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Women's Health UK January/February 2019

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Kayla Itsines was a fitness influencer long before the term was even coined. From jobbing personal trainer to international wellness superstar, her meteoric rise is almost unfathomable – and certainly unrivalled. She has 10.4 million Instagram followers and counting, and I’ve been in Kayla’s company when grown women have cried, so grateful for the changes she helped them make in their lives. I was reasonably late to the Kayla game. My first encounter with her was almost three years ago, on 4 January 2016. I’d had my daughter, my youngest child, 10 weeks earlier and had blissfully enjoyed the first few months of breastfeeding and eating cake. But I wasn’t comfortable with my fitness levels and being at least 2st heavier than my pre-baby weight. In fact, I was so uncomfortable that…

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the faces from the issue

THE FOOD WRITER Chef and TV presenter Gizzi Erskine shares her life in wellness on p83 Winter beauty essential? Sea salt spray. I like a messy yet manageable look. I’d like to make more time to… Go to galleries. I used to visit them all the time in London and I love looking at art. THE MICROBLADING EXPERT Permanent make-up artist Karen Betts transforms our WH guinea pig’s eyebrows on p19 Best party make-up trick? False lashes. The right style can completely transform a look. Go-to de-stress hack? Having a little time to myself every now and then. Oh, and a nice glass of champagne! THE BLOGGING DOCTOR Hazel Wallace aka The Food Medic takes us through her week in food on p138 Favourite winter comfort food? Porridge with lots of cinnamon, stewed berries and almond butter. In 2019, I’ll be… Completing my master’s in clinical nutrition…

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boost your mood by saying thank you

Elton was wrong. ‘Thank you’ seems to be the hardest word, actually, if research published in the journal Psychological Science is to be believed. In an attempt to explore the real reason you never quite get round to writing thank you notes, scientists at the University of Chicago channelled participants’ mums by asking them to send letters of thanks. Participants were asked to predict how their note would be received, then the recipients reported how getting the letters made them feel. When the predictions were compared with the actual responses, it turned out the letter-writers both underestimated the impact their words would have and overestimated the awkwardness of the encounter. In fact, it boosted the mood of all concerned. Result. And it isn’t just about the note. Researchers posited that…

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in the know

D-LICIOUS Can’t keep your hands off the mince pies? It might not be entirely down to a lack of willpower. A Greek study recently published in the journal Pediatric Diabetes has linked both obesity and insulin resistance to vitamin D deficiency. It means fewer hours of sunlight – a key source of vitamin D – could be partly to blame for that empty tin of Quality Street. Public Health England recommends supplementing your pies (ahem, diet) with 10mcg of vitamin D daily during autumn and winter. Supp up. WE TIME We wouldn’t usually advocate being one of those couples, but according to a study published in the Journal Of Personal And Social Relationships, using ‘we-talk’ – referring to you and your partner as ‘we’ in conversations – leads to more successful relationships, and…

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to-do list

LISTEN Get stuck into the second series of Happy Place – the wellbeing podcast from former WH cover star Fearne Cotton. Listen out for guests including Natalie Dormer, Russell Brand and Zoe Sugg. READ Fresh Start by Tom Kerridge (£26, Bloomsbury). It’s all about cooking from scratch with the Michelin-starred chef’s latest offering, set to be published alongside the launch of his new series of the same name on BBC2 in January. RUN Check out runnersworld.co.uk to find a New Year’s Day 10K near you. Drag yourself out of bed on the morning after the night before and start 2019 as you mean to go on.…

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the big question

Q I know 10,000 steps is a healthy daily goal, but will it help me lose weight? You’ve got your Fitbit. You’re actively refusing Ubers. But why 10,000? It might surprise you to learn that the magic number is actually the relic of a 1960s Japanese marketing campaign for, yep, you guessed it, a pedometer. Crafty. Clever. Credible? Public Health England recently released new guidelines suggesting that the ‘active 10’ – three speedy 10-minute walks per day – could be more advantageous than the 10,000 steps goal. As for losing weight (if that’s your aim), while increasing your step count can lower your body fat, not all steps are created equal. ‘The higher the intensity of the workout, the more significant your weight loss will be,’ says Tom Marien, PT and…