approaches and the migration, and hunting season, draw near. And then it happens. The fall flight sends millions of birds cascading down from their summer range in the north country. With any luck your hunting site is a scheduled stop along the way, but now the weather plays a more vital role in the success or failure of our hunts. We need cold weather to usher birds…

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buyer beware

“OBVIOUSLY, THE FIRST thing I look at when I’m researching puppies is pedigree. You want to make sure your dog can do what you need it to do. You also want to place the right bet that your retriever is going to have all of the health clearances,” says Ashly Kite, owner of Moss Bend Retrievers. “You’ve got to do your homework, there is no way around it.” Kite’s warning may seem like an obvious one, but plenty of waterfowl hunters aren’t heeding it. The reason? Mostly cost. A well-bred dog is more expensive than a standard, question-mark retriever that may or may not have all of its health clearances. This, coupled with a lack of understanding on how many genetic time-bombs could be hiding in any given dog, is the…