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October 2018

Every month in Game & Fish, you'll discover the best hotspots throughout your region for hunting and fishing. We'll also bring you your state's latest outdoor news, plus plenty of how-to tactics and special strategies designed to make you a more successful hunter and angler.

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in the field

Blaze Colors For All During Youth Hunt ALL HUNTERS must comply with Wisconsin’s blaze clothing requirements during the youth gun deer hunt weekend Oct. 6-7, even if hunting other species or using bow or crossbow for deer. The youth gun deer hunt is open only to mentored persons 15 years of age or younger who possess a gun deer license, with a bag limit of one buck per unused gun buck deer tag and one antlerless deer per unused deer tag valid only in the specified zone, deer management unit and land type. Older hunters are allowed only if hunting under authority of an agricultural damage shooting permit or disabled deer hunt. Deer License Sales Could Rebound In ‘18 A GROWING deer herd could mean a fruitful harvest for…

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wisconsin calendar

ALL MONTH LAKE MICHIGAN TRIBS Spawning chinooks early, cohos mid-month and big Seeforellen browns late are some October fishing highlights in Lake Michigan tributaries. Spawn, spinners and spoons are all worth casting in the larger systems.ALL MONTH WILD TURKEYS This is the first year that over-the-counter wild turkey tags are being offered (in the fall season only). Plenty of leftovers are expected to remain after initial sales, especially in zones 1-4.OCTOBER 6-7 YOUTH DEER HUNT A great chance to get young guns outdoors in a mentored situation, Wisconsin’s annual youth deer hunt allows kids to target any legal deer with their favorite firearm using regular gun season tags. This only applies to those 15 years or younger.OCTOBER 13 DUCK, GOOSE REOPENS Ducks statewide and southern zone geese are legal…

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we want to hear from you

Game & Fish readers are hardcore sportsmen, and don’t all sportsmen have an opinion? You bet. We want to hear your thoughts on our fishing and hunting stories, our gear coverage and how the magazine is laid out. Is there something we’re missing? Can we do a better job? We know you have an opinion. Let’s hear it... CONTACT USEMAIL: drew.warden@outdoorsg.com INSTAGRAM: @gameandfishmag FACEBOOK.com/gameandfishTEXT: 404-934-8928 MAIL: Drew Warden / GAME & FISH 3330 Chastain Meadows Pkwy., Ste. 200, Kennesaw, GA 30144 ■…

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5 guns grilled the waterfowler

BENELLI Super Black Eagle III $1,899 DREW WARDEN BENELLI SUPER BLACK EAGLE III BENELLI’S SUPER Black Eagle shotgun line has been at the pinnacle of waterfowl hunting performance ever since the original debuted in the late ’80s and early ’90s. The latest entry in the line, the Super Black Eagle III is no exception. At first glance, the III might not appear too different from the prior SBE II, but there are noteworthy updates.The first of these is the Easy-Loading System, which Benelli has chosen to carry over from its Ethos shotgun line. The beveled loading port is nice for smoothly sliding in shells, but it’s the redesigned carrier that impressed me because it cures the common Benelli ailment of the carrier not achieving proper lockup when a…

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load up a new long-distance shotshell

BRAD FITZPATRICK GUN COLUMNIST OVER THE YEARS, shotgun shells have come a long way. This year is no different as hardcore duck hunters welcome the introduction of a new shotshell.One of the latest shotshell additions to Browning’s line of ammunition is their BXD Extra Distance non-toxic shotshell load. It’s designed, as the name also implies, to increase lethal range and to provide consistent patterns. To accomplish this, Browning utilizes an aerodynamically stabilized wad with lateral slits and rear fins that act as brakes when the shot cup is in flight. When the fins open after the shot, the wad is stripped away from the shot column to produce improved patterns at 40 yards and beyond. The premium-plated round steel shot flies true and penetrates effectively, producing quick, clean kills…

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the field test

Editor In Chief John Geiger (left) and State Editor Dr. Todd A. Kuhn put new guns to the test while shooting five-stand. (PHOTOGRAPH BY RON SINFELT) GAME & FISH EDITORS racked five new shotguns in order to give you a heads up about what each gun does best. We shot them in the field, on the trap range and five-stand, and at a sporting clays course. We experienced no major malfunctions after dozens of boxes of shells, but we did find some hits and misses among the group of 12 gauges. Each editor also took a turn blasting clays and targets with all the guns, and settled in for more time with one specific scattergun. We used a variety of shells and shot sizes. Brands included Federal Premium…